NDC urge party-goers to use ‘purple’ bus

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(CNS): With an increase in local support and stronger partnerships, the National Drug Council will be running the Purple Ribbon Bus service for New Year’s Eve for the seventeenth year. For NYE 2017 the service will run on Cayman Brac as well as Grand Cayman, and the NDC has boosted the number of partners in the designated driver programme, where participating bars, restaurants and clubs provide maps outlining the bus routes as well free soft drinks to those who are driving. Thousands of revelers are expected to use the bus or take part in the designated driver initiative, reducing the number of drink drivers on the roads.

Despite the legislation, the increased patrols by the police and public education and awareness campaigns, drunk driving remains a serious issue in Cayman and the NDC urged drivers to think why they should not be drinking and then driving.

“The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. advises that alcohol is a depressant because it slows down the functions of the central nervous system,” a spokesperson for the council stated. “This means that normal brain function is delayed, and a person is unable to perform normally. Alcohol affects a person’s information-processing skills, also known as cognitive skills, and hand-eye coordination, also referred to as psychomotor skills.”

There will be ten Purple Ribbon buses running this New Year’s Eve Sunday/Monday across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, which will ensure shorter wait times and a more efficient service. The buses will run regular routes on both Islands with the hours of operation on Grand Cayman from 9:00pm to 4:00am, and on Cayman Brac from 9:00pm to 1:00am.

“It is our hope to change the culture of our people to one where drinking and driving is no longer the norm,” said NDC’s Programme Manager, Brenda Watson. “But rather a culture where we plan ahead and designate a driver, and on festive occasions such as NYE that the public utilises the FREE bus service.”

This year also has the largest number of restaurants, bars and clubs signing on in participation of the Designated Driver Programme, as well as the extension of the programme in Cayman Brac.

Director Joan West-Dacres welcomed the continued support of sponsors old and new to keep the campaign goings.

“This year we were pleased to announce the launch of this programme in Cayman Brac. Everyone looks forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends but our celebrations shouldn’t include drinking and driving,” she said. “Preventing drinking and driving is everyone’s business and we all need to play our role. Be safe, don’t drink and drive.”

The Designated Driver programme is simple and drivers who identify themselves to their server will be given a purple or turquoise wristband which will allow them to receive free non-alcoholic beverages all evening.

“Designated drivers play a key role in making sure the roads are safe for everyone,” Cayman Islands Managing Partner of Mourant Ozannes, Peter Hayden, said. “We are proud to support this great initiative once again and do our part to make sure everyone gets home safely this holiday season.”

The Designated Driver and Purple Ribbon Bus campaign is made possible through sponsorship  from: Dart, Jacques Scott Group Ltd, Cayman National Bank, Maples FS, Cayman First Insurance, Greenlight RE, EcayOnline , Mourant Ozannes, Optimal Build Construction, Foster’s Food Fair – IGA, Radio Cayman, B.A.A.M., Pat’s Restaurant and Bar, Brac Power and Light, Star Island Restaurant, Hon. Mr. Moses Kirkconnell, Billy’s Supermarket and in partnership with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS).

See details of participating restaurants and the bus routes and schedules here: Purple Ribbon Bus Designated Driver Programme Press release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This year with the short time to party some people might need a yellow van for ride home.

    • Anonymous says:

      uneducated product of non birth control speaks wisely

    • Anonymous says:

      The goal of NDC used to be to rid the island of drug and alcohol abuse. Obviously they acknowledge failure hence the, if you drink we will do our best to get you home safely campaign which has a growing number of users.

      • Blink 4 once says:

        I guess asking ppl to do the right thing if they know there going to drink! Is so bad that even an option to save a life maybe even yours has to be shot down as you like the world to just drink kool-aid and sip tea! While your at see if they ban wine at the church!

        • Anonymous says:

          I didn’t see an objection to having the bus but a fact that the campaign against alcohol abuse has been a dismal failure.

  2. Born N Bred says:

    Not going to catch me on that expat bus.

    • Shocked by the hatred says:

      OMG here we go again. Every single article on this website has to become a them and us topic. It appears that you think that expats will be making the sensible choice to catch the free bus and behave responsibly, while Caymanians will shun the bus and drink and drive instead. Smart.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a useless and ignorant comment…I know it’s hard to change habits, but the 80‘s are over! As a youngster I was thought by my dad and his „friends“ that it is not just totally normal to drive home after the usual „stops“ but always with a drink in the car…Things changed, Cayman changed and the Bus is a great thing – period.

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