Woman admits bigamy in wake of husband’s death

| 13/04/2018 | 70 Comments
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Solis’ and Brooks’ wedding

(CNS): Kenia Yadira Alonzo Solis (29) has admitted a charge of bigamy following the death of the man she is accused of unlawfully marrying. A Honduran national, Solis married Aric Brooks (28) in March 2016 here in Cayman while she was still married to another man, whom she had married in 2005 under another name. A few weeks ago, Solis’ Caymanian husband reportedly took his own life, though the Coroner’s Court has yet to hear the inquest into Brooks’ death. 

Solis, who pleaded guilty Friday in Grand court, was bailed to return to court next Friday for sentencing. However, it is understood that she remains the subject of a deportation order following a recent conviction in Summary Court for assault against Brooks before his death.

Solis was given a short seven week prison sentence for assault causing actual bodily harm last month and her right to remain in Cayman was revoked by the immigration authorities. She was convicted after she had smashed a wine glass in Brooks’ face during a drunken row at a party in Bodden Town in January. As she had been in custody since the incident, she was released following the sentence but was re-arrested shortly afterwards for the bigamy charge.

On Saturday 24 March Brooks’ body was discovered at his home; police said they did not suspect foul play. A funeral service is planned at the Baptist church in Savannah this weekend.

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Comments (70)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to the courts promise of a special Family court from 12 years back, as well as easy, no-fault divorces?
    I guess the lawyers intervened to block those.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here we see actions shouldve been taken against her at the first instance of bigamy being exposed the marriage shouldve been NIL & VOID and set that poor guy free who to tell he might be alive today…again I will say PAY DAY IS COMING
    Going forward people should be told by all marriage officers we will call your country registrar (like a background check) they must deposit a set fee and if nil deposit refunded if found guilty no refund – if found later the marriage struck off in Cayman books / records.
    So sad 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    From the looks of this comment section, it appears quite a few Caymanian women have been dumped for these foreigners. It amazes me, the misconception so many have that another person can take your man/woman. Trust and believe, they want to be gone.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Relationships have gone to hell that’s why these things are happening..
    Morals and values have gone to hell…
    Standards have gone to hell..
    Honesty has gone to hell…
    Respect has gone to hell…
    Integrity has gone to hell…

    And the first stop in hell is Cayman… What do you expect??

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cayman helps this situation by not being strict and vigorous with their laws.

    Every where else in the world before the rights to work and citizenship are provided to a foreign spouse they must prove the following:

    Joint bank accounts (proof of shared income and expenses) No separate bank accounts.
    Joint assets (all assets between couple to be shared) No Foreign spouse building house at home country in own name
    Joint Utility bills
    References from family members on both sides and others known to the couple to attest to viability of genuineness (with fines imposed if found to be forged/untrue).

    Not saying this stops the people determined to fake it but it counts for something more accountable I believe.

    • No State Citizen says:

      Yeah I am sure this happens everywhere else in the world except Cayman, that is why there are no fraudulent marriages in the United States, right?

      How would they even begin to police or prove that there are no houses being built in the foreign spouse’s home country?

      I agree with the proof of joint bank accounts, maybe joint utility bills (not always possible), doubt you will prove all joint assets either.
      Good luck with the references from family on both sides to attest genuineness, and fines if proven to be untrue. How can it be proven that the person didn’t believe they were a genuine couple when it was written?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Many court orders are bypassed by immigration due to some of them having interest in the women so how can you win,read the news see who’s corrupted need I say anymore

  7. Anonymous says:

    What Cayman Law (Immigration) needs to do is take a circle by Burger King at that wedding place its always Cayman Men with good positions marrying (Bar Tenders) it says who the person is there place of work and so forth.

    its all a scam that these women do and get away with it. personally I think all these marriages that happen so quick couple weeks or months after the arrival of these ladies should be questioned and looked into.

    Cayman Men are so desperate to get with these foreign woman just for a piece of ass, a pretty face, but know nothing of them. Just to boost, leave their families, wife of many years to go pick up a W**** who they just meet. Its disgraceful and disgusting.

    and its so sad she only got 7 WEEKS IMPRISONMENT !!SHAME SHAME IMMIGRATION AND COURT SHAME ON YOU, she should’ve gotten YEARS.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would not be happening if men didn’t want it, so go take a look in the mirror, but expect to see ugly truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good thing the local women are not also marrying foreign men for convenience ..Not.
      Not to mention new new status holders also doing this.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Time to stop blaming the women,it’s the idiots of what we call men who are not making sure that their intended spouse are free and clear from no impediments anywhere,plus lots of women are doing the same stupidness as well,get real learn about your partner before making the plunge.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where is the commentary from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre and other Women run “family” and “domestic violence” advocates. Most in Cayman know that women represent the highest # of abusers whether against men or children. 5 men in Cayman have killed themselves in 4 months, and complete and utter silence from these so called humanitarian entities… if 5 women had killed themselves in 4 months, there would a national day of mourning and no shortage of reasons to blame men and intervention courses suddenly popping up…

    • Anonymous says:

      So organise some positive response/support yourself and stop complaining about others who have set their own agendas based on their interest, whether that’s abused women or whatever their interest is that isn’t yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are just extra busy these days campaigning against bullying.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In my humble opinion, the key to this issue is for Caymanians to maintain and foster healthy family units which teach our young generation how to value themselves and implement standards when it comes to choosing a partner.

