Woman hit by SUV in ETH fatal collision

| 12/04/2018 | 135 Comments
Cayman News Service

Scene of fatal accident 12 April 2018 (Photo courtesy Cayman 27)

(CNS) UPDATED: The police have now identified the 56-year-old woman from the Philippines who was killed Thursday morning after she was struck by a Ford Edge SUV as Susan Simoy Sumalapao. She was hit at around 8am as she was crossing the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on the southbound carriageway, just yards past the roundabout by Yacht Drive. It is understood the driver was also taken to hospital. No arrests have so far been made in connection with the fatal collision.

After the victim was taken to hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival, police officers remained at the scene carrying out investigations until around 1pm. George Town-bound traffic was diverted throughout the morning onto the northern carriageway of the ETH.

The police also stated that they were aware of video footage taken at the scene of the victim and other parties involved in the incident, and appealed to the public not to post it, pointing out that this  could be extremely upsetting to family members.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I drove a pubic bus many years ago and would offer for $1 more to drop people to their house instead of by the bus stop.

    • West Bay Premier says:

      Anonymous 7:21 pm , did you offer to take any 65 year poor old Lady to her house for free ? If yes , then I would have think that you’re all heart .

    • Anonymous says:

      At spots not assessed for the safety for pedestrians and road users? How awful. Glad you are not in the job anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed the fact that the bike or footpath ( or whatever it is meant for be) along the ETH by the Dump is gravel? It is so terrible people can’t even ride their bikes on it. Instead they ride on the paved road within inches of cars and trucks traveling around 40 mph.

    Sadly it is just a matter of time before someone lose their life there as well. Clearly negligence on the part of the NRA!! Totally avoidable. SMH.

  3. Kadafe says:

    How exactly is it jaywalking if there is no dedicated crossing area? Is that not what the entire offense is based on?
    Not crossing at the designated area = Jaywalking?
    The Gov’t has failed to take reasonable steps to provide safety for pedestrians traversing many areas in Grand Cayman. A few years ago, when the tourist was hit and killed there on SMB road, lit crosswalks appeared almost instantly. When is someone going to take the task in hand and find out where there are other busy and dangerous crossing spots like this and do something about it? You can build a bridge or crosswalk, of course you cannot force ppl to use it, but that is entirely different than doing nothing at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is jaywalking. Jaywalking is crossing where there is no designated crossing. It is essentially a highway and you cannot cross on a highway anywhere else in the world. for this very reason. That is why there are not crosswalks. if there were the speed limit would have to be 25mph. This is 40 and we all know that is not what most people do on this highway. it is extremely dangerous. I’m not throwing blame at the victim, just that we have failed as a country to provide pedestrian paths, particularly this route. unfortunately there is no safe place for her to have crossed this street. it is a terrible tragedy, I will be very curious how the NRA/government responds to this.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you look at other roundabouts in the same area where the lady was hit, there are actually sidewalks in the median that encourage people to cross. Look closely at our freeway and you will notice the tiny sidewalks inviting people to cross a four laner after a roundabout. Last night I saw a family of 5 dodging cars across a roundabout with their kids to get to the other side by from Hurleys to Scotiabank…crazy.

  4. David says:

    Oh please. The world is in the grip of Satan’s power. People with clean hearts can see this clearly.
    Satan controls the politicians in every country, including the Cayman Islands. He controls business, the banks and most of the media.
    He controls your genetically modified food, your not-for-profits, our schools, and we wonder why society is broken.
    If each one of us were accountable to a righteous God, we would have more respect for each other.
    Brothers and sisters, the world is going mad, but we in the Cayman Islands do not have to join them.
    I pray right now and ask the Lord to judge our politicians our government and our press. Let those who speak the truth flourish and let those who lie perish.

  5. Douglas says:

    To me it’s all indicative of the money first, and people second trend that I see in Cayman.


    Reroute road to build hotel for billionaire, but don’t have any walking paths to get from one side of the road to the next.

    Have no type of budgeting for government spending but then continue to have ridiculous import duties on food and other basic necessities.

