WB men deny list of charges in boat rape case

| 27/02/2018 | 0 Comments

(CNS): Moises Bush (26) and Bruce Bush (44) both pleaded not guilty to a list of rape and indecent assault charges Friday and will now stand trial in June. The two West Bay men are accused of raping a West Bay woman on a boat that was docked at the Shores in November last year. The victim was said to know at least one of the men and had been invited on a late night fishing trip. The woman claims that the boat never left the dock and the men on board were using crack cocaine before she was raped and sexually assaulted throughout the night by both men.

Bruce Bush has claimed the sexual activity with the woman was consensual, while Moises Bush has vehemently denied touching the woman at all, and handed himself into the police as soon as he heard his name being connected with the allegations.

Both men were bailed to appear for trial.

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