Tourist robbed near 7MB public beach

| 22/12/2017 | 101 Comments

(CNS): A visitor to Cayman who was walking with a friend just south of the Seven Mile public beach was robbed by two masked teenagers, armed with a machete and a bat, at around 10:30pm Wednesday. In an unusual scenario, police said that the victim negotiated with the two suspects, who were described as “very young”, to take cash instead of his phone during the stick-up. According to the report made on Thursday, the teenage muggers demanded his valuables, including his phone, but they were persuaded to allow the man to get cash from his room in exchange for the phone.

The culprits agreed and allowed the man to return to his accommodation to get money and when he returned they took the cash and gave him his phone back before running away along the beach headed north. The victim said the teen suspects were wearing all black.

Following the report, the police said they are increasing patrols and other policing response along the beach, and are asking people to report suspicious activity to 911.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call George Town Police Station at 949-4222. Anonymous tips can be provided to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777, the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Insurance companies, politicians, banks, etc they rob people all the time. So what’s the big deal.

  2. michaelaloberg says:

    It’s sad what has happened to Cayman. It reminds me of an American city where personal safety required that you be ready to fight to the death at any given moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does it have to compared to an American City? How about Cayman has just become a ghetto rock. Don’t believe it, take a look around you. The population of the island is less than most seating at any NFL stadium, but your lousy government can’t control it.
      RIP Cayman

      • I suppose the comparison doesn’t add much, but I just wanted to express condolences and a sense of loss. I worked in Cayman 2006-9 and was astounded at how friendly everyone was… moreso than I’d ever seen previously. People used to randomly pick up people on the side of the road to give rides in the morning. The stories now don’t sound like that ideal island which I recall with a deep appreciation for my time there and love for the people.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree Michael – When I came here as a returning Caymanian in 1973, I could not even walk 10 yards down the road before someone would stop their car to give me a ride….. NOW, I’m scared to stop and pick someone up in case they mug me…. It is so sad !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What needs to be done – I can tell you. We made a big mistake (treason) to say the least. We must start a mass Deportation.

    • Anonymous says:

      We’re in this article did you conclude the nationality of these kids ?

      • annonymous says:

        Many locals are involved yes; but also many who are not local, and or, who have residency with a right to work, or status.

        I say deport the many who has no work permit and over stayed after visiting. Also some on work permits taken out by family and friends, just to help them out and keep them on island. They can be see on specific streets loitering and looking a days work; because they only get an hour here and there by the person holding their permits.

        After they are gone, it will be much easier to target the Caymanians, and new Caymanians scumbags, that are committing some of these crimes. Build and keep profiles of the new ones; and police know some whose to check when certain types of crimes take place; as their profiles are already on file .
        Pay them a visit and check their homes if need be. Do it consistently
        and randomly.

        Family and friends see these people come home with items and cash, knowing they are not working so they must have gotten them by ill gain. They should report them to police right away. As Caymanians and new Caymanians, we all need to wake up and realize that in the end it will hurt us all when we turn a blind eye to these types of things.

        It is a shame and disgrace, that you cannot walk on our beautiful beaches; or sit in solitude to watch the sunset and just relax anymore. We cannot walk some areas period! Not to mention go home late at night, after a hards days work; and not consider the possibility of getting robbed.

        Cowardly pieces of SH**T!! They need to get some ambition and get a job!

        Border control on the seas will play a huge role in the clamp down, because many are entering that way as well. It’s a bunch of foreigners, Caymanians, and new Caymanians that are involved.

        We all need to step up and each do our part; else nothing will change and Cayman will continue down this dismal spiral, AND TOURIST WILL STOP VISITING.

        Imagine what that tourist must be telling family about his ordeal?!
        Can you blame him? Hell I as a Caymanian tell tourist when they tell me Cayman is so peaceful, to be careful they don’t get robbed.

        What a mess this country is in!

        • Anonymous says:

          What is government doing about the recent hapoenings? Are they deft, blind or just don’t care? Wake up from you deep sleep!!

    • Anonymous says:

      a mass deportation of who?