    And then problem number two, the driving issues bus and taxi drivers. They are absolutely the worst drivers on the road. I see them driving in the shoulder half the time. Instead of a taxi dispatch service, the taxi drivers are talking on their radios responding to calls while driving and swerving in and out of roundabouts.

    Neither of them can indicate and it’s the lottery system driving next to them or behind them.

    • West Bay Premier says:

      Douglas , you took the thoughts out of my head , I was think the same but leaning more towards that the Government thinks more of money than they do of the people. Sad but true.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where is and what has the National Roads Authority been and done to make the roads safe? Certainly it is their job to deal with these issues. Are they up to that task or do they only think when someone dies?
    We would hope that the NRA would have preemptive planning to keep residents safe but is that setting the bar too high for that group?

  7. West Bay Premier says:

    Do we all see all the potential dangers into not having this BUS STOP AND PICKUP EVERY WHERE THEY WANT TO . We all need to know that this tragic death / situation could happen to anyone , if this issue is not corrected today . Remember that sometimes we can do a temporary fix until we can do it permanently fix for anything . Government can start fixing the problem today .

    So everyone call your MLA , NRA , and tell them that the issue of public transportation stopping every where they want , MUST BE STOPPED TODAY . I have to believe that if the driver of the bus/transportation by Law had to pickup /put off passengers at designated spots out of other traffic , would prevent this and other tragic from happening in the future .

  8. Anonymous says:

    The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough footbridges, underpasses, center lane refuges, or painted crosswalks…and it’s not because jaywalking is necessarily deadly either (everybody does it, all the time)…it’s that bus passengers are being dropped off and picked up in extremely dangerous traffic choke points, where pedestrians shouldn’t be, and drivers are neither prepared to stop as they should be, nor driving in a situationally alert manner. Part of the social contract of earning the privilege to drive is that driving is a defensive practice where pedestrians, cyclists, always have a veto right of way over those safely traveling in the metal reinforced lethal weapon and those must be prepared to stop at all times. A vehicle traveling 40mph should only need 80 feet to stop (about 3-4 seconds) – to do that, you need to be looking ahead many Mississippi’s beyond your current rolling situation. Crossing the road (even at a trot) would have taken 10 or more seconds. Plenty of time for an alert driver with an unobstructed view to understand what was going on around them and take appropriate action.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So is anyone going to the 5 senses drunk fest music festival next year. I hear there will be VIP areas for you know, VIPs. Thanks Ken and Jackie and that incredibly hip guy that’s shilling it. I’m all excited and shit. It’s gonna be a blast. A VSB! very special blast-I just made that up. Well I’m sure your hosts for the event will be sparing no expense for you safety. Party on you beautiful VIPs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get help quick, why would you do that in this thread? You one of the sick f***s filming this poor lady?

  10. Anonymous says:

    To the people saying ‘who has pedestrian crossings on highways’, the answer is ‘lots of places’. I have walked across multi-lane roads, and seen pedestrians cross them when driving, in the USA (Florida). I’m sure that people have had similar experiences in other places as well. The difference is that those roads/highways/whatevers were designed for people to cross at certain spots. Usually at the corners / stop lights and in such a way that people cross a section at a time. (I’ve had a similar experience in London crossing several lanes to get from one side of the multi-road roundabout to the other on foot. Amazingly one of the reasons for roundabouts is to make it easier for pedestrians to cross roads.) A pedestrian crossing of some description is not inimical to a multi-lane roadway. It just requires a bit of road planning and patience (going a bit out of your way) to use them by the pedestrians. The reason crossings are put at intersections (instead of the straight sections, much less the overpasses most of us think of when imagining ‘highways’) is because the vehicles are naturally slowing, stopping or ‘breaking flow’ there anyway. You might have been doing 60mph along US1 but you stop at the intersection and the pedestrians cross the road two or three lanes at a time. So, please, don’t go on like Caymanians are idiots for wanting safe pedestrian crossing capability on our ‘highways’. You just make yourself look like an untraveled foreign hick who had never left your rural town before coming to Cayman and commenting on CNS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman should never have ‘highways’ in the first place. Totally unnecessary. Bless them both just trying to get to their workplaces.

