Biker arrested following last year’s illegal ride

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(CNS): Five months after a round-island motorbike event in which more than 200 riders, including several on illegal vehicles, took part, the police have arrested a 26-year-old man from George Town who police claim was one of the main participants. He was arrested Friday on suspicion of dangerous driving and committing a reckless and negligent act. The event, which was named “Ride of the Century,” took place on Sunday, 26 November, and caused significant concern in the community. However, at the time just one person was arrested.

That day, dozens of the riders charged a police road block, throwing bottles and steering towards officers, as the RCIPS attempted to stop the unsanctioned ride. At the time senior police said it was “pure luck that someone was not killed”, when the gang of bikers took to the roads, pulling stunts and wheelies, blocking traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road and causing mayhem for many hours before police caught up with them.

The issue of illegal dirt bikes, as well as riders being reckless on road bikes that are unregistered and uninsured, not wearing crash hats and committing other traffic infractions, continues to be a problem for police and attempts at organising legal events have failed to attract many riders.

Speaking at a recent press briefing about the issue, senior officers said the legislation regarding off-road bikes needs to be tightened in order to allow the police to seize and destroy them when they are being used illegally.

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