GT shooting marks first murder in 2018

| 21/01/2018 | 106 Comments
Cayman News Service

Crime scene of fatal shooting, 20 January 2018

(CNS): UPDATED A man has died after he was shot multiple times on Saturday night in George Town. Police have not yet revealed the full details of the killing but said they were called to the scene where the man was gunned down at around 9:20 yesterday evening on Eastern Avenue, in the car park of Walton Centre on Eastern Avenue. He was pronounced dead some time later on Saturday night after being taken to the hospital. No description of the shooter has been circulated.

Police have now confirmed that the man was a resident of George Town, from Jamaica, who was 28 years old but they have not yet formally identified him. Images of the victim following the shooting have circulated on social media but the RCIPS are requesting that the public stop sending and posting the pictures.

However, police now conducting the murder enquiry are urging those who took the images, or anyone else who may have information about this crime to come forward.

Twenty days into the New Year, this is the first murder of 2018 but follows a serious shooting just days ago and only yards away, when local musician Dexter Bodden was shot outside his home. Bodden remains in hospital in a serious condition after being shot in the stomach by a lone gunman, who was said to have fled on foot.

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives in the RCIPS Major Incident Room on 649-4502 until 5pm today,  Sunday,  and tomorrow, Monday (public holiday).  After 5pm anyone with information can call  the GTPS at 949-4222. To remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think a huge source of criminality springs from the construction industry. Unscrupulous citizens obtain work permits for workers without any work. They turn them loose into the community and tell them to bring me some money every week or every month. Sometimes they end up with steady work as a sub under a legitimate contractor or used as day labour. When they have nothing is when the problems really start. Wages are pathetic when they do manage to find steady work. There’s no enforcement.
    On many jobs, you cannot leave a tool laid down for 5 minutes and turn your back without it getting stolen.

  2. Diogenes says:

    Kenneth Bryan was on Cayman 27 tonight addressing the murder, he did a whole lot of talking sadly most of it wasn’t of any use

    lots of “uplift Caymanians” and “trust the police”
    while platitudes and cliches are well and good Mr Bryan
    How are you planning to actually address crime?
    You don’t need to have a 10-point-5 year plan, but simply saying “uplift Caymanians” isn’t a policy, tell us how you would propose going about “uplifting Caymanians” and providing opportunities for people, don’t just say immigration needs to prevent bad apples from coming into the islands make a proposal, talk to the government and come up with policy that works toward your goals. You are an MLA by the skin of your teeth, you have few friends in the house, you need to do better than this or you will end up being a one time MLA. Quite frankly, I have nothing against you but I don’t particularly like you either, I would however enjoy not having your seat return to the PPM

    Diogenes of Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      This is how we must deal with these s—– —-e people. Immediately STOP all work permits, all Permanent Residency, all Status Grants; and work with weeding/sorting out these criminals and DEPORT them. This is the only way we can address and deal with all this shit. We have to, we must, and Government must deal with all the corrupt departments starting from the judicial right down to the bottom, and I mean top to bottom.!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Diogenes says:

        Yep stopping the work permits that fill 20,000 jobs on Cayman is a great way to crash our economy, Good luck buying Groceries at fosters when a loaf of bread costs 600 dollars a bag

        There is a reason why people like you are not in charge

        This island would fall into the ocean

  3. "Anonymousir" says:

    its sooo funny! how we have so many police, but NO police.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the way Caymanians won’t take any credit/responsibility for crime/murder/gangs..
    “In 2016, for example, the country of 2.9 million people saw 1,350 murders, 1,216 shootings, 449 aggravated assaults and 480 rapes, according to the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The country is also notorious for “entrenched and widespread” corruption.” The per capita murder rate in Jamaica is around 50 per 100,000, whereas the per capita rate in the U.S. is only around 4.5 per 100,000. Canada’s per capita rate is less than 2 per 100,000.
    This part – ” The country is also notorious for “entrenched and widespread” corruption” will soon be our story as well.

    • Dokta fish says:

      Why dont you go home star! “i love the way Caymanians” your propaganda filled rant is relevant as you. if you so upset about corruption here return to your home.

      • Anonymous says:

        1.58pm….thank you – they are notorious for making things look bad on Caymanians. Please feel free to LEAVE and carry everyone of your kind with you back to your …. …. island.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People know who pull the trigger, every-time it happens there’s someone who knows , but in Cayman no one wants to be an “Informer” stupid mentality our community have.

    • "Anonymousir" says:

      stupid? YOU TALK, you get shot as well and end up dead. And the RCIPs will protect who? Who is the RCIPs going to stop when they come to kill you for informing? Go ahead “Hero” be the informer!

