Brac artist prepares to defend work at trial

| 09/04/2018
Cayman News Service


(CNS): Cayman Brac artist Ronald Kynes, aka Foots, who has been charged with offences relating to obscene publications over his sculptures, will be defending himself and his art at trial later this month without an attorney. During a pre-trial hearing Friday, the artist told the magistrate that he believes the charges against him infringe his right to freedom of expression and that the case is a constitutional one. Kynes wanted the case to go to the Grand Court before a jury, but the charges are summary offences only and will be heard during a Brac session of the lower court on 26 and 27 April.

Keynes (63) was arrested following complaints about the pieces in question, which depict stylised female figures in sexual acts, which his neighbours allege is obscene and offensive. The work was on display on a parcel of land that the artist owns on the South Side of the Island. Following his arrest, some of the sculptures were vandalized but no one has been arrested in connection with that vandalism.

The controversial work, however, led to charges against Kynes for displaying an obscene object for public exhibition and intending to corrupt morals under section 157 of the Penal Code.

Kynes is best known for his multi-piece underwater sculpture, The Lost City of Atlantis.


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