Killer to serve 34 years for ‘gangland execution’

| 13/02/2018 | 45 Comments
Killer Cayman News Service

Leonard Antonio Ebanks

(CNS): Leonard Antonio Ebanks (47) was handed a life tariff of 34 years Tuesday, when Justice Charles Quin delivered his decision on how long he should serve for gunning down 20-year-old Tyrone Burrell in 2010. Burrell was shot in the back of the head at point-blank range in a yard on Birch Tree Hill, West Bay. Describing the murder as a gangland execution, the judge said there were sufficient aggravating factors to increase the tariff from the 30-year starting point in the law. As he read his ruling, Justice Quin said it was a “public execution of the most sinister nature”.

Ebanks was convicted of killing the young man in 2011 after trial where a key witness had told the court that Ebanks had confessed to her. Other witnesses had also seen Ebanks seconds before and after the killing dressed in all black and a cloth over his hand, which, coupled with other circumstantial evidence, had pointed to Ebanks’ guilt.

In his confession to the witness, Ebanks said he killed Burrell because he believed he was a spy for a rival gang. Ebanks, like many of the lifers recently given tariffs for the minimum time they must serve before they can be considered for release, was a member of the Birch Tree Hill gang and he accused Burrell of spying for the Logwoods gang.

The judge found that the killing was aggravated by this gangland background, the planning and premeditation and the fact that Ebanks had made threats to one of the witnesses. With no extenuating circumstances, the judge added four years to the statutory tariff.

Ebanks is also serving a simultaneous 20-year term for his part in the murder of Swiss banker Frederic Bise. Ebanks was convicted of assisting Chad Anglin in trying to dispose of the body and destroy evidence after the fact.

Gunman awaits decision on life tariff in WB killing

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rest In Peace my dear friend Tyrone ?

  2. Patricia Bryan says:

    These men receive 30, 40, life for killing some sure while a 57 year old hard up perverted pedophile receives 4 plus years for “killing” a then seven year old child’s life, her innocence, her body and mental fragility. And people in Cayman ranting online here but can’t get out on the courts and legislative and government building steps to call for a change in laws and tariffs for these types of offenses?!
    “as there are no guidelines or specific precedent in Cayman for a case such as this.” This is what the judge stated. Now THIS case can be used as that “specific precedent” he refers to. So the cycle continues. No justifiable sentence for this horrendous act of defilement of this child.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can say this much:

    Whatever planning etc that the gangstas referred to engaged in, it certainly doesn’t beat the hatred and the premeditation of the their deaths by mickey mouse anonymous commentators who want them dead on CNS. To want to kill a man is to want to kill a man, whether your name is Tim or Tom.

    You all are no different from what I’ve read about any of the gangstas now getting their tariffs except that you are supposedly in free society.

    But are you really free, though? You are so bound by your hatred and condemnation that you are more imprisoned than they are; or at least equal to.

    They are convicted of murders. You all can’t get the chance to commit the ones you wish, voice and plot. That’s the only difference.

    At least them being in prison will save them from you set.

    Any man who hates his brother is a murderer.

    Murderous Intentions. Murderous Actions. Murderers. One and ALL.


    Afraid to Admit That I Am A Caymanian Because of Not Wanting to Be Associated With So much HATRED…or be retaliated on for pointing out the hatred.

    • Lol says:

      Looks like you forgot to take your medication my friend.

      • Anonymous says:

        This whole country needs to be on medication; but love doesn’t come in a pill bottle; but if it did, would there be enough to go around to heal this hateful country?

        I wish I could see people start posting positively, even when things are adverse. I wish that I could see through all the despair this nation faces, a unified people.
        I wish that Caymanians would stop giving foreigners the right to tear them down by the example that they put on parade.

        Caymanians need to learn to process and express condolence, hurt, pain, frustration without a murder wish.

        Prove to the youth in this country that there is hope, through love. You are teaching your children from a young age to hold onto animosity and hatred, but not how to mediate and resolve problems.