      • Anonymous says:

        @2:24pm so you think living in fear is the answer? if you let the cancer grow it will kill you eventually, these people are the cancer and also our police does suck and we should allow real policemen come into the community, shoot to kill cause we got too many wanna be gangsters in cayman ruining our little islands.

  6. Snakeater says:

    This unity Government is devoid of ideas they believe increasing the law enforcement already enormous budget is going to fix this crime situation. When clearly social and economic and immigration issues are the real culprit. Spend more on you own people than you do on others and this would resolve alot of serious issues including crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree as the Premier and Honorable Bush will get all this resolved quickly and thoroughly. They are good salt of the earth leaders. Praise that we have them at the helm!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes and they and our dedicated police officers already have a suspect in custody. Three cherrs for our wonderful leaders and policemen

  7. Ricky V says:

    75 more uniform carriers on the way Cayman? Stop this foolishness Alden! Stop wasting the public money on this Police rubbish exactly how much more money are we going to pour or waste on this ridiculous foreign orchestrated idea that more police means less crime!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have too many males to loose even one to crime or death. Senseless loss of a precious life. If males carried children, then gave birth to them and raised them, they would think twice before taking someone’s life.

    The Caribbean is facing a crisis among the male population….93 per cent of all criminal activities in the Caribbean were committed by males.

    “Manhood is not about the amount of money one may earn, but the difference men make in society. A man must have a clear vision of life, and to make a difference in his country…a man should be a protector and a cultivator, and not an abuser,” founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International, Dr Myles Munroe said.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what they say, behind every great man is a great women. Same goes for criminal, behind every criminal there are one or more rotten thinking lady.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh YES!! Please blame this on someone else!
        That’s rich, that the woman behind the man is the reason for his criminal behaviour.
        Put that Kool-Aid down!

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, I am not blaming it on any single person, I am sure it is a team effort between the guy and gals. But the gals know how to hide behind thier friends.

          “Kool Aid” -sound like you learned a phrase and can parrott it, but dont know how to apply it to a context. Scary since I see the same in incompetent manaegement when they parrott work principles. Please tell me you are not in a position of power…this nightmare has to end.

  9. Karl Perkins says:

    its time for Alden and his unity team misfits to go and please take his all his foreign stooges with them

  10. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    Its time to scale back hiring for this Police apparatus from certain jurisdictions and acquire expertise from those with similar environments. These third world minorities are formulating mafia like groups now which will shortly organize to gangs if they have not already. This Police State like status we are creating by numbers is a recipe for social upheaval and unrest Cayman. Its time we hire quality not quantity. We don’t need more untrained Police Cayman we need better trained Police!

  11. Gray matter says:

    Well…. Now we are definitely a S#%+hole of a country.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Alden and Mac continue to fill our island with people being paid wages below living wage standard – all to make your rich friends DART and others richer while destroying the Caymanian middle class.

    Alden please stop saying immigration changes ,that will benefit Caymanians, are coming. You have lost your sense of values as to what is good for the future of Caymanians.

    Alden get your priorities right – put Caymanians first!

    You will have to wait for a long time and reconnect with Caymanians before you will get the praise you seek from Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      8.15am Judging from your comments I doubt he will ever get a kind word from you.

    • Anonymous says:

      The most stupid and foolish thing to say is that Cayman needs 100,000 plus people here , 65,000 that we have now is too much. Back in the eighties and nineties with half the population that we have now, things were a lot better, very low crime, low traffic jams,and very little if any peoples losing their houses. We could sleep at night without worrying about someone breaking in to our homes, now that is of the past, for now all we can hear is that some criminal broke in and rob someone or robbed some place of business. And don’t forget back then all Caymanians that wanted to work had jobs. Now we are in a bad way with plenty Caymanians can’t get jobs and the politicians wants to make it worst by getting the population to 100,000 plus, same on them, they are only thinking about their own pockets,

      • Anonymous says:

        I concur. But would note that one thing driving the employment levels in the 1980s was Cayman’s economic explosion, fueled by the post-WWII ‘global’ economic boom. However the recent demographic and ongoing economic shifts in Cayman and the rest of the western world are compounded locally by the lack of infrastructure as Cayman has outgrown what it had as evidenced by increased traffic jams, lack of space in schools, etc. So agree that a 30,000-40,000 population is more sustainable for us as a country than the current 60,000 much less 100,000. At least not without a lot of forward planning (and execution of those plans) in both built but most importantly social infrastructure improvements.

