Fire crews battle East End bush blaze

| 28/02/2018 | 6 Comments
Cayman News Service, Bush Fire

East End bush fire

(CNS) UPDATED: Officials have confirmed that firefighters worked through the night and have now extinguished the brush fire which was blazing near the East End quarry throughout the night. The blaze was doused by around 3.35am Wednesday but the fire crews remained at the scene until 5am to make sure it did not reignite. Chief Fire Officer David Hails said firefighters worked in difficult and arduous conditions deep in the bush.

Commending his teams and thanking the RCIPS for the air support he explained how important that was to fighting the blaze. “The live infrared images of the scene that they sent us from the helicopter helped us to formulate a fire-fighting strategy and contributed to the safety of the fire officers,” Hails said.

The fire is now under investigation and the cause has not yet been identified. The blaze posed a particular challenge because it was in a remote and inaccessible location with no roads, which led the fire crew to using an excavator to clear the bush so they could get the water and equipment to the burning areas.

Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers said, “The dedication shown by the  officers in working through the night to extinguish the fire before it became a threat to the surrounding community is truly commendable.”


East End Bush Fire, Cayman News Service

Location of East End bush fire

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Fire Fighters. Appreciate una putting this out despite it ‘just’ being in the bush. (Much less before it reaches houses.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Saw a flare moments before the smoke

  3. Eklund says:

    A lot of arson about in Cayman?

  4. Fred the Piemaker says:

    Sure seem to be a lot of fires recently – dump, cars and now this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just farmers clearing some bush. This is the way it’s been done since way before Cayman had any kind of development. Now these once remote areas have residences and so it potentially poses a significant problem for anyone downwind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree, not isolated to Cayman. Unlikely someone had a beef with “Mr. Bush” (unless
        it’s mistaken identity)…:) High Rock felt like it’s snowing all night, everything (especially cars) covered in ash. Respect to our Fire Fighters for containing the fire and keeping us safe.

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