    • Stop blaming everyone else for your faults says:

      I wholeheartedly agree that deportation would sort out the problem of crime. Let’s deport everyone in Cayman who has a criminal record. No more criminals left to commit crimes, no more criminals left to parent offpsring who are destined to become future criminals.
      Trouble is, where are you going to deport all those Caymanian people to?
      Then we’ll need to import more people from overseas to do their jobs – and remember that work permit holders and their families need to prove they don’t have a criminal record to come here.
      Yeah, I am totally sick of the constant excuse that every time a crime is committed, it must be a foreigner. Wake up Cayman, your own lazy-ass kids are the ones causing all the trouble here. They say that step one in sorting out a problem is recognising that you have one in the first place. Stop blaming everyone else for the criminal behaviour and admit there is a home-grown problem to be solved.

    • Anonymous says:

      7:27pm how can we get it into the heads of the officials, that the gate was left open and its time to close it. Drain the swamp from within. Send the undesirables back. Too many checkered characters here, while need to deal with our own home grown criminals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When is immigration going to start turning these thugs back instead of stamping them.

    When is the authorities going to start vetting who are on these Islands with no right to be here – no jobs, no where to live etc. now really what do we think they are going to do.????

    • Anonymous says:

      7:20 you are so correct. Months ago a Jamaican national stop by my yard asking for work.after a few questions he said he got a permit before coming here but had to find his own work .now I wonder how he was suppose to survive .to settle that I suggested he take the next plane home.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least the Jamaican wants to work.
        As a small contractor I stay a way from caymanians. No skills, no motivation, but want pay upfront.

    • Anonymous says:

      No narionality was mentioned.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is what has happened to Cayman, the lack of opportunites has led to the only choices our young men have are to rob tourists or demean themselves by serving people in a restaurant or doing manual labour.

    We must do something fast

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re joking, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! You are being sarcastic I hope!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes….can you believe they might actually have to demean themselves to serve in a restaurant. How tragic!!! Making upwards of 3K a month, and meeting new people. Check out Michael McLaughlin’ post on FB. He makes thousands of dollars in two weeks, and loves his job, working as a server. That is a young Caymanian who has not stooped to robbing. Shut up and sit down…..fool.

    • Jotnar says:

      Must do something fast – like recognise there is zero comparison between doing honest but not glamorous work, and robbing people, armed robbery at that. Posters like you are an absolute gift to those that say Caymanians have an entitlement attitude, are lazy and make fun of Caymankind. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Demean themselves 7.06pm??? Who the he’ll do these unskilled young Caymanians think they are?? If they got stuck in at school instead of playing around and worked hard like a lot of Caymanians they wouldn’t have to “demean” themselves as you call it. The only demeaning they are doing is drugging and drinking themselves up and robbing hard working people because they are too damn lazy to get off their fat backsides and earn an honest days $. Demeaning jobs my arse!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Demean yourself getting a job? Wow. The sense of entitlement is breathtaking.

  6. Johhny Tapia says:

    Robbing and raping of the Cayman Islands continues unabated.Yet our deliberately oblivious UK Governor is thanking us for our generosity to others with little or no regard for our own plight here in these crime riddled BOTC’s aaaaah the games we play eh Alden the great pretender???

  7. Naya Boy says:

    Poor Cayman believing there is still hope for our children, When we have allowed this rape and pillaging by our own political marauders who have in return for our vote invited and hired a hoard of foreign pirates to come here and displace and persecute us in our very own homeland now their selling it from under our very own feet. What mess we is in Bobo!!!

  8. West bay Premier says:

    What need to be done is set a few traps and when they attack the victim send them adrift then it would stop .

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen a cop on the beach, day or night

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you proposing one cop every 100ft or so? Can’t have a cop nearby every time you need them. Criminals are not idiots.They don’t strike with cops in vicinity.

      • Yup says:

        That’s not what the person said, is it? Did he/she ask for a cop every 100ft or so? Would be nice if they made their presence known on occasion though… As for “Criminals are not idiots. They don’t strike with cops in vicinity.”, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it…

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that is the whole point. Where there is police, there is no crime.

      • But surely with thousands of tourists in the Seven Mile Beach Corridor at this time of year more police should be seen around Seven Mile Beach and West Bay Road, particularly at night. Tourism is our biggest asset. Don’t kill it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re forgetting about Bridger and his rubber ducky.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every time I have ended up on the beach with a drunk tourist in a bikini they have appeared.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The contributions of shit families and single mothers amd dead beat primitive non-fathers

  11. satirony says:

    The description fits a young boy I’ve seen in Savannah on his dirt-bike. He dresses in black and wears a mask, ready to do business, perhaps. It’s likely these two robbers escaped on bikes. What better way?