  13. West bay Premier says:

    Cayman crime is almost as bad as Chicago’s compared to their sizes. The Government better come up with a ezero tolerance plan fast to wipe the criminals out before they wipe us out .

    • Anonymous says:

      That statement may be true, or it may be false.

    • Cayguy says:

      “Crime is almost as bad as Chicago’s compared to their sizes” ?? I think you better fact check that statement. One murder is too much though. Comparatively – St James parish in Jam rock had over 330 murders in 2017 alone

  14. Anonymous says:

    How about cancel that useless port they want to build and hire hundreds of police and build a bigger court house and a huge ass prison somewhere?

  15. Phil says:

    Hey guys DO NOT blame the police or government…someone knew who it is or own guns…they need to report on TIPS line…no matter if they are your brother, sister, son, boy/girl friend….just report and we will save life. We need work with the police.

    • anonymous says:

      7:06 pm that is not going to happen, caymanians dont report caymanians.

      • Anonymous says:

        So, do Jamaicans report Jamaicans?

        Also, do Hondurans report Hondurans?

        Likewise, do Philippine people report each other?

        Just wondering if this was some unique Cay-man-i-an “thing”.

    • Anonymous says:

      I made this comment about ten shooting ago. The gangs and those who know them have a no snitching clause. Post a decent reward and the saw nothing picture taking hyenas will start singing like nightengales.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not good. Not good at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Results of 2003 Cabinet status grants followed by the adoption of everyone these “new Caymanians” could find, bring them to Cayman and add them to our own homegrown problems. Sorry, but this is the result.

  17. E. Nygma says:

    As long as there are people there will always be murders
    The only thing that we can expect is that our government should be limiting the amount of murders as best as possible, and bringing those who inevitable commit the crimes to jusitce

    • Anon says:

      Caymanians are people Mr(s) Nygma, and before the recent influx Caymanians did not commit violent assault and murder at the rate happening now. The problem is not people. It is violent THUGs who do not belong in Cayman. If they cannot assimilate to the Cayman civilized Christian culture, then send them home!

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          9:54 am, Just go back home your kind is not wanted here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Every time there is a post calling out these thugs as anon at 3:14 pm some of you like to come out with your stupid response about cayman kind or racism. If speaking out about these murders and other crime is considered racism then you need to have your conscience and your brains checked at the door. I would prefer if the dock, airport improvements, court house, or any major capital works are put on hold and the money diverted to get rid of any and all criminal elements on these islands. Let us have an all out onslaught on crime and purge these beloved isles Cayman whether home grown or imported. We do not need to treat criminals with Cayman kindness. They need to be shackled and thrown in the dungeons.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately 100,000 population is the aim. Somehow the belief is that all problems will be solved once we reach that magic number.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep cos Caymanians can do no wrong….jeez, get over yourself and count the Caymanian inmates at Northward

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s like any other country. The foreigners are deported.

          • Anonymous says:

            11:40am – typical uneducated comment.

            If you judge a Country based on the number of native inmates in prison or crimes committed by local/native persons, you would never visit anywhere.

            Like someone responded to 11:40am and said, foreign criminals are always deported back to their native Country. So it should not be a shocker when you find that any local prison is housed by mostly native people of that Country.

            It’s common sense really. Guess you left yours back home before coming to our home!

        • Anonymous says:

          11.40am. Now really …. north ward is full of caymanians????? This is cayman!!!! Just who do you want it filled with…, more s…. h…,,,’s, for us to take care of.. idiot.

          We have our own problems we need to deal with… and all these s… h.., rat hole scums we don’t want.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Christians” kill people
        “Caymanians” kill people
        “Civilized” persons kill people

        Every demographic has killers because every demographic has an underlying connection they are HUMANS

        To say otherwise is to make a fool of yourself

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s part of the violent illicit economy embraced by, and enriching many Caymanians. The only solution is to make it too dangerous or costly for the criminals and their customers. There is no political Will to go there, quite the opposite it seems.

      • Anonymous says:

        Got permit but no job. So they sell drugs and numbers. Why does the Cayman Islands immigration continue to issue work permits for these people. It’s easier to get a work permit than a drivers license or a passport.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sorry, “half breeds”
        Is this puritan New England

        Did someone shove me through a time machine and forget to tell me that I am in 1066

      • Anonymous says:

        Which Manderson you’re talking about?