      • Anonymous says:

        you should have been around when we had to ride donkeys to work

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is not the roads. As has been demonstrated hundreds if not thousands of times, the problem is mostly drivers, also with less than thoughtful cyclists and pedestrians. If we started an education program for all about how to drive, walk, cycle properly here and actually implemented proper fines etc for failing to do so every day, the problem would greatly reduce.

    • Anonymous says:

      No need for so called highways on this Island in first place. So rest of comments are superfluous. One man bought from others at a cheap price received wonderful goodies from Government. Your comment is really quite useless for what’s happening in the real Cayman right now.
      Bless the lady and bless the young man that were both just trying to go their workplaces. Neither are at fault. Only one person responsible and those that sold their souls.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes but in cayman everyone want a crossing 15 feet from their door check how many we will need

      • Anonymous says:

        Incredibly there are apparently tourist that come here and want pure white sand where they walk into the sea to guzzle their cocktails and we’re working hard to accommodate them!

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      ETH does have pedestrian crossing points – sidewalk ramped down to the road surface, and a gap through the central median so you can walk across – at least at the public beach roundabout and at the Yacht Club roundabout. The Yact Club ones are on old West bay Road and the ETH but on the North side of the roundabout. The lady was crossing on the South side where there is no crossing point.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hate the public bus drivers here. Without exception. They jump lights, illegally use center lanes, speed, stop without warning and generally act like they have overall right of way. Arrogant, dangerous clowns. Are they regulated? Do they actually get tested on the rules of the road here?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oops I clicked thumbs up coz I thought you were talking about the taxi’s

    • Anonymous says:

      what does this incident have to do with bus drivers?

      • Anonymous says:

        The woman was crossing the highway because the bus dropped her off right at the end of the northbound road as the roundabout starts by the Yacht Club… she had to cross the northbound road and then the southbound road (because the bus wouldn’t take her all the way around the roundabout…).

      • Fred the Piemaker says:

        I was walking up the ETH just after the accident and can tell you that two public buses, having been stopped driving South on the ETH, decid d to drive the wrong way past the Kimpton on the North bound side straight into the oncoming traffic!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes but at $2.00 per ride, I rate them an island Best Buy!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I saw someone this morning trying to cross the road in the same spot….

    Is there or will there be something done to help people cross the road here? It’s obviously needed. Who can we can contact to request something be done to allow people to cross these roads?

    • Anonymous says:

      Until cross-walks are provided and over passage ways, persons who are expecting an employee to arrive by public bus should meet their employee at the drop-off point for safe return.

      Just a thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      I nearly hit a woman last night!! Black woman in all black clothing… she jumped out into the road without checking properly and walked SUPER slowly across the road. I had to slam on my brakes (I was going 40mph) and I nearly had a heart attack. And then people blame the drivers. If you’re going to cross that road, at least do it quickly?!

    • Ros.bodden says:

      This used to be a “neighborhood” before it was a highway. We used to be able to cross the road here. Does anyone remember this? This is poor planning on our government as usual. Also LP Highway used to be a neighborhood and we have people trying to cross there also. If Dart can build his BIG bridges WHY can’t government THINK to build some walk over bridges for people to safely cross these neighborhoods NOW!

      • Anonymous says:

        Walk over bridges are an excellent idea

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly. There were houses existing before building the highway. How else are pedestrians expected to get from 1 side to the other?

      • Anonymous says:

        No it wasn’t. There was no neighbourhood or road to cross, this was just yacht club drive running East West.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sue Dart.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Was the woman wrong to cross a hughway by foot? Yes.

    Was the driver wrong? Maybe.

    But the taxi drivers are the ones ultimately at fault here. Everyday they come over the bridge and drop these poor women off at the base of the bridge on the left side leaving them to fend for themselves. These women who work as housekeepers/caregivers in the yacht club then have to run across two lanes of highway traffic at rush hour every morning and risk their lives.

    The taxi drivers could very easily go around the round about and drop them off at the mouth of the yatch club thereby avoiding any further instances like this. The taxi driver could then continue around the round about along their merry way. Problem solved.

    For an extra thirty seconds it is well worth people’s lives and the countless others affected by this. Taxi drivers need to take responsibility and do what is right.

