Driver fails in bid to cut jail time for fatal blaze

| 26/04/2018 | 6 Comments
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Jessie Perry

(CNS): Conroy Nairne has failed in his efforts to get his six-year prison term reduced by the court of appeal.  Nairne, who was jailed last summer, was believed to be driving at around 127mph when his car crashed and burst into flames on the West Bay Road in September 2017. Jessie Perry, a passenger in the car, died a week after the smash, having sustained almost 80% burns. Nairne pleaded guilty to dangerous driving but given the speed he was travelling at the judge in the case handed down a lengthy jail term which the appeal court upheld.

Nairne’s defence attorney had argued, Wednesday, that the time was too long as among other things the judge had double counted the speed Nairne was going at the time of the collision. He said she had already decided it was the highest category for such an offence based on the speed, and then she had gone on to consider the speed as a further aggravating factor as well. The lawyer also said she did not appear to give due consideration to mitigating factors, not least Perry’s family’s pleas for the court to be lenient on Nairne as he was their only breadwinner.

However, the court of appeal said given the excessive and terrifying speed that Nairne was travelling at before the crash and subsequent fireball the judge was entitled to arrive at the jail time she did and dismissed the appeal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Deport him after he gets out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another terrible appeal clogging up court time. Was this folly publicly funded? Appeals should be on a no win no fee basis and never publicly funded.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was 123.7 mph

  4. Anonymous says:

    His inflated ego because of owning a fancy car allowed him to travel at such an excessuve speed resulting in the horrific accident that has cost Jessie her life and now he wants a shorter sentence?
    Go sit down and take your punishment!
    It is deeply painful to think of how much that precious young lady suffered and now lies in a cemetery waiting on resurrection morn!
    You are truly a horrible man!
    No conscience …
    No empathy….
    Take yah licks … You drove the car so it is YOUR fault!

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s a perfect amount of time. At least he will get out to have a life, she won’t.

  6. Anonymous says:

    good you selfless idiot server your time and shut up id it were me you would be serving 25- life. 127 mph?


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