    • Anonymous says:

      You emphasize the existence is normal, but you lack to recognize how out of proportion the incidents are for a small island and how out of proportion the origins of the perps nationality coming from only a couple of countries This is not a world wide event. Many people know the solution to getting back to barely any crime, but it is people like you you who are in charge who will try to normlalize crime that your brothers and sisters committ, who knows, maybe you are getting some of the skim from their crimes.

      • E. Nygma says:

        The first line (of three) says that crime is completely normal in every society (which it is)

        The next two lines go on to say:
        “The only thing that we can expect is that our government should be limiting the amount of murders as best as possible, and bringing those who inevitable commit the crimes to justice”

        And you accuse me of normalizing crime (again crime is normal, whether you are intelligent enough to admit it or not) and then of partaking in the profits and benefiting from crimes

        You are precisely what is wrong with society

        Crime IS normal, whether you decide to agree or not, there is no panacea, there is no magical solution ( if there is why would you not just include in in your accusations?). We have to enforce the laws and ensure that persons who commit crimes are held accountable

        Perhaps you can point me in the direction of the fountain of youth while you search for you magical crime cure-all?

        Good Day Sir

        • Anonymous says:

          You have no sense of proportionality and it used to be normal to stone people and crap in the streets, but we evolved past those accepted norms. Apparently you are not willing to make an effort anymore with a banal and generic acceptance of the status quo. People like you should step aside and let problem solvers take the lead. Until then, things will only get worse.

          • Anonymous says:

            9:25pm. Don’t be too eager to excuse yourself from the scourge that is taking over and put it in the hands of your so called ” problem solvers ” whom ever they are. The problem is the problem of all good citizens. If we aren’t a part of the solution then we are a part of the problem.

            • Anonymous says:

              You are not good if you cant solve problems yet you believe you should still be in charge and that is what is happening now. Stop pretending you are contributing when you should be supporting.

            • Anonymous says:

              Wrong, the problems solvers are not even getting a chance to try their solutions, and they are not giving up thier solution to a bunch of incompetent management who steals others ideas to sustain itself.

    • Cheburashka says:

      Murders in a population of 500,000 vs. 50,000 are quite different matter.

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Edward, no offense, but that is, in my opinion, settling for an acceptable level of murders and crime. I understand your point, but we — all of us — have to do much better. And it IS going to take all of us, along with the police, to make a difference.

      • E. Nygma says:

        I wish there were no murders whatsoever, but I am also not naive, there will be crime whether we like it or not
        But if you believe the people who are claiming to have some magical solution to crime (that they aren’t letting the greater public in on), I have a tower in Paris to sell to you

        There is no magical solution, there are ways that we can do to improve our society, and and limit the occurrence of crime that is true, but societal change is easier said than done
        and considering our leaders are out of touch with the generation currently responsible for most of the crime, I doubt that is even on the forefront of their minds

        Nothing I have said is untrue, yet I find myself besieged on all sides with accusations of partaking in illicit sources of income and being told to step aside
        (I’m still waiting on my accuser to disclose his magical solution to crime the one that I need to step aside to allow him to put into place)

        I doubt a concise answer will ever come
        Talking points are great, but behind them it is all smoke and mirrors

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier please get this under control ASAP. Know you are strong leader who will get it done. Talk to Mr. Dart as he may be able to help.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Strong leader”

      You must have the wrong island in mind
      I don’t think anyone currently in power counts as a “strong leader”

      Mac is still attempting to claw back legitimacy and the trust of the people in districts other than WB
      and Alden led his party through a political bloodbath wherein three of his ministers fell on their own swords

      Nothing particularly strong about that leadership

      Also they have been in power for about 8 months, please feel free to tell me 1 thing great for Cayman they have done other than spend a month passing a budget and the taking a 2 month break

    • Anonymous says:

      So Dart is now into fighting crime? Lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    It getting bad now please see the travel warnings now issued for Montego Bay Jamaica. Poor Cayman still believing the UK is looking out for us. promoting immigration of Riff Raff to these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      UK not asleep, it’s the unfettered importation of scum that is spreading this disease from their homeland.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only person promoting the immigration of riff raff is the minister responsible for immigration.