    (The other trending story of the Facebook gun-toting mother comes to mind.)

    It is unfortunate, but we must drive home the point that Cayman is a treasure-trove for foreigners and often times, many in our transient community will do the most to remain forever.

    At the end of the day, we all know how relationships typically play out.
    If we find ourselves involved with someone who is “doing too much” and laying it on hot and heavy to a degree that feels unfamiliar – it is NOT because we have become super-special overnight but most likely because our partner has an ulterior motive.

    That being said, we must be careful to not use too wide a brush on every occasion as I myself am the product of an expat + Caymanian union…one that is still going strong to this day I am proud to report.

    – Who

    *Lastly, let us not kid ourselves and believe these tricks are limited to the middle and lower socioeconomic levels of Cayman society.
    On the contrary, a LOT of us have some BIG and expensive surprises coming around the corner.
    However, live it up and continue to cheese it up on social media and in the shiny circles – you gon’ see what is really what in due time.

    R.I.P. young man. Condolences to his family and friends.

  11. Anonymous says:

    those girls comes here and get involved with those idiots old men, take his money to build homes in their country for their “””””Cousin””” hahahaha. and the old full old men believe it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    also people gets clean police record and wanted by their country for a crime committed and come here committed an other crime…. is not only talk.. I KNOW….

  13. Anonymous says:

    These are the only people Arden want to give status to. Why is that?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have also made the mistake of marrying a foreigner. We had a child together and she cheated on me with another yaddy. My father is jamaican and cheated on my mother, so I am familiar with the average foreigner taking advantage of a Caymanian heart.

    My ex-wife is now trying to keep my son away from me. I havent spent a Christmas with him since 2012. She is now in america trying to have another child by the person she cheated on me with. Which he is also a yaddy that divorced a Caymanian with a child.

    These foreigners stick together but us Caymanians try to pull each other down and let them take over. I work for a government company that is paying a foreigner that was a former CEO $15,000 a month as a “consultant.” Cause they had to employ a Caymanian that didn’t get elected. But they pay me chump change to do more than one role in the company. Causing me not to have a life and not able to pay the court fees that will be required to have custody of my child.

    I also have to fight demons daily. Constantly debating taking my own life is getting old now. But I wont let these people determain my future. God is good and he keeps hope ( and myself) alive. One day I will have my child by my side.

  15. No state citizen says:

    His family should now sue her in civil court because she knowingly married him when she was already married, she indirectly took his life, they now need to take everything from her.

    But like someone else commented, this is common here.
    Men divorcing their wives and picking up these women from bars and other places, whom they know nothing about.
    They spend their last dollar sending money back to their country for them, building them homes, only to find out later that they just built a house for the woman’s husband and children (lol). I don’t feel sorry for those men.

    But this young man just seemed young and impressionable, he fell in love, unfortunately she didn’t.

    By the way, Jamaican men do it too so not just women.

    • Who feels it knows it. says:

      Amen! Amen! Never seen a post so on point. My husband of 34 yrs committed over 30 acts of infedelity during our marriage. Each time it was for someone in involved in a relationship or multiple relationships. Causing pain and suffering to both parties. The very money he spent on these women fed their men and even paid their bills. After years of forgiving I dececided the bough was broken and enough was enough. The lashes affair is with a woman with four underage kids with four different baby daddies. His pay checques is so stretched he is barely left with gas money, heart condition and diabetes. Good over evil every time. You sow what you reap. That young main is a victim of a wicked woman. Only in Cayman she could get away. Certainly not in her Country. Too much of it now. Immigration keep your radars up. This marriage of convenience is worst than the drug trade. Get the dogs to sniff them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Civil court actions for marriage promises? Is this the 18th century?

  16. Predicas says:

    There’s another very famous gold digger in and out of Cayman concealing children and trying to kill her husband she never divorced with her new husband, but she already has several RCIPS officers in her pocket. The CID aren’t waiting for her rightful husband to die, however. They are investigating this racially motivated corruption. How can any woman possiblly believe they are above the law?

  17. Anonymously says:


    But we have to be fair to those who are honestly in a love relationship and contribute to Cayman and share in each others burdens. We do have good expats on the island – Honduran ones too.

    Regarding the Law, there is really nothing here you can do … but educate our young people about male and female gold diggers on the island. To find a good spouse, it is better to find one off the island where you see first hand how they live and treat other people. Our young people need to be warned of opportunist just for papers, U.S. visa, and the like.

    I appeal to the government to implemented in our educational system and schools (without judging or bashing nationalities), lessons on this Immigration Law and just what far reaching benefits a foreignor gains by marrying a Caymanian. I think this should be taught to our young. Its that simple!

