RCIPS opens internal probe into arrest

| 01/02/2018 | 128 Comments
Cayman News Service

Crystal Barnes being arrested for a traffic offence

(CNS): The police have confirmed that they are conducting an internal inquiry after video footage was posted on social media Thursday, in connection with an arrest on an outstanding warrant. The heavily pregnant woman posted the video on social media and it was re-posted numerous times after she accused officers of using a heavy-handed approach and causing her injury — all over traffic fines for which, she said, she had already confirmed a payment scheme with the courts.

One of dozens of warrants that police have been following up on, mostly for outstanding fines and unpaid traffic tickets, on this occasion it appears that the agreement the woman made with the court was not conveyed to officers, who went to her home to arrest her.

The video shows the woman attempting to finish dressing and put on her shoes as the male officers  entered her bedroom and tried to pull her out. She became increasingly upset with the officers and began swearing as they told her she was under arrest and she could not get herself ready, even though she is in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

An RCIPS spokesperson said that officers had viewed the footage and referred the matter to the Professional Standards Unit “for an investigation into the full circumstances of the arrest”.

The news comes following a police meeting in West Bay Wednesday evening where Commissioner Derek Byrne said he was committed to ensuring his officers behaved with respect and courtesy and that he “wanted the shoulder number” of all officers who behaved in an ignorant, arrogant or impertinent manner.

The PSU is now solely an internal body of inquiry, as all complaints from the public about the police are being handled by the new independent police complaints authority that forms part of the new Office of the Ombudsman.

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  1. D Myles says:

    This right here shows the real state of our RCIPs, they do not “protect” nor do they “serve”.

    They go around feeling they have the right to mistreat and blatantly assault members of the public. How many cases has to come out in the media for us to realize there is a problem?

    So many instances of Abuse of power.

    There is a proper procedure for arresting someone and what I watched was an assault, they use their badge as a means to justify their ill-actions.

    I personally know this for a fact as I was assaulted by a police officer at the hospital when attempting to walk around him, he reached out and grabbed me by the throat. Someone witnessed it and intervened. When he realized his mistake he tried to arrest me to cover it up. I was in court for 2 ½ years fighting an assault charge when I was the victim of police brutality. Then finally after the CTV footage at the hospital went missing and the photographs that were documented at the Police station by their caption of my injuries also when missing. The police Officer had a come to Jesus moment when he had to testify and finally spoke the truth that I did not touch him and he did indeed grab me by my throat with no probable cause. The charges were dropped, but that same officer is still employed and was administered no disciplinary repercussions for the assault and blatant misuse of our court system to try and convict a innocent person of his crime.

    There is no one here to properly Police our so-called police, and the more situations like this that happens, the less faith and respect society will have for them.

    Thus why when crimes happen no one is willing to speak up or have any involvement with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please report your incident at info@ombudsman.ky to the Ombudsman: Police Complaints Division.

      The Law was just enforced and they now are investigating police corruption and misconduct.

      Prior to this, an internal affairs police complaint could be initiated by the Professional Standards Unit.

      I’m sorry this happened to you and hope that you pursue this by suing the police for Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Power now that your charge has been dropped.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The actions, attitude and language on the video together with the person defending “her friend ” with every post ending with “fool” says everything anyone needs to know about this lady.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not about the Lady. I would want to see YOU 8 month pregnant and in her situation.

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