    • Caymanian says:

      I would not say DEFINITIVELY that the woman is wrong for crossing the highway. Maybe HOW she crossed it might have been an issue but not that she did cross it.

      I however agree with your point on Taxi Drivers. I honestly believe our RCIP and Licensing division need to take a closer look at Taxis and buses to see how they are dropping off and picking up passengers daily.

      If I were in that unit what I would do is to dedicate 1 unmarked car every week for a month to follow buses/taxis to see how they are operating. I would use a dash cam to document the events.

      I would then at some point when I feel I have enough pull one or more of these over and ticket them and force them into some training. I would then proceed to let them know that this operation of following with unmarked cars will be an ongoing exercise and that this is a 3 strikes and your out rule now.

      I would somehow revise the laws for major transport vehicles such as taxis, buses and tour operators that reflect the way we want them to operate.

      My notes is I have seen these buses speeding, not fully pulling off the road when letting our passengers, forcing their way into traffic and other actions. They need to be reigned in. When they get in an accident we could have a much larger fatality count.

      I would also like to see something done about dump truck drivers who fail to realise that their trucks have a ton of momentum and cars can stop much faster than they can. I would like to see dump trucks max speed set to 30mph

      • Jotnar says:

        Passing over the fact that the buses shouldn’t be stopping on a roundabout in the first place!

    • 8:19 says:

      Why is that you blame Taxi drivers when it’s the public buses thats the ones that is dropping passengers off e on the round about which i have witnessed.

    • Good Governance says:

      I agree with all your comments except for “taxi divers” it is more likely “bus drivers”. I can barely afford to take a taxi as a professional in Cayman I doubt that domestic helpers would spend half their daily income on a taxi trip. Yes – the buses should do a loop around the roundabouts for persons known to them who need to get to the other side.

      • Anonymous says:

        Taxi rates are equal to cost of living. If you can afford to eat at a restaurant or afford a beer or mixed drinks then you can afford a taxi.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not the point, that’s the taxi drivers argument. If they were cheaper, more reliable and not looking for any which way to rip us and tourists off, then they would generate substantially more business, and these roads should be safer

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really think those domestic workers can afford a taxi on this island? NO!!! They take the bus!! Perhaps the employer could pick them up at the roundabout seeing as it is quite a long distance for them to walk into the Yacht Club area once they disembark the bus on West Bay road. JUST SAYIN’!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Christ you fools can argue about anything. Obviously he is talking about public buses not private taxis. Stick to the issue!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Having more designated bus stops in safe spots and making it illegal for busses to pick up or drop off their passengers anywhere but a bus stop may work. The problem is that very few traffic laws are actually enforced in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Missing the point here…our highway is encouraged as an open walking space instead of a high speed motorway. We need to create a safer highway for pedestrians. A relevant note would be that bus and taxi drivers should not stop AT ALL on the highway or drop people off.

      It’s great to have a community forum like this to brainstorm. So…
      Let’s do something about it and not sit on here.
      If you haven’t done it already…
      Start writing emails to the National Roads Authority. We can make formal complaints. Talk to our local MLA’s.
      Email Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure (CPI) Chief Officer — Mr. Alan Jones, JP
      Start a petition.

      We all know it’s just a matter of time before this happens again (unfortunately). But it is preventable, and it’s up to us to make the change we want to see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beware taxis drivers take you to the door the public bus driver drops you at the bus stop. She wasn’t dropped at any bus stop. Bus drivers should only pickup and drop off at bus stop. Problem solved. Then you walk to your destination.

