Rapist jailed for 13 years

| 20/02/2018 | 50 Comments
Cayman News Service, Cayman Islands

Marlon Porter

(CNS): Marlon Porter, who was found guilty of raping a woman during a four-hour ordeal at a remote location in George Town in 2016, has been jailed for 13 years. The 37-year-old man was convicted last October by a jury of rape, assault and causing harassment and distress after he had also threatened to drown the woman. He eventually abandoned his victim who was found wandering in the industrial area, clutching her clothes, by a government driver, who took her to the hospital.

In his ruling by video link from the UK, the presiding judge, Justice Alastair Malcolm, said he had taken into consideration the aggravating factors that Porter had taken the woman to a remote location to commit the sexual attack and also had a previous conviction for violence against women, as he handed down the thirteen-year term.

During the trial, the victim told the court that she had been offered a lift by Porter, whom she knew vaguely, shortly after midnight on the night in question. But instead of taking her home, he took her to the end of Sparky Drive, an area that she said she did not know, where he assaulted and repeatedly raped her before abandoning her half-naked at the scene of the attack at around 4:00am.

Porter, who is a Jamaican national, had denied the allegations, insisting at trial that the woman had consented to sex in exchange for cash. But he failed to convince the jury, who found him guilty on all counts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Part of the issue here is that we keep having to allow these ‘scums’ from other coutries, particularly Jamaica to come and work here, becuase our ‘Caymanian’ people won’t fill the positions they will. Why won’t Caymanians be gardeners, helpers, work at Burger King, gas station etc? If they petition for better wages and fill these positions these ‘scums’ wouldn’t be given access to come here in the first place….!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that whilst Burger King owners lavish away in the million a of net profits they pay slavery salaries that majority of Caymanians cannot survive on no matter how hard they try. So then the govt. messes things up further by introducing $6 an hour as a minimum wage and should be now revisited after two years and increased to a more realistic wage these businesses are getting away like rapist and murderers.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand all that is said and I must say that you guys are more than stupid with all this caymanian this and that! There actually isn’t a REAL life living breathing local around. All you guys hate on each other then talk a bunch of nonsense! In truth, all of you with your cayman kind bull crap need to wake up and wipe the shit stain off your eyes and in your mouths!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to say is not all Jamaican is bad people, and not because one or a couple Jamaican come there and do things like this is all Jamaican do things like this, so those type of people is not all Jamaicans, you need to remember the days when Jamaicans carry ice from Jamaica to Cayman, we Jamaican built your country, the flowers is Jamaicans and a lot more people there from Jamaica come there and built your country, a lot of elderly people in their 50’s go to Jamaica to university, so is not everyone from Jamaica is dab. I am so sorry that a Jamaican come to your country and do this, my symptoms goes out to the young lady that this tradedy has happened to, I also hope she can get over this chapter in her life…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Every 6 months I have to submit criminal record checks and std blood tests to be allowed to remain on island yet Jamaicans are seemingly allowed to live here with std’s AND criminal convictions… wtf? This place feels like it’s spiralling out of control fast.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Comments on stories like this are insane. All about deporting the scum…. you are all the same. Out of sight out of mind. As long as it isn’t your kids you dont care. Personally, I would like to see these walking funguses rot in jail here. They won’t though. Then you want them deported to another island where their government most likely won’t put them on a list or warn anyone about them. So, they do it again. But it’s not your child, not your cousin or sister, so you don’t care. If the government could do anything right, I would trust them to mind them after their release. They won’t, they can’t even catch people they know are commiting crimes. I guess were are all SOL… here, there, everywhere.

    Stop having children if you’re not going to love them and raise them to be decent humans. You, the parents, are the real piece of ****.

    • West bay Premier says:

      I say that deportation is not the answer because they will continue to do it in another country to their children, and prison is not good because they are wasting too much money to keep them alive and get older . The cure for their behavior is 12ft lenght of silver thatch rope .

  4. Tut alors!. says:

    This deportation problem is sadly inherited from the mother country which has thousands of convicted rapists, murderers, paedophiles etc all of foreign origin nearly all of whom manage to avoid deportation. Nevertheless the only way to rid ourselves of these people is to banish them permanently and our political leaders need to give this top priority.

