Woman admits stabbing victim in WB assault

| 16/04/2018 | 6 Comments

(CNS): Amil Regina Cotes-Incinosa (40) admitted wounding a local woman during an altercation in West Bay on Birch Tree Hill Road in February. Cotes-Incinosa, who is currently on remand, pleaded guilty to wounding and carrying an offensive weapon when she appeared in Grand Court Friday. The crown had also charged her with the more serious offence of wounding with intent but said it would consider leaving that charge on file given the admission to wounding.

The case was adjourned until 27 April for sentencing and Cotes-Incinosa, who is facing a custodial sentence, was remanded in custody.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And I presume the argument was over a useless deadbeat druggie gangsta.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What has happened to the beautiful Cayman Islands?? It’s breaking my heart to read that it is ridden with human animals!! People stabbing each other, rapes, gangland shootings and the robbing of innocent people. Armed robberies of business premises, drug running and illegal entry on ganja boats. Then there’s the serious traffic violations. The fatal road accidents and People getting killed on a daily basis. The tourists that have drowned quite regularly. The paedophiles, and now sex images of children. The island is a disgrace!!!
    Isn’t there anyone we can trust anymore? Where have all theses degenerates come from?
    The crime is unbelievable here. Yet I still yearn to return to this beautiful island. I really hope this new Governor will knock people into shape and clean this place up. It’s quickly going down the sewers at the moment.
    1. Increase RCIPS powers
    2. Sort out Border control
    3. Improve Immigration
    4. Deport offenders immediately
    5. Time curfew on home grown
    6. Crack down hard with longer incarceration of future criminals
    7. Life sentence for child molesters

    Government need to instantly import specialised person to lead the MASH team.
    Governor, Sir, please take note and see that these need to be in place urgently. The people of these islands are at the end of their tether! They are desperate for your help.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is a local lady

    • Anonymous says:

      Ganja boats? What are they made from the stems or leaves?

    • Anonymous says:

      So many other beautiful places that are much safer to visit. Maybe try somewhere new. Cayman is a lost cause. Not sure why everyone thinks the new governor can fix all the problems of Cayman. If the people of Cayman would stop hating on each other and be proactive as opposed to just running their mouths all the time, maybe changes can happen. There are so called “advocates” out there who have done nothing for their people except embarrass them with their nonsense. People need to take action and by action I mean more than typing complaints, or posting whiney videos on Facebook.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Classy ladies…


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