    • K.P. says:

      They all spent more time in the traffic gridlock after the accident happened and caused a lot of avoidable pain and grief to the victim and family, the driver and his family, then inconvenienced a lot of people including themselves just because they wouldn’t spare that extra minute or two to drop her off into the Yacht Club road and turn back around…. Not to talk about tying up Emergency services and Police for such a long time, due to their selfishness. Now she is one less passenger they will make money from….some of them are such complete idiots because they will not learn a lesson from this tragedy and will continue to do this and other stupidness, like speeding up the roads!! Dang fools will kill themselves and passengers, who btw don’t usually pay before getting off the bus! I pray this haunts all bus drivers until it changes their hearts and minds from such selfish, stupid behaviour!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of hippocrites. Wasn’t there over a thousand people driving into George Town? Did they not see the the covering over the body? How the hell could you not see the body covered? The police was respectful and covered it. There was NOTHING to see.
    Now if some person showed the person uncovered then I will agree. Did anyone see the uncovered victim of this unfortunate accident?
    Now lets go to the history of any passing in these islands. Do you believe in God? Did you not hear of past castrophes in the past of people meeting there end. Lets go deeper, when you got the news that someone you knew or loved went missing or died tragically, who gave you the news? Does it make it any easier or more comforting? We are all part of the human race we all feel the same. No one thinks its good for someone to die whether they are known or not. Is it not better for people to know that you are suffering then to try and look like you have a mental problem? So that their sadness for your loss is shared? NOW we can have respect for this sad experience instead of a rumor. You can see and FEEL for not just the victim but see for yourself what also the driver is going through.
    No, I don’t know neither of the victims of this accident. But I do feel empathy for them both.
    Before good ambulance service, neighbors would follow every siren to a scene of an accident and good that they did. A lot of times when we went we would help turn car over or help pull out someone or drive them straight to the hospital. It was dark and very little lighting. We have found people that no one person could have found and saved lives.
    We were all sad when it happened but we all talked to other people because they wanted to know. When they heard the story from someone who was there they felt a closeness to the victim and the family.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to rain on your ranting parade, but the video they are referring to was taken before emergency vehicles of any sort arrived on scene and covered the lady up, showing everything.

      • Michel says:

        Yes thank you. Uncovered with the poor man on the pavement. That video should not have been shown, very unrespecful.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you thought it was disrespectful how do you know and why did you watch the video? Point made.

        • Anonymous says:

          To be honest with you. When I got the video, I shared it with others, not thinking about the deceased loved ones seeing the video.

          I realize it just takes one video or one photo to cause serious or negative reactions in other people – just one! So here is where I see how the internet can be used for bad.

          I ask her loved ones and family members to forgive me for sharing the video. When I received it, I should not have shared it. I will pray about this act – the power of communication at our fingertips.

          My sincerest condolences to her entire family in the Phillipines ?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re going to talk absolute nonsense, at least learn some English.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Caribbean drivers are the issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re in the Caribbean idiot!!! Also, does anyone know of any country where there’s not any fatalities(accidents) where no one dies?

      Stupid comment!

    • Fun bring bun says:

      Ha….ever been to Italy?

      • Anonymous says:

        Italian drive like Caribbean’s

      • Anonymous says:

        Im my country we have very agressive drivers, traveling at much higher speeds. We have weather conditions to deal with that you dont, such as deep snow and ice rain. I have only been in 1 vehicular collision involving another vehicle in the 18+ years Ive been driving in my homeland. Ive been to the Island 3 times, 2 of these visits I have been involved in a collision. Both times rear-ended in a speed zone of 25mph. Both times we were stopped for the vehicle in front of us was also stopped. During my last visit, I noticed nobody does the speed limit. A lot of drivers travel very close to the vehicle in front of them. There is passing on corners and with on coming traffic. People pulling out infront of others and no one stops for pedestrians crossing at crossings. For how low your speed limits are set, there is a very high accident rate.

        It takes me over 4 hours to travel to the nearest city doing 110km/h. It takes me days to drive somewhere hot. It litterally takes a little over an hour to get from the East End to Hell. And its an enjoyable drive when your not rushed by the guy behind you litteraly a few feet away. There have been a lot of improvements since my first visit to the island. I cant say the same for driver habbits during my last visit. You live in a great country, slow down and enjoy it. Most of you are probably only in traffic for 30 Minutes during rush hour. You only save a few minutes by driving like a fool, which you will lose all of that time and more when something unfortunate happens.

      • Anonymous says:

        And India ?

