New order cuts sentence for sex intruder

| 18/12/2017 | 22 Comments

(CNS): A local man who was sentenced on Friday for his third sexual offence against women that involved him breaking into their homes was handed a six-year term by visiting judge, Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop, after she reduced the jail time by a year but imposed a 7-year sexual harm prevention order after his release. Ronnie Rodney Ebanks (49) has effectively become Cayman’s first registered sex offender, as he will be forced to comply with a number of rules and once released, he will be closely monitored in order to protect women from his repeated sexual offending. 

Ebanks was convicted in September of indecent assault after he broke into a unit at the Christopher Columbus condos on Seven Mile Beach and entered the bedroom of the resident, who was a visitor from the United States. He woke the victim up, forced her to touch his penis and fondled her. Although he was not armed, he told the woman he had a gun. She nevertheless refused to comply and shouted at Ebanks to stop, and he soon left the apartment.

The woman did not know Ebanks and could not identify him because it was dark, but he was arrested and later charged because his DNA was found in the woman’s apartment and on her clothes where he had touched her.

During the sentencing hearing the court heard that this was Ebanks’ third offence of this nature. The judge said it was a “serious pattern of re-offending” and he presented a danger to women, but that something had to be done to try and rehabilitate him.  She said efforts must be made as previous lengthy sentences had not prevented him from targetting women. She reflected on the victim impact statement provided to the court, which described the victim’s ongoing suffering since the incident in February. The woman stated that she has not returned to her holiday home in Cayman since the attack and said she was unlikely to ever return to the islands.

The judge said it was an appropriate case for the imposition of the prevention order, which is a new tool introduced earlier this year through amendments to the Penal Code. She told the court that, given his age and the fact that he now has a heart condition, the sentence of seven years that she would have imposed without the order was reduced to six years in prison, but she then directed that the sexual harm prevention order be implemented on his release date for a further seven years. The order includes a ban on Ebanks ever entering any residential premises after dark without explicit invitation and ensures close supervision of his behaviour after his release.

Describing him as a sexual predator and a danger to women, Justice McDonald-Bishop said he had gone to prison time and again but there was no improvement in his conduct. She recommended that Ebanks be assessed to try and find out why he continued to offend in this way.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know Judges hands are tied but the Judicial system in this country is seriously getting a joke. It’s unbelievable the leniency that is given to ANY crime, never mind how many times it is committed, even by the same person. Wake up Cayman!…….you are on the road to ruin. Or like the M25 motorway in the U.K……….the road to hell!

    • Not up to the bar says:

      This is what happens when you used inexperience labour from a third world who see this time of behavior as the norm. Look at the difference with the sentence. Compared this sentence to jeffery Barnes’ who got 35 years for his third rape.
      We do want this visiting judge back in the Cayman Islands. Please find more qualified and experience persons CJ.

      CNS: When it comes to sentencing, judges are bound by law: what the charges are and the sentencing guidelines, which can be found in the CNS Library here. They don’t have free rein to slap whatever sentence they feel like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the deal with these visiting judges? Who is it that thinks some random judge from some place or other should be trying criminal cases in Cayman. If there’s a shortage, appoint local lawyers to sit on cases.

  3. Anonymous says:

    NO, he should have had a year added!! He is the type of low-life who should spend every moment of their sentences in Northward, not the ones who go down for a spiff or minor possession!

  4. Anonymous says:

    In this particular case, I hope that the Attorney General appeals this ridiculously lenient sentence. I the longer term, the community can only be protected from these violent offenders if our legislators get off their buts and change the Penal Code to specify a long minimum sentence for a first offence, a doubling of that minimum for a second offence, a tripling of that long minimum sentence for a third offence, etc.. In the case of serial rapists it really should be three strikes and you are gone for ever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Restorative Justice, Routine Activity Theory, it all about how society has done the criminal wrong and we need to pander to their every whim.

