K9 unit helps secure evidence in drug bust

| 25/01/2018 | 17 Comments

(CNS): The police arrested a 38-year-old man from West Bay yesterday on suspicion of possession and consumption of ganja, following a drug raid in the district. The RCIPS said that an operation was conducted Wednesday morning on King Road under the Misuse of Drugs Law. When officers arrived at the address, they spotted a man attempting to dispose of an item which was believed to be ganja. An officer and police dog from the K-9 Unit conducted searches of the immediate area and found more ganja in different locations.

However, although billed as a drug raid, the man was not arrested in connection with potential dealing and the quantity of ganja involved was not specified. He has since been bailed.

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  1. Diogenes says:

    2018 and we are still arresting people for cannabis, while other nations are cultivating industries and creating thousands of jobs we are still allowing uneducated conservatives and church officials to clutch at their pearls and police the morals of the entire society.
    Instead of diversifying our islands economy and becoming a production center for cannabis we are wasting government resources and locking people up for a drug no worse than alcohol or cigarettes

    Cayman will always be the island that time forgot as long as we live with this arbitrary moral policing and disregard for the modern age, in favor of our antiquated past
    Just like with cigarettes there would be a minimum age, a ban on usage in public buildings a ban on usage in public areas.
    Just like alcohol there are tests for persons driving to see if they are high,

    Look at Portugal
    Look at any of the states in the US that have legalized recreational use
    Look at Canada about to do the same on a national level



    • West bay Premier says:

      Diogenes , if the C.I could get their heads out of the mud, they would be able to see that Government could make more revenue from the weed than what they spend on keeping the weed smokers in prison and Legal Aid and Court cost .

      While the Activist are solving the Public beach access , they should mention the legalization of weed, or no VOTES FOR NONE OF YOU NEXT ELECTION . That would roll some heads .

      • B says:

        Stop wasting government time and energy much less ruining young people’s life’s. Education on the use of cannibus and its benifits is important. As long as the demands are there people will take the necessary steps to provide the goods. People arrive from foreign countries and have legal use and access back home and will continue to seek someplace to buy. Government should allow legal growth and sales under controlled Licensing. Cayman Brac which is a Island forgotten to any type of industry could become a great place to start growing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Police dog does what he is trained and fed to do how is that news???? RCIPS desperate for publicity and to justify their existence or all this money that we keep wasting on them once again how is this news????? How truly sad for these islands?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drugs are still illegal, meaning if you get caught, you go to jail. Regardless of your preferences or philosophy, those are rules of this game, and everyone playing it should be aware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny rules mate, nobody out there getting arrested for having sex with their daughter or niece or neighbor’s child….this is a sick community.

      The people know they have rampant pedophilia in Cayman and yet the powers that be turn a blind eye.

      This community is completely backwards.

      • Anonymous says:

        While it happened in the past, I am unaware of any such occurrences in the modern day
        since you seem to know so much about it with seemingly firsthand knowledge why don’t you inform the authorities so that an investigation can be started?

      • Anonymous says:

        Smugglers and their distributors don’t opt for desk jobs in the rare case when one of their product lines becomes legalized. Smugglers gunna smuggle and distributors are going to distribute…guns, ammo, fugitives, stolen goods, and of course, anything else where they think they can make a quick buck. One less smuggler/distributor on the streets is good news.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What I can’t smoke a spliff in my house anymore? Let’s take this to the roads Legalize It Tax it we smoke it anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    But yet they allow more harmful and addictive nicotine laced tobacco cigarettes to be smoked freely on government compounds. Why they don’t focus those resources on finding out exactly who has been shooting people?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The best is when the police with the k9 dog are on the water front scaring the tourists. One day a family commented that they were going back to the ship, when they seen the dog, saying if this is the first thing they see, it must be worst outside of the port area.

    • Anonymous says:

      Plenty of airports, ports, train stations, etc. have security or police dogs on duty. Maybe the family had something to hide as other than extreme allergic reactions (which even still is doubtful) I wouldn’t see a need for them to make such a dramatic u-turn due to a leashed police dog.

    • Anonymous says:

      In most places these days seeing a police dog is reassuring. Oh but wait, that’s right, Cayman doesn’t belong to the rest of the planet, we breathe rarefied air here, and would never have to worry about an attack in a tourist area or the 1000 other types of incidents a patrolling police dog could be useful in preventing. I love how CNS commenters say the place Is going to hell one minute and then act like it’s Shangri la the other. Keep the dog on patrol, it’s not the tourists who lack perspective.

  7. Anonymous says:

    waste of time and money.

  8. Anonymous says:


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