    What troubles me, is that we have alot of teachers who are expats, and may be reluctant to say anything negative of their own kind. More Caymanian and caring teachers is what we need.

    And I believe when our children are taught about this Law and the gains of an expat marrying a local, they will be many who will make alot wiser decisions.

    Just a suggestion ?

    • Anonymous says:

      An expat conspiracy huh? What’s your theory for us not telling our own kids how valuable their passport is? Easier to blame foreign teachers I guess. Get a grip!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Swift justice only because her husband worked for Immigration. Sad but true. I know for a fact that there are others here (Cayman Brac specifically) who have been charged with assault on more than one occasion but because they are in a relationship with the XXXXXX (not even married) they are free to stay and with no conviction recorded. But as usual its who you know and who you blow that gets you by in these islands

  19. Anonymous says:

    Reading these comments I see how most of you miss the point. Our politicians set the laws, IT IS OUR OWN that circumvent the laws to get these women in. The caymanian merchants put the permits in for these women, even pay for them to cheat on the English exam, lie on the permits to get them here and this is what we get. Blame no one else but the merchants who in the first place prefer only certain type and caliber in their establishments.
    Our men tend to fall for these women, they are the idiots. They know they are being used for money and for staying here but for the sake of saying they have a women with straight hair or some shit they stay and are enamoured by their ways too blind to see. An earlier poster said it and I agree. I don’t feel sorry for any of the men that fall for them. You lie with dogs you get fleas. It is a systemic issue, until we address the root of the issue this will always happen.

  20. La Vida Loca says:

    The whore moggers and moral bankrupt unfortunately are at the very top of our govt and political leadership so how can the rank and file do any better???

  21. Anonymous says:

    send her home….we dont need people like her here…..?

  22. Thatchleaf politicians says:

    Another one here for us eh Alden this foreign criminal vermin needs to be sent home, only then will the criminal dynamic change on this island. Increasing our population and bringing more police is clearly not a sensible solution but when has you and bush ever made a sensible decision ?? Stop voting for imbeciles Cayman

    • Somebody says says:

      Some people can’t lead by example. It’s common knowledge that there are illegitimate children fathered by two of our top so called leaders. It’s a pity that this demon found and trapped such an innocent and decent youngman. There are so many more like her but they are top prizes for Cayman’ men and destruction for Cayman’ families. These women only want men they can control and the Caymanian men are top of their list for status and child support which is their meal ticket. The Filipino women have now joined the line. Lord have mercy on the Caymanian men and the women they are married to.

    • Pappie No#1 Suga Daddie says:

      Yeah brethren nuttin will be done because certain top politicians and govt leadership got they own side ting nah true!!! If you look into this immigration situation you will find the root of the problem start right there.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Plenty them on island married to their man back home and these idiots on island find them in bar rooms and marry them off like they queens. I don’t feel sorry for none of them.

    • Freddy says:

      and plenty of them here who are married to Caymanian men and not living with the Caymanian husband but living with their husband from their country of origin.

  24. Patricia Bryan says:

    Plenty, plenty like her on the two rocks of Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac have done what she did. Male AND female. One only has to be out amongst other Hondurans to hear.

  25. West Bay Premier says:

    PR , good time , gold digger .

  26. Anonymous says:

    Scum bag!

  27. Bbb says:

    Wicked woman will get what’s coming to her when she returns to honduras!…

  28. Anonymous says:

    My question is this, why wasn’t she escorted to the Airport and sent back to her country when she was let out of Fairbanks like everyone else is, who has a Deportation Order? No, the authorities waited on her to come out before arresting her; they could have done that while she was in custody and kept her there until a Court appearance. If that had happened may be Aric would still be alive. Kmt

  29. Anonymous says:

    So I found this comment on the article about the 700 P.R. grants “for once I agree with Arden Mclean, Status should only be given based on marriage and descent!” Does Arden believe young people in lust should be deciding who we let into the country?

    • Anonymous says:

      Those predators that arrive here should.be dealt with in the manner they dealt with them in the 1950-60s. They were always known as aggressive and hot headed. The government has dropped their guard and allowed every Johnny Come Lately into our once known Paradise, so what can we expect?

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t this a British Overseas Territory? If it is then we can only do what we are allowed to do as it relates to human rights, PR, status and other related issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Better than the giveaway free for all I see going on here. This is an isolated incident. What will you do when we are finally outnumbered and all these new Caymanians are voting ? You know who they are going to vote into power? People like Alden and Mackeeva who pander to them and theirs

    • No state citizen says:

      You do realise that she didn’t receive status immediately if they only married in 2016.
      She would have been granted the right to live and work being the spouse of a Caymanian but she would not have had status.

      Also, she would not have been able to apply for status until after seven year’s of marriage AND even after that if she had received status, she would have had to be married an additional seven years before it would become permanent.

      This was Arden’s point about status bei being given only for marriage and descent as opposed to someone arriving here and a year later (if that) they are given status by Cabinet or otherwise.

      So Arden’s point was not about married people deciding who to let into the country as you said, it was about a more stringent criteria for being awarded status.


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