    • Ounce of Prevention says:

      You are wrong, Tut! Banishing them isn’t the answer. I guarantee that the death penalty will stop them from committing further crimes! A piece of rope is much cheaper than a long prison sentence, too.

  5. jiggz says:

    I don’t understand this it is wrong yes but for a minute look at this the other day a Caymanian got 41/2 years for raping a child and giving her STD 41/2 years he also harass her mom. Note they did not go to the extend to get overseas judge so 60% of the 41/2 he will out in less that 2 years. I Just feel this whole system is unfair and corrupted. The younger generation needs to stand up or we all for nothing because we are the future

    • Anonymous says:

      Jiggz… sorryful yes… but the STD child molester “IS NOT a CAYMANIAN” either. This is the sad path we are on.

    • AnonAnon says:

      No actually he will do 2 years 7 months before he is eligible to sit conditonal release. Not that I agree with his sentence because in my view though he didnt commit any form of sexual intercourse (thankfully something prevented that from happening) the trauma that child will face for the rest of her life is beyond imagination so on that basis warranted in my opinion an upliftment in sentence by 4 1/2 years to a total of 9 years as a matter of fact he should have recieved at least 15 years. Pos is what he is, my god am sorry if a man tries that with my daughter I swear is mother and father will mourn for him. These kind of people dont deserve to be given such lenient sentences.

    • Anonymous says:

      He was a Status Holder and not a real Caymanian so get your facts right there buddy boy.

      • No state citizen says:

        “He was a status holder and not a real Caymanian” ?????
        That is the most ignorant statement!

        What/who is a real Caymanian?
        That statement displays the hatred you have in your heart.

        So if I get Caymanian Status i am not considered Caymanian what is the point in giving people Cayman status?

        Children who are born here to one Caymanian parent and one not and had to take their father’s nationality and apply for Caymanian status, in your view they are are not “real” Caymanians either! Quite a silly one aren’t you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    We need to change the law so that foreign criminals convicted of offences for which the penalty on the books is 2 years or more in prison are automatically deported in all but very exceptional circumstances. Why do we have a situation where our political Cabinet must make a decision to deport foreign violent repeat offenders? That is ridiculous.

    • Noneyah says:

      Well actually @ 9:25am if memory serves me correctly, any foreign national that commits any crime in the Cayman Islands that is more than 12 months is automatically facing deportation. I know that in cases involving foreigners the judge usually would make that recommendation though I am uncertain as to whether or not the judge has to indeed make such recommendation before Cabinet can make an informed decision to deport or not. Though I do believe that would have to be the case as I think it would be a bit much for Cabinet to keep up with the many Court Cases involving foreign nationals. I would however state justice is a thing that must not only be done but seen to be done, it goes without saying that if a person commits a crime within this jurisdiction he must serve the time once convicted after which time he will be deported if such decision is made. So no matter how much it costs to keep a prisoner incarcerated per year taxpayers have zero chance of seeing anything else happen. To go to prison in my mind is to act as a deterrence so an individual providing he/she isnt a hard core criminal, once deported he/she will likely not want to reoffend especially in any country where their is severe sentences given for some offences. I have to say I would rather see a person that commits a crime here serve time and not just come to our island commit crimes and be put on a plane to there country really what good will that do. It will simply say go to Cayman commit crimes and all they will do is deport you, nah thats just wrong. We have to always think about the victims and how a crime affects them, because being the victim of any form affects you in one way or another. Be it mentally, physically ,psychologically and the list goes on. Thats just me make the bastards sit in jail believe me HMP may not be as hard as other prisons around the world but its no easy life being in prison, it wears you down mentally after awhile.

  7. Anonymous says:

    May this SOB wither in anguish until his dying day.

    Further to earlier encouragement to the last 2 confirmed victims of J Barnes to launch civil action against our local authorities, hopefully this week’s supreme court ruling in the UK case of serial rapist John Worboys is a step in the right direction.


    (Excerpt): “I sincerely urge the last 2 victims to seek damages from the Cayman authorities as they clearly failed in their duty to protect you from harm.
    No one with knowledge of Jeffrey’s track record could every deny this claim.

    If that tab brings about a shift in public policy that will increase the future safety of my wife, daughters, and sister – I am happy to pay it.”