    • Anonymous says:

      you should check the MIAMI news every morning

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think a lot of blame should go out to the bus drivers who drop off people on the other side of the bridge going to West Bay (I have seen it myself) and then expect the person to run across the bridge to the other side of the road shouldn’t this be or isn’t it against the law to do that.
    The bus drivers are so much in a hurry to get from Georgetown to West Bay that you would think that they should go around the round about and drop off people at the entrance of the Yacht Club and continue around the around about moving on to West Bay.

    I would like to hear what the traffic department thinks about this.

  17. Anonymous says:

    A very dangerous road-way, in a residential area with the islands largest hotel nearby , literally dozens of condominiums nearby, obviously a zone of pedestrian traffic as a result of all the above, yet on a daily basis I witness vehicles travelling in excess of 50 to 60 mph here. Almost impossible to cross the road as a pedestrian,as I’ve found .A very sad loss of life in this incident and other lives impacted. To all the drivers here in our islands , ask yourselves the following question: Where are you going in such a rush and at such speed, for what special reason you feel is your entitlement , to do little else but endanger others lives on our roads & in doing so, to have total disregard for road safety of people you don’t know.

  18. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be local apologists for the ghoulish video of a highway death scene. One excuse is that it is done world wide so the fault is with technology and not the work of soulless people who make the suffering of fellow residents in this small community into a video spectacle.
    Another explanation is that it offers a warning to those who might speed or cross the road with heavy traffic.
    These explanations for the video are mendacious as they ignore the local lack of compassion of the suffering in such an incident. The ghouls involved ignore the humanity of the suffering people and show no empathy toward their suffering. They ignore the children of these people or their family who could be exposed to such horror.
    For a Christian country to conduct themselves in such a fashion is a disgrace. The family and friends of the video ghoul need to explain the concept of compassion tho all involved.

    • Anonymous says:

      “…the work of soulless people who make the suffering of fellow residents in this small community into a video spectacle”

      “…These explanations for the video are mendacious as they ignore the local lack of compassion of the suffering in such an incident…”

      “For a Christian country to conduct themselves in such a fashion is a disgrace.”


      For her sake, I pray your daughter NEVER brings home a “local” man.

      You, and those supporting your post, are beyond help.

      The future of Cayman is in grave danger.

      • Jotnar says:

        So you support the video poster? The OP does not accuse all Caymanians or residents – get the chip of your shoulder and deal with the issue, which lets face it, is disgusting behaviour which we as a Christian country SHOULD be ashamed of.

        • Anonymous says:

          First of all, by way of official population statistics, we know there is only a 50% chance that the video maker was a Caymanian.

          We also know that the vid-sharing “Caymanians” to which the original poster (let’s pretend it wasn’t you Jotnar) referred make up less than 50% of the domestic tech community.

          These 2 basic facts alone obliterate the drawn conclusion.

          Furthermore, as a personal example; I am from a relatively large Caymanian family and not a single member of my family has shared or even referenced the video with myself.

          However, I was sent the video, and if you want to get technical, it was via a former expat aka “paper Caymanian”.

          Of course, to view the sharing of such material along nationality lines is ridiculously absurd but this is where you’re at.

          Experience has taught me that social media behaviour is a deeply personal culture.

          E.g. I just saw a video of an Australian woman drowning in the sea after she fell overboad off a cruise ship this week.
          The vid was recorded, uploaded, shared (far beyond what we saw locally, might I add – I actually know the road, land, and distraught driver in the Cayman vid – don’t know a soul in the Aussie drowning vid), and tweeted upon by her fellow Australian.

          Do you have an equally damning conclusion for the (presumably also Christian) Australian community?

          The point is; you should probably seek professional help.


  19. Anonymous says:

    It saddens me that a death was required before the National Roads Authority realized there was a problem for residents crossing the highway. One would have thought they could have anticipated that problem and planned a solution.

  20. Anonymous says:

    solution: let drivers submit dashcam footage to the police when they see reckless driving.
    police can then fine/charge the offender and the submitter gets partial amount of fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only works if there are visible plates on the vehicle…basic stuff that still eludes RCIPS

      • Anonymous says:

        You also have to prove who was at the wheel. Plates are not enough, which makes dash-cam footage useless in most cases.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is a good point, despite the thumbs down. What would be needed is a category of ‘strict liability’ traffic offences where the vehicle owner (based on licence plate registration) is charged regardless of who is driving, etc. With someone else fessing up in court a suitable defense.

