Cops find illegal loaded gun in bedside drawer

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(CNS): Police officers told the court Tuesday how they found a loaded unlicensed handgun in a bedside drawer when they executed a search warrant at a home in Windsor Park in November 2016. Reuben Hydes, who was later charged with possessing the illegal gun, was not home when officers burst into his bedroom at his family home and found his girlfriend sleeping. Hydes later handed himself in after his brother, who was home, was arrested for possession and intent to supply drugs after police found a significant quantity of ganja in a suitcase in his room.

Hydes is now on trial over the unlicensed illegal firearm. Crown prosecutor Scott Wainwright told the court that Hydes had confessed to owning the gun during a police interview and had told officers he had it for protection. His DNA was also found on the loaded gun after it was analysed. However, since he was charged, he has pleaded not guilty.

Police officers told the court that the gun was in the drawer beside Hyde’s bed, wrapped in a handkerchief. His girlfriend, who told police she did not live at the house, denied any knowledge of the weapon. She was later charged with and admitted possession of ganja.

Hyde’s brother, Jason Hydes, also evaded any charges relating to the loaded gun but he has since admitted drug dealing. If convicted, Reuben Hydes, whose case is being heard by a judge sitting alone without a jury, is facing a mandatory sentence of ten years in jail.

There has been no evidence before the court that the weapon was used in any crimes.

The case continues.

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