      • Anonymous says:

        100% correct to blame Cayman Islands DEPARTMENT of IMMIGRATION. The big questions is. Who will stop this immigration fiasco? Politicians are clearly the ones to blame for a country success and in our case demise and they should be ashamed to let this island end up like JAMAICA. Some areas in Cayman look just like nasty Kingston. Dr. Roy tried to save us from be ruled by Jamaica. It was direct rule he was worried. But we ruled by those here …… look at their positions and say it’s not true. Truly a great dis-service to this great statesman. What you think he would say today about how politician allowed his beloved Island to end up this way? There is abosolutely no NEED for all these people, especillay Barbers, gardeners, janitors hairdressers and. Even some construction worker some which do such a poor job that you have to pay twice to remedy their shoddy work. … if immigration does not have the resources to monitor the work permit holders than they should not grant the permits. If they don’t are not fully employed/ enough work; how they manage? Easy answer? In the eighties ago a politician’s wife and I quote “we have too many of these people and trouble is coming one day they will out number us “ she was referring to Jamaicans, I responded your husband can do something about. Well they preferred to hire them as help, in their yard, in their shops. Can’t eat your cake and have it too!
        Caymanians you have to lobby your politicians or it will get worse. Do something and please stop saying “my grandfather was from Jamaica, hence reason for my sweet spot fa me brethren”

    • Anonymous says:

      There you go, the blame game for your own Caymanian run immigration service…….somebody in a shop just showed me a video….It’s sick..both the people who take the photos and those who view them ( I did not know what he was going to show me, I thought he was going to show me a headline on here). No respect for the deceased or his family. His family is probably going to see that. Not the way it should be.Why didn’t you film the shooter or shooters and send to the police? That would have been a great service to the general public. Something evil going on in this place.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK us “promoting immigration of Riff Raff to these islands”?
      With what policy, and according to whom?

      Perhaps hold your elected officials accountable
      Instead of bureaucrats in the UK, thousands of miles away with their own bigger problems to tend to

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone still believe these crimes are being committed by Caymanians? Clearly the state of emergency issued for our friendly neighborhood Jamaica has nothing to do with the violence we’re having here.. nothing.. /s

      • Anonymous says:

        Jamaica is NOT our friendly neigbour !! We have to do a 180 on the growing dominance of the Jamaican culture in Cayman. If not, we will definitely make the”Travel Advisory” list.

  20. Anonymous says:

    May God help us… because I know the Cayman authorities are asleep – while these demons are allowed to run loose.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Its time we call for a overhaul of this Immigration situation and this foreign run police joke and remove leaders like Alden & Mckeeva who created and are still promoting this terrible crime mess we now face. Down with this UNity government and its corrupt foreign backers.

  22. Cayman Hyperbowl says:

    Well Mr Drama Queen 5:19pm the tally is now 1 attempted murder 1 Murder 2 shootings yes the hyperbole is now in full swing for 2018 your propaganda ain’t adding bro and your police all safe sauce is stinking up you breath really bad. Be safe and live well in Lalalala land

  23. Bertie :B says:

    Dear Cayman wannabe gangstas , your beyond Idiots , how on earth do you think that getting away with murder on an island the size of yours is feasible ? cities with millions of people in their populations cant pull this of , This makes you all Stupid , enjoy life in prison , you Will be caught . SMH !

  24. Drama Socalite says:

    Yes our so called LOCAL police will raid those selling Honduran numbers but how many raids do they do on their own Countrymen little lottery operation Nil like a poster said they better start looking at this mIgrant police service we got running round this place. but alas all our political idiots are interested in is Self Praise!! To the poster 519pm in Dexter Bodden shooting trying to play down this terrible situation on our streets i hope you see the abyss and keep drinking the KOOLAID ya hear

  25. Anonymous says:

    Public executions on major thoroughfares are a message to community and Police that the gang sicarios feel they are in command of their streets, operating with impunity and, without fear of reprisal or identification.

    • nauticalone says:

      Similar situation as the complete disregard for traffic laws. They know it’s little chance the Police will even notice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately they are in control and our leaders turn a bling eye but they will still get paid. What is the up and coming minister Hew doing about it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop importing low paid workers, who use devious means to survive. No one cand live in these islands and survive on $6 an hour. Increase the pay and hire from within. Reduce crime, eliminate importation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feel you say??? they know that their comrades in authority will do absolutely nothing and why would they???? Look around who benefits from this???? They do because they feel absolutely nothing or care very little for this place.

      • Anonymous says:

        It was headlined in the Glesner as “J’can committed first murder in 2018 in Cayman” or something to that effect. To fully understand what we are up against you all should read the Jamaican gleaner. I am not fully blaming Jamaicans because for each one involved in serious crime there is usually a Caymanian along with them. Any Caymanian who collude with Jamaicans or any other nationality to commit these crimes should be tried for treason and given life sentences without parole. Already this year there are too many murders in Jamaica so we here in Cayman, government as well as private citizens really need to get this lawlessness under control. Mr. Premier and unity government you all really need to take up speed on the coast guard implementation immediately. We cannot put this off.

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