Child fights off masked abductor

| 11/03/2018 | 66 Comments

child abduction, Cayman News Service(CNS): Police are looking for a masked man who attempted to abduct a child in West Bay on Saturday afternoon. The man tried to snatch the 7-year-old girl, who did not know him, around 4pm yesterday on Up the Hill Road. Police said the “child strenuously resisted and got away from the man”. She then ran until she found an adult and related the incident. The girl described her attacker as tall with dark brown skin and dark-coloured eyes, wearing a black hoodie and a black mask with holes for the eyes. He was also described as having long yellow fingernails.

The little girl is said to be unharmed but police are urging the public to be on the lookout for anyone fitting this description or behaving suspiciously in areas frequented by children, and to call the police if he is seen. Parents and caregivers are urged to be mindful about the whereabouts of children at all times when they are playing outdoors and to travel with them to public places.

The incident is now under a police investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) at 649-6000. Anonymous tips can be provided to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777, the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS) or online here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many of these government members have themselves run afoul of the law? Please! There are no good servants on either side. This is like the post Ivan lies that everything was business as usual, things are just great. The sooner people realize that they are the first and only line of defence the better off they will be. I know someone who waited for a police response to arrive during an attempted break in RCIPS arrived more than 12 hours later and one of the neighbors was one of Cayman so called Anglo super cop saviors. One of the cleaning companies took out a permit on a maintenance person who has to be addressed by outside persons because of his behavior towards young girls. His employer defended his behavior and even helped guide him through to PR. Congrats Cayman, you have imported some real trouble to mix with your homegrown predators. You should be fearful as the homegrown generally are protected. I was surprised and disgusted by what I discovered of a man following women on South Sound Road not very long ago. Despite obvious evidence that the man was pleasuring himself in public while following various women, they let him go claiming that he had done nothing wrong. RCIPS cannot be trusted with your safety and your government is only interested in their own desires.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Left before sentencing so he could get back into the USA, please notify them, he do not wish to be returned his Triny. home.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The seven year old girl has more fight and back bone than these lily livered politicians we got hanging around here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Before the expats start freaking out and hiding their children, just remember what happened the last time there was a child abducted in the Cayman Islands. Oh yeah, there never has been.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it about time, we got a sex offenders register in Cayman???? Its 2018, and yet we have no legalisation or governance to manage known criminals living within in our communities. Why is there no cry from our Honourable LA members to enact new laws.

    10 years ago, a sex offenders bill was put forward (2008) were is it? Collecting dust……yet the stories, continue, community members express the same fears as before but there are now more tales and worries told.

    Sexual offences legalisation in cayman is practically prehistoric (Penal Code, 2017) and places inept (I refer to Webster’s sentence hearing last week). We have no mandate in law for agencies to undertake offender management after a person serves a sentence, no requirement for convicted sex offenders to register with the police, no means to prevent a sex offender working in our schools, or our youth clubs or sports associations- our children are being exposed to risk every day. Risk that could be reduced or mitigated with enactment of legalisation to enforce offender management by agencies (working together).

    Honourable Members of the LA, isn’t it time for change? Doesn’t Cayman deserve better ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I say CASTRATION!!!!¡

  7. Casey says:

    Defined by the Cayman Islands Government, PROGRESS – tourists being robbed in their rental homes/condos, Women being raped by men of acquaintances, drugs and weapons being imported daily, human smuggling, police being shot at, home invasions, businesses being robbed, homes be burglarized, people being shot arriving at home, children being molested, a child being abducted right in her front yard, drugs washing ashore, illegal motorcycles on the roads, corruption in the various authorities and private sectors. I hope this is not the governments plans to destroy these islands similarly to our neighbors Jamaica and Honduras. for such a small island, no one will be safe!

  8. M2T says:


    That’s the rolling Bull that’s haunting West Bay these days. You hear stories of it, but not its real interpretation. In this day of age, alot of youngsters are haunted with uncontrolled sexual feelings and emotions. That girl met one of them. But she met the less dangerous. The worse ones are the ones that look civilized and well paying jobs. Oh how they can cover their sins in the dark and behind closed doors?

    And to top it all, we see a semi-strip club by Chicken Chicken off West Bay Road. Not fully a strip club yet. But in the making. And the supporters and sympathizers have the audicity to say, our Caymanian men need this exposure for release.

    It is things like this that are morally declining our society. These things feed only lust, weakens the conscience of young men, break up committed relationships and marriages, and turn women into sex objects. The “love” of money is the root of all evil, and everything has a dominoe effect on our country. Parents are partially to blame for their children, exposing them to things they shouldn’t sense.