  12. George Ebanks says:

    Very,very unfortunate and sad. Now that schools are out due to the Christmas holidays;to have “very young” kids doing this really is most alarming. Not only are our own “very young” on school break; but so are alot of other children who don’t live here full time but are here now visiting.
    Cannot be tolerated!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Offenses against tourists need to carry a mandatory sentence of 20 years at minimum. With no judicial discretion.

    • Anonymous says:

      If they are under 18, 10 lashings Singapore style and a year community service after they pay back the victims. Over 18, 25 lashings Singapore style just for good measure and 10 years because of stupidity.

  14. Anon says:

    The Jamaicanization of the fromerly peaceful Cayman continues apace!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cayman starting to stink real bad and it’s not due to the massive toxic dump.

  16. Bonnie Anglin says:

    Can we please get off the “ it most be a Jamaica or any other nationality” and admit that these are Caymanians. Until we admit that this is a Caymanian problem and address the issue of the lack of skill training through a Vocational Institute and address other social and educational issues/problems – crime will increase! Not every child is interested or capable of attaining a “standard” education and until we provide them with more options to obtain the skills they need to be employed – crime will increase, particularly among our young people. So instead of comparing ourselves to Jamaica, I suggest we advocate for a Vocational School and for more services for our youth. I am Chairperson of a non-profit organization Youth Anti-Crime Trust (Youth ACT) that go into the schools to deliver a Youth Crime Prevention Programme to educate our children on the causes, penalties and consequences of crime – and we can’t get sufficient funding! The Government gives us a “pittance” and every year, we have to write letters to organizations and hold bake sales to raise fund for a Youth Crime Prevention Programme! So are we really serious about addressing or reducing crime? Or it’s just easier to blame eveyone except ourselves, our Government and our own society.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets start with mandatory parenting classes, a Children and families service that actually works with Social workers that are capable of doing the job and a robust alternative placement system.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m for one hoping for an arrest and conviction with evidence because there is alot of bias people anxiously trying to sink this lil Island!!! Remember this lil Island is cover with his blood!!!!! Don’t mess with us!!!!!

  18. Soldier Crab says:

    And they want to extend the drinking and party on NYE for what? You cannot even walk on the beach @ 10.30 pm much less @ 2 am.

  19. Beaumont Zodecloun says:

    As usual, a dismal description of the thugs. Height? Weight? skin color? eye color? vocal clues?

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Jamaica comparison is a convenient but off-target one.

    The more we develop as a capitalistic, western metropolis the more we see the criminal and societal fallout more commonplace in NYC, London, and Los Angeles.

    Cayman’s greatest problem is the absence of synergy in our “development”. Our policies are compartmentalised without a second thought given to the potentially negative wider ramifications. (E.g. The mass importation of cheap / slave experienced labour – in lieu of educating and training the (young) local population.)

    As a result, despite an ever increasing bottom-line, we are nonetheless subject to increasing levels of poverty, crime and dysfunction.

    It did not have to be this way, but the better alternative would have required more effort, consideration, and patience than our successive governments and (“good governance” enforcer) the UK were willing to invest.
    (Btw, dont get hung up on that point – it is merely a sidenote, albeit a crucial one, as far as I am concerned.)

    Speaking as an 80’s baby that grew up in the prime of Cayman life (3rd eye wide open) yet touched by the less stellar eras as well, I am sadly confident in this assessment of our standing.

    So, here we are…hopeless and aimless local teenagers mugging our tourists of their material possessions on our world-famous, exclusive SMB on the eve of 2018.

    Cayman is NOT a success story regardless of the economic reports presented by CIG / PPM.

    – Whodatis

    *Btw, the rate of educated and experienced local couples / families emigrating in search of employment and respect is heart-wrenching.
    Meanwhile the influx of equally educated and trained immigrants arrive to fill the uniquely prepared / vacated spots.