        I don’t need medication, my friend, I need to see Caymanians progressing in all ways, but that starts with loving Caymanians…and others

        • Lol says:

          Convicted murderers and gangstas who have been convicted of premeditated murder do not deserve love nor compassion. Wishing that these people be executed for their crimes is not hatred. It is not hate that we preach, but justice. There is right, and there is wrong. What they’ve done is wrong, and they need to pay the price. Save your love and compassion for those who deserve it, not for those who are undeserving of it.

  4. no one is safe says:

    why is his sentence not consecutive to the 20 years for assisting in the other murder? why have these judges not considered his previous conviction for assisting with the other murder as a aggravating factor? This should have also been done for Devon anglin Cns can a convicted murder not receive two consecutive live sentence? This criminala also keep me up at night worrying about who is really safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suspect you will find they did all that. Your question to CNS shows you are judging on things you have no knowledge of. That’s a long way in to stupid territory.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was thinking the same thing – why ask CNS? CNS doesn’t have to do with the law!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is consecutive if you read it properly, and devon was only found guilty on one murder charge.

    • Fact over opinion says:

      Anglin was not convicted of two murders first of all, and next, stick to the story at hand because each case is different so that is the point of these individual rulings based on the facts specific to that particular one. Educate yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      “These criminals keep me up at night”…which movie you got that from?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gangs??Grow up!! Who do you think you are Al Capone?? You are all like children on the school yard. You are nothing, You’ve got nothing! You can’t even be man enough to hold a job down and support yourselves and your families. You are not men. You should be ashamed of yourselves that you are incapable of living a decent life and earning an honest living. You have to rob and murder people to get anything. Scum of the earth comes to mind. Hanging is too good for you.
    Why don’t you all prove to yourselves and others that you are educated enough to earn your own money and prove how successful you are. Make your families proud of you all. Someone your children can look up to. Set an example and live life to the full. Do you really want to have your liberty taken from you and be licked up on some joke from a young age till the day you die?? You won’t be such a big man then will you. Have some pride!

    • Anonymous says:

      This. It needs blowing up and putting on billboards.

    • Anonymous says:

      2.55, great comment. Sadly those idiots can’t read or write.

    • Anonymous says:

      @2:55 sounds like you got a perfect life. no criminals in your family. no one smokes pot. no underage sex activity. no thievery. no incapability to hold down a job by no one known to you. perfect life. too bad that wasn’t afforded to everyone – that way we could be critical of everyone.

  6. West bay Premier says:

    They should all be put on a boat and anchored about 200 miles from any land and no way for them to get to the anchor or the engine, and all they can do is fish for their food . And the next convicted criminal just be sent to join the boat and the others . Then I think that you will see everyone behave like good productive Citizens .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yet another born Caymanian murderer to follow on from Anglin, Bush and company recently. Where are all the posters who like to try to persuade us its only Jamaicans committing our most heinous crimes?

    • Anonymous says:

      As you call it heinous, I’m caymanians and have no hard feelings against any nation. But their can’t be any worst than what was don to estella scott . Were they caymanians .im sick of hearing the crap .

    • UK GUY says:

      So tell me why does jamaica have one of the highest murder rates in the world? People who visits jamaica are always being told by the hotel staff not to leave the hotel because its very dangerous to do so.

      Cayman has a very low crime rate and corruption compared to jamaica and as much as people don’t want to hear the truth its just facts.

      20 to 30 years ago a lot of jamaicans brought criminality into the uk and they was considered to be the most dangerous and violent gangs ever seen by the uk police force.

      Not all jamaicans are bad and not all caymanians are bad you just have a few assholes and idiots who gives jamaicans and caymanians a bad name just like any other nationality around the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh stfu,compared to your beloved America,Jamaica is kindergarten,at least in Jamaica they don’t kill innocent concert goers,club patrons,church members,school children,innocent people in the airport,and the list goes on and on,as a matter of fact Jamaica’s gun crime has been influenced by the good ol us of a,holes, and Cayman is on the verge of following in their foot steps.

