Poachers nabbed with illegal conch haul

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(CNS): A 47-year-old man from West Bay and 38-year-old man from Gorge Town were caught by police in East End last weekend with 173 conchs, a small lobster and a spear gun. The two poachers are now facing prosecution for taking an undersized lobster out of season, over the prescribed limit of conch, and the possession of an unlicensed spear-gun. Inspector Winsome Prendergast, area commander for the Eastern Districts, warned that her officers would continue to enforce marine laws.

“The depletion of marine life anywhere on the island is a serious issue that can have negative effects for years to come,” she said. “In order to safeguard the environment for future generations, we will continue to strongly enforce and prosecute any breaches of the Environmental Law, and the illegal taking of marine life.”

The men were caught at around 3:30pm last Saturday, 3 March, while eastern district officers were conducting operations on Colliers Public Beach in East End. The police spotted two men attempting to carry what appeared to be a heavy item out of the water and return to the sea to retrieve two more bags, which appeared to contain marine life.

The officers approached and the content of the bags were examined and counted. The conch limit during the open season, which continues until the end of this month, is five per person per day or ten per boat, so the men had taken 150 more than their legal limit in addition to the young lobster out of season and the illegal spear-gun.

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