    We are on the cliff’s edge and if things dont change – things goin’ change.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Should have bought the machete then robbed them.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why did the guy not call RCIPS when he went to his room to get money? Why not call Hotel security? Tell everyone at the bar and get a whole group together to accompany him out to the ” very young” teenagers? Come on! Was it a drug purchase gone bad? Anyway, it takes is for good people to sit back and say nothing. These kids will do it again because they got away with it the first time. Start working with the kids. Teach them right from wrong. This was a perfect learning opportunity. Obviously, I don’t have all the information. Glad everyone was ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought the same thing, but I bet one of the thugs went to the room with him. That would be a logical scenario or else he was just too frightened.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to start treating these POS like the animals they are! Harsher sentences PLEASE! I don’t care who the scum is family to or who might get upset by having their criminal family member sent down for a long time. We have no choice but to seriously crack down on this now! Start throwing LIFE SENTENCES at repeat offenders. The revolving NWP door needs to be 1 way.

  24. Anonymous says:

    WTH! This is becoming too much! Catch these two & Make an example of them!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Jamaican mass grants coming home to roost.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Find my phone” app would have led authorities right to these punks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why didn’t the tourist call the cops when he went back to his room to get money? Or at least alert a hotel employee….

  27. Anonymous says:

    Need to develop the whole beach area and get rid of any bushes. Make it all condos and the rapist and thieves won’t have a place to hide

  28. Anonymous says:

    Caymankind stick up!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Islands……. You have seen the last of your good days! You are considered Little Jamaica now. I’ve never seen so much crime in such a small island. So sad for such a lovely place with lovely people. Once tourists stay away they don’t return.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, unna na been Jamaica mon?

      • Anonymous says:

        actually yes. And it is much cheaper. If you go to MB or OR and stay at the all-inclusive resorts, crime will not affect you. Therefore, if crime continues against tourists in Cayman, they will be unable to compete against Jamaica MB or OR.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The more spawn the more trouble.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What the people don’t admit is that Cayman is now the little Jamaica.

  32. Anonymous says:

    No big deal, these fine yoots even let him keep his phone. Merry Christmas.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Already the assumption that these teens are imported. Classic response. Choosing to blame the foreigners as always. Now let us pray….

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, many of the absent fathers are expatriates and many of the so called feral youth are not Caymanian. This is not just an imported problem, but it is not just a local one either. We have options with the imported aspects of it. Why do we not use them?

    • Anonymous says:

      3:06pm who was the one that lost his leg on the stolen motor bike? Who was he?

    • Anonymous says:

      They are the unwanted product of Jamaican men who consider condoms an affront to their manhood.
      Thanks Mac.

      • Anonymous says:

        And an attorney general who appears to considers effectively enforcing the maintenance law to require fathers to contribute significantly to the consequences of their dalliances and affront to human rights. Why no enforcement for decades?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dog eatin’ ya suppah!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    If I’m back in my room, the incident is over. What to heck?

  36. Anonymous says:

    I would love to read one day these punks pick the wrong person to rob and get to experience having their faces used to wipe the ground.

    • This place is really going into hell and a hand basket. If we are not careful we are on the road to becoming another Jamaica where travel savvy tourists rarely go out alone at night and are always looking over their shoulder at night.

      Cayman politicians WAKE UP before it is too late.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only time the politicians wake up is when it’s a matter that lines their pockets. They’ll just bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away as usual.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:11 pm it is time for them to rob the politicians, then we will see ACTION.

      • Caribbean Vacationer says:

        It’s already too late. I’m not coming back. There are many safer places than Grand Cayman. Your country has no leadership.

        • Anonymous says:

          – signed: a fake tourist.

        • Anonymous says:

          Many safer places than Cayman,?really,where?probably the brac or little Cayman or even Cuba,other than those places there is no where that’s safer,if you build your life from crime then no matter where in the world you go crime will always find you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, maybe not safer but definitely cheaper places to go. My family and I are never come my back. The only reason I’m on here is to pay attention to what’s going on while trying to sell (dump) our condo. And believe me, there are safer islands in the Caribe

    • Anonymous says:

      And I would love to read of one of them getting deported, but since the police almost never check properly, we get to keep foreign criminals as well as our own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just their faces but their whole body to wipe the ground. These criminals need to be made an example of.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said – they need the sort of thrashing they would never, ever, forget – unfortunately our pinko liberal culture would then charge the person administering the beating, with assault inflicting grievous bodily harm.
      As a copper wearing big boots is unlikely to outrun anyone on beach sand, why not use dog handlers on beach patrol. Not only would dogs be able to run them down/sniff them out, they would alert their handler to the presence of loiterers once it was dark.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have the right thing for them to steal. Their are too many drifters around. Too many permits and freelancers.

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