Over 100 people dead after plane crash in Cuba

| 18/05/2018 | 12 Comments
Cayman News Service

Wreckage from the plane crash in Cuba, 18 May 2018

(CNS): Over one hundred people are believed to have been killed when a Boeing 737 airliner crashed near Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, according to reports from the state media. The plane came down around noon Friday not far from the airport. The aircraft, which was said to be around 30 years old and had been leased by the national airline Cubana de Aviacion from Mexico, crashed just after take-off. It was destined for Holguin city in the east.

It is still not clear exactly how many passengers were on board but some news media reported at least 105 people were on the plane, including nine crew members. Three people are said to be alive but in critical condition.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i have been to holguin by buss from habana…man….no bathroom onboard and 20 jrs in a buss seat!!! difgicukt? but, wont be taking plane anytime soon….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was always scared flying on Cuban run airlines. I remember taking off in one of those old Russian planes from ORA about 20 years ago. Black smoke coming out of all four turbo props at full throttle, trying to lift myself off the seat and defy gravity to make myself lighter as we barely cleared N. sound.
    I remember a cable that ran from nose to tail. Thought it was a cable to hold her together but later was told it was some sort of antenna. Think one of the pilots (crew) was sitting on a lawn chair. Good times.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I made the mistake on flying on a similar plane to and from Honduras.
    The engines cut out in mid-flight. Everyone started praying and calling on the Lord.
    Mercifully, the engines were restarted and the flight was completed safely.

    These aeroplanes are only machines and if not maintained, they will fail.
    I had a close family member fly on the Cayman Airways flight to Tampa last year.
    Yes, that one where they had to return on one engine just after takeoff. That was traumatic. I heard the full story.

    As long as our society is driven by the quest for money, these incidents will continue to occur. Money is not necessary.
    We have all agreed to swim in this septic pond and as such, we can become its victims at any time.

    Money is a vehicle of control. It clouds judgement and makes people evil.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So sad.
    Be strong Cuba.

    – Who

  5. West Bay Premier says:

    Not knowing the true cause of this horrific accident until the investigation is completed, if the fault isn’t terrorism, and if the fault is due to the age . Then this should be taken to International level for considerations and make International laws on operating commercially, and leasing of such age commercial airplanes .

    It breaks my heart every time I see the disregard for peoples lives and safety for money or ideology.

  6. West Bay Premier says:

    I give all the victims families my deepest regards .
    Knowing no more evidence than what is said in the article . We should have some boundaries in our comments on this horrific tragic accident, for who these victims are and could’ve been.

    About a 30 year old Airplane is something that we all should think about before we get on board . That’s why we have today’s technology at our disposal. And don’t get onboard that age plane unless it’s the last one let in the world to get you to safety, better known as between life and death . I am also surprised that you can lease out a 30 year old airplane. Do anyone know at what age do an airplane have to be put to sleep ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Terribly sad. RIP

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stay Strong Cuba. RIP To All These Souls #Cuban #cubannation

  9. Anonymous says:

    A 30 year old plane that was no longer useful to the Mexican airline was leased to Cuba. What will the maintenance schedule audit show for this aged aircraft, if there is a legitimate one? Elevator jackscrew in the tail failed? It is a common wear item on older 737’s that are often under inspected / maintained.


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