Small earthquake shakes East End

| 21/01/2018 | 33 Comments
Cayman News Service

Small earthquake southeast of Grand Cayman, 21 January 2018

(CNS): The United States Geological Survey confirmed that an earthquake registering magnitude 4 on the Richter scale shook the waters off the coast of East End Sunday morning.  The earthquake happened before 10:30 around 45 miles southeast of Grand Cayman at a depth of around 4.3 miles. This weaker quake comes less than two weeks after a 7.6 quake off the coast of Honduras triggered a tsunami scare in our area. There was no such alert following this latest closer but smaller earthquake.

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Comments (33)

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  1. None-ya says:

    We have a drill in place at our offices and schools if there is a fire, same for the airport if there is a plane crash why don’t we have an earthquake drill? Is that a pointless drill or precautionary measure to have in place? Asking for a friend.

  2. shane says:

    I’m was in Centre easy end and didn’t felt a thing

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you meant to say…”I was in the center of East End (wherever that is) and didn’t feel a thing”

      Good Lord, re-read your own comments before hitting the “send” button folks!

    • Anonymous says:

      It clearly rattled your brain and keyboard…

  3. B. G. S. says:

    Jokes aside. People start praying and vow to change. See what happened to Port Royal???? You all had better repent. Turn around and seek God now.
    What has been will be again.
    Please be scared straight!
    Spell check is available.
    There? Like over there. A place.
    They’re….a contraction in English grammar for they are.
    Ole B setting you straight ok?
    Get your selves to church and pray for each other. The crime is shocking in this community.

  4. West bay Premier says:

    This just show how prepared the Government is in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Earthquake that happened a few hundreds miles away can trigger an alarm of tsunami , but earthquake happens 45 mile away no warnings or alarm . People this is not funny.

    • West bay Premier says:

      I wonder if the Government of Cayman Islands are even concerned to know anything about how these earthquakes that has been happening in the Cayman trench over the years . To even know how much closer the trench has gotten to the Island , or how much wider the trench has gotten over the years . I think that would be the best money the Government could spend on any survey/study.

      • The Geological Premier of the Earth and Stuff says:

        Inconsequentially small distances over decades, quit fear-mongering
        The Trench was there before your ancestors were inbreeding and it will be here long after we are gone

        • Anonymous says:

          Um, your ancestors are inbred also…you are not as special as you might like to think.



      • Anonymous says:

        Yes..the Government needs to do something about all these illegal earthquakes and dem tings..landing here on our shores…

    • Anonymous says:

      No tsunami warning was triggered because the likelihood of a tsunami from a magnitude 4 earthquake does not justify such a warning. To put it in perspective, if you look at the USGS map, a magnitude 4 earthquake will not even me recorded on it as a historic quake. (Their historic quake mapping, from 1900, STARTS at 4.5.)

      (The warnings are merely common sense that a big shake might possibly shake something big enough loose to cause a tsunami. They’re not actually warnings that Cayman might experience a significant tsunami based on any local data or observed effect of the triggering earthquake.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was because CR7 had finally scored a goal.

  6. Leroy B. Whorms Sr says:

    Felt it in Northward.

  7. elvis says:

    first cousins I think. lol @ 3.01

  8. Anonymous says:

    is this one related to the last one?

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