        • Lol says:

          Everywhere Jamaicans go, problems follow. Do not worry about the good, old US of A…yes, they have their own problems, but that’s not the topic of the conversation now, is it… It’s the fact that Jamaican crime is out of hand in Jamaica, Jamaican criminals have taken a foothold in the US, in the UK, in Canada, just to name a few places, and wherever they go, they spread mayhem and terror. There are many, many good Jamaicans out there, but the sad part is that there is also a big problem among Jamaican society; mainly too many men fathering 10 kids with 10 different women, and then letting their offspring run amok. Until you figure this problem out, nothing will change.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jamaica is not the problem,it is no gun control in America,and it affects us here in the Caribbean because that is where most of the firearms comes from,Just watch the news in Jamaica and see all of the illegal firearms confiscated,and I can reassure you that most of them if not all where made in the US,I know for sure that we here in the Caribbean don’t make guns,and that broward county is not located in Jamaica.

            • Lol says:

              Sorry, but Jamaica is the problem. In particular, it’s the Jamaican men who father tens of children with tens of women and let the kids run amok with no father figure in sight. Canada borders the US, and is much closer than Jamaica, yet the gun crime is far lower than Jamaica’s…and a lot of the gun crime in Canada can be attributed to Caribbean, Somalian, Afghan gangs… So yes, Jamaica, its men in particular, are the problem.

          • To the haters says:

            You are side stepping from the original comment. If you want to talk about crime and murder the Us of A and England has been in wars for 99 out if the last 100 years. BBC report.
            Mass killings is a normal part if the US past time to the extent that the education department have to teach the children what to do in case of an incident. Both countries sells the most arms.
            Biggest .negative influence in the WORLD.
            Biggest mass murderers of populations on the basis of liberation and freedom.
            Continue to place a low threshold on black people’s employment and living standards.
            Yes Jamaica is not a safe country but nor are several countries and islands across the world tap in google top murder states/cities guess what the Us is within the top fifty with several states.

          • Dunz says:

            The great US of A has had 19 mass shootings in the last two weeks. Citizens killing citizens I’d prefer to take my chances in England or Jamaica.

            • Anonymous says:

              Exactly the point I’m getting at,I can go to any public outing in Jamaica and don’t worry about being killed by some deranged psychopath that didn’t get his milk with his fruit loops,and where the murders are being committed in Jamaica I don’t have a reason to be at those places,so Lol maybe you should get from behind your computer screen and travel the world more often,fun fact for you,America made the terrorist.

      • Night Flyer says:

        9.02 UK GUY

        You are not from the UK

      • Richard Wadd says:

        I’m not sure which CAYMAN you are living in, but with the exception of ‘murder’ this CAYMAN ‘per capita’ has a higher crime rate than JAMAICA. I don’t know of another country where a person who has in excess of 30 convictions and still be out on the streets commiting crimes while ‘on bail’.

        • Lol says:

          Yes, Richard, you are right to conclude that someone with 30 convictions should not be out on the streets, nonetheless, it’s still somewhat of a far cry from what happens in Jamaica. And let’s not forget that Jamaica has also contributed to the crime in the Cayman Islands, once Jamaicans arrived and mixed with the locals. Don’t get me wrong, Caymanians are not blameless in all this…

          Jamaican Stats:

          The police statistics show that up to January 13, there were 61 murders, 34 shootings and 34 robberies.

          This is compared with 47 murders, 40 shootings and 36 robberies over the same period last year.

          Jamaica closed 2017 with 1,616 murders, one of the highest homicide figures on record.

          St James in the western section of the island led the statistics with 335 murders, followed by Clarendon with 168…


    • Anonymous says:

      Shut up and consider the 300 Jamaicans already killed this year in Jamaica by Jamaicans. If Cayman was as lawless as Jamaican guess what…….you answer the rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      And you are doing the exact same thing trying to claim the opposite.

    • Anon says:

      There are criminals serving time in every jurisdiction who are BORN there. As one would expect, there would be a higher number of locals serving time in their local holding facility compared to an expatriate, it’s basic common sense. So please, do not bring any disparity between Caymanians and Jamaicans (and I trust that you intended not to) as we have lived peacefully with Jamaicans for a very long time, as well have close commercial and in some instances family ties.

    • Hafoo says:

      Because most of them picked up the Jamaican style.It’s called outside influence.

    • To the haters says:

      I wish there was a l league table that showed the types of crimes and the nationalities that commit them.

      • Anonymous says:

        If there were it would be the only league table that Caymanians do exceptionally well on, 6:11am.

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