Prison farm killer to serve at least 34 years

| 07/02/2018 | 15 Comments
Cayman News Service

Wilderness Farm, HMP Northward

(CNS): Randy Martin (43) will serve at least 34 years in jail for the murder of Sabrina Schirn (21) in 2009 at the prison farm in East End before he can be considered for release on licence, a court ruled Wednesday. Justice Charles Quin found a number of aggravating factors in what he described as the brutal killing of a young girl who sustained a terrifying mental and physical ordeal before she died. Martin killed Schirn at a remote spot at the prison facility, where he was on work detail while serving a sentence for possession of an unlicensed gun. 

Handing down a minimum tariff to Martin defining how long his life term should be before he can apply for release, Justice Quin said he was justified in an uplift from the 30 years specified in the law.

Describing the injuries that Schirn sustained during the machete attack by Martin, the judge noted the serious wounds that would have resulted in the young woman’s death but also the serious defensive wounds she sustained as she attempted to fight Martin off, including the amputation of one finger and the near amputation of other fingers and a hand.

The “extreme suffering” of the victim, Martin’s efforts to conceal the crime and his planning beforehand, especially as he was a serving prisoner, and a list of previous violent convictions all contributed to the judge’s decision to increase the minimum term.

Given that Martin was a serving prisoner before he was charged with this killing, the 34-year minimum term will apply from the time of Martin’s conviction in January 2010. He will not be eligible for release until 2044, when he will be almost 70 years old.

At that time it will be up to the Conditional Release Board to decide if he is safe to be released. If not, he will continue to serve, since the minimum tariff is not a release date but a point where he becomes eligible for consideration of release, depending on the circumstances at that time. Having been convicted of murder, Martin is still serving a mandatory life sentence.

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  1. Tut alors!. says:

    Where is his photo?

    CNS: We don’t have one.

  2. tetueliv345 says:

    Its a shame that his accomplice didnt get charged as well.

  3. Mother of Sabrina Marie Schirn says:

    What happened to my child is beyond imagination, beyond comprehension, beyond words and reason, but
    God has proven himself faithful, because I trust in Him and the fact that I knew Him from a very young age, so When tragedy struck I drew closer to him, I not turn away, had it not been for my faith in his word, I could easily have lost my mind.
    I used to suffer from severe panic attacks and knew in my heart that the loss of my own child would most certainly have triggered, my biggest attack yet, but it did’nt happen.
    God was, and still is with me. He has never left my side.
    I Trusted Father every day throughout the Murder Trial as I sat and listened to lies of the evil one. Many times I got up left the courtroom and went to the washroom to pray, because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God was on the case and he hears my prayers and saw my tears.
    One day the inspector in charge of the case, called me out of the courtroom, that was the day the killer took the stand on his own.
    The Inspector said to me, Ms Hope the boy is laughing at us. I was like, excuse me!!.He may be laughing at you, but certainly not at me
    Where is your faith? and you’re supposed to be a Pastor
    This is Spiritual Warfare and I’m in it to WiN! At that point I hurried back inside the courtroom. Wasting my time I thought to myself while walking back in.
    We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony.I have walked the that dark valley of the shadow and still I fear NO EVIL, because I serve a MIGHTY GOD.
    Father has proven Himself faithful once more.

    Continue to sleep in peace my beautiful Angel Sabrina
    We Miss you more than words can say

    • David Shibli says:

      In my book, you are a brave and courageous woman.
      I am certain that the God we serve will enable you to see your loved one again in better and eternal circumstances.
      I wish you all the best.

  4. West bay Premier says:

    That scumbag low life heartless murder should have got triple that time . I am really happy that the Judge is starting to give those low life scumbag criminals the maximum prison sentence . More sentences like that one need to be given and the criminals would get the message. But wasn’t there a third person involved in that hedious murder of Ms Sabrina ? If so , what is happening there ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Question, is that in real years or the usual 60% dog years?

    CNS Note: : There remains some confusion about these tariffs. A mandatory life tariff is the minimum time a lifer must serve before he can be eligible to have a hearing to consider release on license. The 60% rule does not apply to mandatory life sentences for murder at all — only to those life sentences that are discretionary as in the case of Jeffrey Barnes. In this case and all other mandatory lifers he will not be released before he has served the term handed down which in this case is 34 years – unless or until a higher court finds otherwise or the legislation is changed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good job judge. I hope this will encourage some of the other judges to stiffen up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Check back to the 1994 unsolved murder of Glen Bodden. Who you think was prime Suspect?

  8. Lorna says:

    And all he has to do now is claim insanity like Estella Scott murderers and they will be transferred to the new mental health facility in east end without fence, security,

  9. Anonymous says:

    The suffering she went through and her family mourns daily for her. RIP sweet Sabrina!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can not ematin the pain and suffering that precious child went through before her last breath, and the pain of her mothers heart,.i myself has lost a child brutally but God knows that this was beyond wicked .and estella scott .i pray God to give these brutal people some kind of peace…I wonder when people do such hideous crime if they ever think of their own. Maybe not ,but God knows if I was the judge he would stay there for the rest of his life,.rip Sabrina

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. the year 2044 ! Camana might not even still be above the sea by then , Bobo . Locked up for 34 years , just shows you the intelligence of these violent feral animals that cant even figure that one out ?

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic news. Thank you Judge Quinn.
    That poor young woman. I hope Randy Martin rots in prison.

  13. Anonymous says:

    No words can describe him but let’s start with scumbag

  14. Anonymous says:

    The article is inaccurate in it’s account in that Sabrina was not actually killed on the farm compound. She was found far away from the facility, closer to the quarry. She was quite a ways away from the farm where they had obviously met up. The culpability of the guards responsible for allowing him to leave has yet to be addressed and probably will never be.


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