Sick man facing fraud charges fights extradition

| 05/04/2018 | 5 Comments

Iain Nigel MacKellar(CNS): Despite his failing health, Iain Nigel MacKellar (61), who is wanted in the United States over a fraud relating to counterfeit flea and tick powder, is fighting his extradition. MacKellar, who has been resident in the Cayman Islands for more than ten years, has been in jail since December and is suffering from a life-threatening health condition, but the crown has consistently argued against bail as he is believed to be a flight risk. He will now face a hearing on 30 April in order to prevent his extradition to the US. 

MacKellar is facing charges with three other people regarding pet medicines not approved for sale in America. He has, however, argued that the central allegation against him and his co-accused is not that the product was fake but that the packaging was different. According to documents submitted to the courts by his lawyers in the US, consumers would have received the appropriate medicine for their pets regardless of what was on the box.

Despite the claims that this is merely a packaging argument, the allegations by the US authorities are that this is a major fraud that has been perpetrated over many years in which MacKellar and his partners have made a fortune. The charges include conspiracy, smuggling and obtaining property by deception, which are also crimes in Cayman. But since his arrest last year MacKellar, who has no previous convictions, has refused to surrender to US law enforcement and is continuing to fight his extradition.

Following his most recent appearance, a decision about his possible bail remains open. While his defence attorney here, James Austin-Smith, has argued that he is too ill to be in jail and does not pose a flight risk, prosecutors have consistently objected to bail and insist that he is receiving round-the-clock care while on remand.

Nevertheless, the magistrate presiding over the case has reserved her decision on his bail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like every fraudster gets sick after his arrest. Coincidence?

  2. Bertie :B says:

    Of course the American government would Never make mistakes on fraud cases , it just hasn’t happened before . Guilty until proven Guilty !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why are we spending the public’s monies protecting a non-citizen of the country. These monies could and should be spent on helping the less fortunate citizens of our country instead. Extradite him!!!!!!!!!!!! If he and his co-conspirators have done no wrong, then it will be sorted out in the US courts. Stop protecting these people Cayman. Here’s another example of not doing proper background checks on persons applying to reside in our country. Cayman, money ins’t everything!!!!!!!!!!1 Our reputation is what we need to hang onto. Extradite him like yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why so vigorously fight the opportunity to clear his name over a simple packaging misunderstanding? It’s not like he faces political persecution, or the death penalty if he were just to cooperate and answer for himself. Buh bye.


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