          Note I am not supporting this (innocence until guilt proven should remain an inviolate premise) but it would be a way to achieve the ‘every camera a cop’ goal for traffic incidences. (Cell phone footage would be even better if date/time/GPS stamped.)

          The law wouldn’t care who was driving when your licence plate sped through that red light, just that the car did so at a certain time, unless you can show it wasn’t your car. (Like the recent story in a COMPetitor media of the guy who’s sold car didn’t get its registration transferred by the new owner.)

        • Anonymous says:

          They could put up speed cameras like many cities have which snap a photo of your car if you are going more than ten miles over the speed limit. Puts drivers in check real quick when those tickets start showing up in the mail. Doesn’t matter who was driving. The tickets attach to the car and have to be paid before relicensing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have sent dashcam video to the police several times. They don’t even give me the courtesy of a response

  21. Anonymous says:

    While there is no law against filming things such as this it is disgraceful and disrespectful. These ghouls would be the first up in arms if it was there family or friend displayed in such a manner. It shows the lack of compassion for humanity itself. What kind of person are you to rush to see such a thing and the only thing on your mind is to whip out your phone, video it, and post it to social media as quickly as you can.
    I know I’m talking to a wall here but take a minute and think about the family next time. If there is any shred of decency in your soul just stop and think. And if you do actually stop, why don’t you try and help the person who is in need.

    It could be you……….think about it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Horrible accident for both parties.

    However, not so sure about the condemnation of the video maker.
    These are the times unfortunately. Plus a lot of people are being hypocrites.

    So sad for the lady’s family and the distraught driver.

    Really don’t think he was at fault here and believe the police investigation will conclude the same.

    Such a dreadful experience, cant imagine the feeling. His reaction said it all and has quietened the entire community.

  23. Gods Plan says:

    This is very sad and also shows a big problem. We are building road and not thinking of how will person cross them! Look around another danger spot is red bay! There is no safe way to cross the road by foot or bicycle. NRA needs to look at what can be done to help make it safe! And all are max speed limit areas 40mph and lets be real 90% driving them are doing 50

  24. Anonymous says:

    They have the money to bulldoze the mangroves so they can advertise a freaking dumb ass 5 senses drunk fest for a year before it happens, but can’t complete their highway to a level that it’s not a murder trap fo people? God bless you and your shills. God bless you.

    • Anonymous says:

      when last you tried crossing a US highway?

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you seriously think that this is a highway? It’s an unfortunate name and maybe it’s part of the reason why people think they can weave in and out of the traffic at speed and not stay left except when passing. But you do not tend to have homes and turnings onto highways (especially coming on and off around blind corners). Highways are built to allow people to not have to go on them – they can usually opt to use other, smaller roads. That is impossible with the bypass roads that have been constructed around Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed. This “highway” has bus stops, bicyclle lanes and pedestrian lanes. It just doesn’t have a way for human beings without god damn BMWs to get across it. Fix it Dart! It’s yours, FIX IT!

          • Anonymous says:

            Why was allowed in first place. All know why. Why will it continue. We all know why. Nothing going to get ‘fixed’. The only fixed is the… I money I Speak. For all the lovely architecture buildings… Still concrete. Royal Palms gone now too. Hey…. Who cares if people die along the way… Who cares….that was the Island that was.

          • Anonymous says:

            without DART we would have no way to walk or drive

        • Anonymous says:

          read your comment careful before you post you are contradicting yourself

      • Anonymous says:

        Not even the same

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a sad sad person.

  25. David says:

    Yes, I saw the footage.
    I was devastating. It could have been me rushing to yet another job at the behest of another impatient customer.
    We all need to slow down.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a stupid comment. Why are you rushing? If you agreed to a meeting you need to plan accordingly so you can safely drive and meet your clients at the agreed time

  26. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to the family of the lady and the driver of the vehicle.
    This is not a road to cross by foot, horrible accident.
    To the ppl filming on those occasions – beside the fact you are not even trying to help…you make me sick! If I would see it, your phone would be in the woods. And who shares something like this?

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