  6. Just saying says:

    These animals need to be branded in the middle of their foreheads along with castration. This man laughs in the face of justice because he has gotten away with murder so to speak. It is obvious he is a serial rapist and a very sick deranged one at that. What this leniency in his sentence does for him is give him the green light to rape again and it may not go very well for the poor unfortunate woman in that he may resort to killing to avoid being identified again, so that he can continue his sociopathic behaviour.

    • Anonymous says:

      You took the words right from my mouth 8:09pm and you are 100% correct,he should have gotten life,what happened to 3 strikes and your out

  7. Anonymous says:

    They should have cut something and it shouldn’t have been his sentence…

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Exactly. He should be “rehabilitated” in the same manner as were the feral cats in our neighborhood. Said cats now get fed and lay in the sun all day, having lost their right to procreate.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ronnie will be released in four years less time already served. This order is like telling a crack addict on probation to stop smoking crack or you will go back to jail….hmm.

    He will be licking his chaps until he gets out to get back to Seven Mile Beach at night and assault another tourist.

    Castration is the only solution for this dude!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where is the protection or consideration of victims?
    Even though there are few restitution orders, the victims should be informed before the release of ANY sex offender.

  10. Castle says:

    Beyond disgusting…6years?…This justice system is sooo backwards…Give the pervert 35 to life at the least…its his THIRD time for christ sake…This damn country!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wait… Rape is a crime in Cayman. Coulda fooled me.

  12. Veritas says:

    The Chief Justice really needs to address this latest case of “light” sentencing. This sex fiend was originally given 12 years in jail for his first conviction, then on his second offence committed within a few weeks of his release he received 10 years. Now on his third offence just a few months after his latest release the female judge gives him just 6 years!. Surely given his record he will reoffend as soon s he gets out of jail, so can the judge explain the rationale for giving this man a successively shorter sentence after every sex attack. Next time I suppose following this progression he will only get 31/2 years.
    This is utter madness, it should be obvious to all that the only way to keep women safe is to keep this man behind bars. The “sexual harm prevention order” is a joke and will have no effect whatsoever on this man.This sentence should be reviewed as it is not fit for purpose.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope they will release a pic of him when he is getting out!!! Lots of people with that name on this small island.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh no! Not a sexual prevention order! I am sure the same level of enforcement will take place as all other laws such as speeding, reckless driving, littering, selling cars on the side of the road, tinted windows and on and on. Another law never to be enforced.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is so crazy. Is his heart condition going to slow him down from offending when it is clear that the judge realizes that no matter how long he stays in prison, he will still continue to offend and he cannot be rehabilitated. The answer cannot be to shorten his sentence because he has a heart condition. Sorry but if he is a serial offender then he should stay behind bars for as long as possible. That is the only way to protect such a small community from predators that cannot be rehabilitated. I noticed that we had another visiting judge that seemed to think it was ok to knock out a police officer who was fortunate not to have been killed but instead was punched, fell and seriously hurt. How on earth do you not go to jail for punching a police officer. Not sure where we are going but we are getting there fast. Whoever is hiring these temp judges please make sure that we all have a common and good understanding of justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like only Jeffry Barnes can get years for this crime. That is only a slap on the wrist. What about that woman who most likely is having a heart or nerve problem because of him? Being locked down wont make his heart condition any worst.

      • Noneyah says:

        Well to be honest they are both sick in the head individuals, however Jeffrey Barnes got life and simply because his attacks actually involved sexual penetrations and actually kidnapping and holding the last victim against her will, hence the reason the judge handed down a life sentence as the penal code does allow. Ronnie this time around showed his penis and tried to persuade the victim to perform oral sex. He and Jeffrey are the same type except type just that jeffrey just adores feeling powerful when he threatens to harm his victims

  16. Anonymous says:

    OMG WHY do they keep letting him out to do it AGAIN!!!! He has proved he is unable to stop!!


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