    – Whodatis

  8. Anonymous says:

    How did we get to this place where we call other humans scum? In what direction are we headed?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually he has been sentenced to only 60 per cent of 13 years less time served so he will be back on our streets in no time. It is beyond reprehensible that our legislators bought into the idea that violent criminals should be put back on the street after serving only 60% of their sentences so that they can save a few dollars on the prison. A politician’s first responsibility is to preserve the safety and security of the people who elected them. It is not to put violent criminals back on the street at the earliest opportunity,

    • Noneyah says:

      Actually he was sentenced to 13 years not 60 percent of 13 years. According to the law 60 percent of your time is what you shall do before you can be considered for a parole hearing. So in his case he will have to do 7 years 8 months first, separate and apart from that to my understanding from HMP their is a sex offender course that he must take before he is allowed to qualify face the board. So in all the idiot will be there for 7 yrs 8 months doesn’t matter how much time he was on remand he still has to do 7 yrs 8 months and I will be frank I doubt he will get out in that first sitting the board will view him as a danger to society so they will ensure that he has taken some steps in rehabilitating himself. He is so stupid I mean why do people have to be so desperate that they resort to taking a woman and having sex knowing she is not a willing participant, how do you even get an erection under those circumstances is beyond my comprehension. Guess we are really all wired differently bloody hell thank god I am not that type. Sex is so wonderful when both parties are willing sweet jesus.

  10. Lol says:

    So this scum had a previous conviction of violence against women (of course we are not privy to details), yet he was still allowed to walk the streets of the Cayman Islands… How does this happen, and why wasn’t this POS deported for his previous conviction of violence against women? It amazes me that innocent people are arrested and harassed over a small matter such as a parking ticket yet this guy is given free reign to walk the Cayman Island streets.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Protect the BOARDER and better IMMMIGRATION SCREENING!

  12. Anonymous says:

    So in the last week we have had sentencing of 4 Jamaican nationals (two rapist/murderer scum, one child molester scum and now this POS) and nowhere does it seem the prosecution applied for a Deportation Order to take effect at the conclusion of the sentence?


    • Anonymous says:

      You are referring to the decision of life tariffs (these people were already convicted and imprisons they aren’t new cases) These tariffs were decided due to new laws being put into place
      The life sentences have actual year sentences now but that does not mean that they are guaranteed release
      These persons if they are released will likely be deported
      Please educate yourselves on these issues instead of spreading misinformation

      • Anonymous says:

        “Likely be deported?” Do we not deserve certainty? Please educate yourself!!!!

        • Diogenes says:

          If you want certainty I suggest you speak to the cabinet ministers they are the ones responsible for deciding those matters

          As we saw with Ato Stephens, Deportation is not guaranteed hence my comment contains no guarantees of deportation

          While you seem to be unable to grasp the meaning of “educate yourself”
          I take pride in familiarizing myself with the laws and procedures of these islands can you say the same?

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes. In fact, I have enough familiarity to know that the prosecution should routinely request a deportation order where appropriate. I also
            know they usually do not.

          • West bay Premier says:

            Oh my God , what have we gotten ourselves into now .
            But Diogenes is right that if we want him Ato removed from the Island and our kids , then everyone need to let the Cabinet know that.

        • Yup says:

          I think certainty is definitely deserved.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because we’re already little Jam.

      • Anonymous says:

        6.54pm… “likely be deported” ..you got to be a lawyer/judicial personnel …. working the system … keeping your job … living the good life in Cayman in your gated community – thinking its not going to happen to people like you and yours… sorry … karma soon come for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Could happen fi true!!

        • Diogenes says:

          Reading and understanding the laws as they are written means that someone deserves “karma” and what is clearly implied here is some me or my family falling victim to some criminal action (likely similar to the one this man committed)

          How christian of you, wishing ill upon others for nothing more than having a better understanding of a situation than most
          In fact I am studying to become a lawyer which means your assessment is correct, but not a corporate lawyer or a defense attorney
          I am studying to be a crown prosecutor, to seek justice and put people like this away to protect these islands

          Think about that the next time you decide you are going to hate someone because they understand the law… they just might be in your corner

          As my christian friends would say “There is a special place in hell for people like you”

    • Anonymous says:

      You left out our infamous foreign coach that despite a judges recommendation for deportation for offenses involving a child, is still here! From his Wikipedia site he was banned from competing for doping, and we thought it would be a good idea to have him come here and serve as a role model?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Another scum for whom the key should be thrown away!

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