    Let the Naysayers thumbs me all they like!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Chirp chirp chirp … that is a cricket by the way

  10. Anonymous says:

    If parents don’t have the time to supervise their kids and don’t have the money to afford a helper to do the same, kids run free.

    They run around neighborhoods all day just “having fun”. Predators of all colours, shapes and cultures love this sort of thing. They just wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, next time the kid won’t be so lucky.

    Wake-up Cayman! While you were out locking up your youth for smoking pot, your weirdo pedo men of society are out there preying on your children….they don’t want your teenagers.

    They want your BABIES. 12 and younger!


    • Anonymous says:

      why the automatic victim blaming? it can happen to anyone, anytime, and that’s the scary thing that we must admit and face. There are sickos out there alright and all that can be done should be to stop them. I really hope the politicians give this the full attention it deserves.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Eden ?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Omg!! What a den of iniquity Cayman has become. For such a small island the size of a postage stamp the crime here is appalling! It’s up there now with Jamaica. We have definitely lost our reputation as being the jewel in the Caribbean without any doubt whatsoever. Armed robberies, burglaries, murders, rapes, stabbings needless deaths by horrendous drunk drivers, drug trafficking, Paedophiles and all on a daily basis. It’s getting safer to vacation in New York. I think it’s time to wake up Government don’t you think? Your vacation is well and truly over. Start listening to the general public………..the people that are paying your salary.

    • Anonymous says:

      It appears as if Caymanians have lost all pride, heart and conscientious of souls. Thing will never change until each one of us decide that we will not accept this and decide to stop colluding with and hiding unsavory elements in our society whether home bred or otherwise. We cannot give up hope now, let us fight with scourge with our last breath. Please do not settle, we can do better.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We should recognize this little young lady and praise her for being a brave and strong young person to fight back and run for help.
    From whom did she learned to do this and defend herself as she did. Maybe she should be allowed to speak and let her class mates know how she fought back and survived this ordeal, this will make her feel stronger for herself and maybe to help the young ladies and young men to know what to do in case this happens to them.

    • West bay Premier says:

      Anonymous 10:00 am , I agree with you , this little girl should be thought of and made a hero” an advocate for children safety . Her story told by her to other children in the classroom around the Islands would be touching for kids/little girls to hear .
      I think that letting her do that will be good learning therapy for her too . Because the Government don’t have any program that could match that . The Government needs to start protecting and making sure that kid are educated in these kind of situations , and protected from these SCUMBAG CRIMINALS .

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree we should praise her anonymously, but please do not bring her forward in the limelight. Please let her remain the innocent little girl that she is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, right. Leave the girl alone. She was already traumatized. No need to “re-live” the incident. Teach your own kids yourself.

  14. George Towner says:

    Scary for a little child

  15. Anonymous says:

    serial something??? sounds like a flick out of a hotror movie!!! yellow nail??? oh my, sounds horrific…?

  16. Anonymous says:

    This government ,including the so called public servants who advise the government on criminal matters, are worthless. Violent criminals freely roam our streets and the government does nothing to stop them and nothing to allow us to protect ourselves. Where is the new legislation to keep violent criminals off our streets??? Given recent events this perpetrator has probably just been released from the Northward Hotel having served 6 hours of a 5 year sentence for multiple rapes, kidnappings and armed robberies. The yellow fingernails are probably from a spa treatment at Northward.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘The yellow fingernails are probably from a spa treatment at Northward.”
      or crack pipe.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just a question here.

    Why is a 7 year old girl alone on the street?

    Seriously? Am I the only one wondering about this?

    She wasn’t home, in her back yard; so why was she alone on the street?

    Who is supposed to be supervising her?

    • Anonymous says:

      The child was at home with her parents and had just come outside moments before. She was standing in her front yard when she was abducted.

    • Anonymous says:

      being a residential area with lots of families I don’t think it is surprising to have children out playing…horrific that she could be preyed on so close to so many people

    • Anonymous says:

      She was on her front lawn playing so no need to start the judgements – could have happened to any of us. Where once we felt safe allowing our children to play on our property , we now no longer can. This is the 2nd failed attempt (thank God). Remember the young boy who was also approached in West Bay to go in a white van – luckly, he too was well versed in how to handle these situations and he ran away. We need to be more vigilant and educate our children and start having these unpleasant conversations as they could save their lives. Unfortunately times have changed and we can’t continue to think ‘not in our backyard’ as it just happened in our ‘front yard’.

