Police act on three missing people reports

| 29/12/2017 | 4 Comments

(CNS): Police manage to help find three people yesterday after they received reports that a 5 old boy, a teenage girl and an elderly woman with memory problems had all gone missing in three separate incidents. Police said that all three were found in good health as a result of the coordination of first responders and helpful assistance from members of the public. Inspector Courtney Myles, head of the neighbourhood policing department, explained why emergency services have to act immediately in such cases.

“Even though these reports are resolved happily in nearly all cases, they are extremely scary situations for those making the report, and we make a point of responding as quickly and thoroughly as we can,” he said

The first report was made just before 2:00 Thursday afternoon, when the elderly visitor who was not only struggling with memory issues but limited English went missing. Her family had last seen her near the Cayman Beach Suites and they were very concerned for her well-being. Officers were given a photo of her and transmitted the information over the radio; officers from the Department of Environment also responded to the scene and began scouring the beach along with police. The woman was located, in good health, near the Ritz Carlton, and returned to relieved family members.

Later that evening, around 6:00pm, police were dispatched to a report of a missing 5-year-old boy who had last been seen at Public Beach. He had been playing with his brother and disappeared when his parent turned away for a few minutes. After a search the frantic parent could not locate the boy and called 911. Officers searched the beach with members of the public, who found the boy and returned him to his relieved parent at Calico Jacks.

Then just before midnight, officers on patrol in the School House Road area of George Town came across two men behaving suspiciously. When one of them hurriedly departed as they approached, the officers checked the residence where he had run and discovered the teenage girl who had been reported missing earlier.

The girl was taken into police custody and returned to her home in good health. The incident is being further investigated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Praise the Police! They did their jobs well for once. Now if they can only manage the chain of evidence better they’ll all get a raise.

  2. anonymous says:

    did you stop to consider that in most countries the police only respond to missing persons after 24-hours if they ever do. and in all three cases these are vulnerable persons and one a tourist. Just imagine what this has one for the impression of the police and the Cayman Islands by these visitors who were reunited with their loved ones. It’s so hard to give them the recognition for just once?

  3. anonymous says:

    I should have reported my stolen motorcycle as a missing 5-year-old Japanese girl.

  4. anonymous says:

    Happy to hear that police were finally able to find something.

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