    • Anonymous says:

      @9:02 am Just stop the hysteria. It is not Chicago or Detroit, but the safest Caribbean island, or so it was.
      In Europe people leave newborns in a carriage outside of a store or cafe.

      • Anonymous says:

        @3:26 The French used to leave babies in carriages outside of stores and cafes too. Maybe in rural parts of France, they still do. But the French have also passed laws against Frotteurism (men rubbing themselves against women and girls in buses and trains) and in Paris men can now be charged EUR90 for cat-calling. My point being, Europe is not a creep-free zone either.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand she was on her bike in her own driveway.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 9:02am I thought the same thing. The worse part she struggled for some time and got away, but no one seen this? Why is she being left alone. She is only 7 years of age.

      • Anonymous says:

        if I can’t leave my 7 yr old in my own front yard, fenced in, while I’m inside making dinner or whatever- that’s a sad, sad state of our society!! Please don’t blame her parents for thinking it’s safe to play within the boundaries of their own property! INSTEAD- make a point to HELP OUR COMMUNITY by keeping your EYES OPEN and look out for this creep!! All this victim blaming doesn’t help- what helps is the community coming together to do something about it!!

  18. Eklund says:

    I hope the police checked her for DNA – maybe she scratched him when fighting him off and there is some DNA under her nail, or even if he dripped some sweat in the abduction attempt.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the RCIPS we’re talking about. They have officers who think that they are suppose to handle evidence with their bare hands. RCIPS check for DNA, please! We have high hopes of RCIPS and those hopes are all we will have until government and RCIPS get serious about their responsibilities to the public. Unfortunately, I just do not see either entity pulling its head out of its arse and getting serious about must be done.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Every single day there is a more shocking news story released, which highlights the escalating crime problem.. Yet our premier seems to be completely mute on the issue. Can we please have a new premiere who is willing address and tackle this problem before it ruins our tourism industry and islands completely?

  20. Anonymous says:

    This cannot stand.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cayman will never be the same – too many immigrants and perverts!

    • Cor Blimey! says:

      8.02am Like the one that was just jailed for 6 years?.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also, when we had that mass status grant debacle the door was opened wide for all types of perverts and criminals. Yet the responsible politician keeps getting elected. Blows my mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Conflating the 2 issues is a seriously cheap shot.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a mess.. when we get the targeted 100,000 population – the wild, Wild West not going to have anything on us. What a sad mess we in. And MLAs where are you and when are you all going to do the job you were elected to do? And you all need to stop being brain washed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it that the Govt is so silent ? Minister Seymour was even on the radio saying he isn’t concerned with crime and he feels safe, yet our kids are being targeted now. I have only heard the Opposition say anything about crime

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where are the run away girls from the girls home being found? Maybe that’s who the abductor is?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Any comment from the premier!?

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s working on the plans for population growth and road expansion. In some circles, the opinion is that all ills will be resolved once the population reaches 100,000. Growth is the new god.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Am I still in Cayman? What the hell is going on? Zero tolerance policy needed now.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Good thinking little girl! ” if anyone causes harm to one of these little children, it would be better for them if a millstone is hung around their neck and they are thrown into the depths of the sea.

  27. Anonymous says:

    what is going on in cayman. I really hope they catch this guy and give him a sentence he will never forget.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Long yellow nail as in disgusting or paid for..

  29. Anon says:

    It is painful how life is degenerating in the Cayman Islands. Absolutely frightening. It now appears we are just like the large US cities where you can’t let your children outdoors in the neighborhood without adult supervision at all times. Parents beware!!

  30. Diogenes says:

    Didn’t someone try to lure a child away from an area in WB a couple months back as well? This crime will be extremely hard to solve, with no witnesses and only a description provided by a little girl to go on. Assuming these attempts were made by the same depraved person, he will likely lay low for a while to await another opportunity we need to remain vigilant not for 2 weeks but until the suspect is apprehended.
    No point asking but there wouldn’t happen to be CCTV cameras in the area, that could be used search for suspicious persons?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Legalize drugs so they can all overdose

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps castrating them once they are caught would be a better remedy. The last thing they need is more drugs.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The Government remains silent while our children become victims! Is this what we voted for ? I say NO! I say the Opposition who everybody seems to hate needs to take this Government over. They are swimming against the current and drowning

    • Anonymous says:

      So true. Why doesn’t the ministers and the Premier speak out on these criminal situations. Are any of them fit for purpose?

  33. Anonymous says:

    So sad, it’s official we have finally arrived.

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