Mugger gets 3 years in face of long rap sheet

| 19/12/2017 | 17 Comments

(CNS): A local man who mugged two women in a church car park in January was jailed Friday for three years after pleading guilty to the crime. Terrence Tex Bryan (30) admitted using force to take a 14-carat gold chain from one of the women outside the Elmslie Memorial Church in George Town. Bryan was one of two men involved in the street robbery but the second offender has never been caught. The court heard that Bryan has more than 60 previous convictions after his first run-in with the law when he was just 15 years old.

Reviewing the facts of the case, Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop said that Bryan and another unidentified man had jumped up from behind parked cars in the early hours of the morning and grabbed the women and demanded their valuables. The second man had hit one of the women but Bryan told the man to stop and not hurt the victims.

Bryan admitted his part in the crime from the moment of his arrest but had denied being the instigator of the mugging or that he had agreed to any violence.

Bryan has a long history with the criminal justice system, with 63 convictions since he was a teenager. His background was revealed as one of delinquency, with a volatile family situation, and has already spent a good deal of  his life in prison. He was described as seeing crime as a means to an end and burglary was his normal mode of operation rather than mugging. 

Despite his long rap sheet and his high risk of re-offending, the judge considered a number of mitigating as well as the obvious aggravating factors, before arriving at the three-year term, reduced from four and a half years as a result of his guilty plea. The judge said he had been incarcerated many times for dishonesty and should have been deterred from graduating to robbery.

As she delivered her sentence ruling, Justice McDonald-Bishop said the court did not “view anyone as beyond redemption” and noted that there had been clear evidence of Bryan attempting to go straight before this lapse. She handed down what she said was a reasonable and proportionate jail term and told Bryan he should be smiling, as the jail time could have been higher in different circumstances but that his “luck was going to run out soon”.

She pointed to his remorse and the willingness he had shown to change as hopeful for his future, despite his criminal history. The judge also ordered the time Bryan had served on remand since his arrest to be taken into account.


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  1. West bay Premier says:

    I bet that if there was an serious 3 strikes Law on rape , murder , and robbery and the Judge had no option but to impose the 25 years sentence , you will see a drastic drope in those crimes .

  2. Papa was a rollin stone says:

    For once in Cayman stop mugging innocent people and grabbed one of these no use politicians i bet you the outcry will be heard in Tasmania

  3. Anonymous says:

    The visiting judge strikes again. Is there some shortage that requires bringing in unknowns from other countries to take care of Caymans criminal trials? Why not appoint some experienced local lawyers to sit on some cases? Visiting judges are completely unaccountable for their weak sentences, but Cayman has to deal with these repeat offenders when they pop back out of jail in a year or so.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As usual – consideration for the criminals, absolutely no consideration given to the victims of his crimes who suffer emotional, psychological and financial consequences for years. This is outrageous.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he has family in high places ??‍♂️

  6. Mental health facility says:

    I guess we will have to wait for him to murder prior to lengthy term with some psychiatric treatment. There are treatment that can cure this type of disease. In some parts of the world, hands are chopped off but on our side of the world, there are counseling, shock treatments and medicines that can cure this gentlemen.

  7. Richard Wadd says:

    “63 previous convictions”, “burglary was his NORMAL mode of operation”
    If you ever wonder WHY crime is so out of control on such a small islands as ours, just read the rulings by these useless ‘bleeding-heart’ Judges!!
    I bet if he received 6 Lashes with the ‘Cat’ he’d straighten up REAL fast!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and I’m sure that those lashes with the cat has helped what ever country you came from

      • Richard Wadd says:

        As a matter of fact There is IRREFUTABLE statistical evidence that links the rapid escallation of ALL types of crime to the removal of corporal punishment as a sentencing option. The crimes that it was used for the most such as Rape and Mugging skyrocketed out of control. ‘The whip’ was used throughout history for thousands of years to good effect, yet in the 50 or so years since it was ‘outlawed’ crimes that used to be thought of as ‘shocking and horriffic’ have now become everyday and commonplace.
        BTW don’t assume that I am an expat. I grew up when we didn’t lock our doors, and we respected the law and our elders because if we didn’t we’d get our ass buss! And you know what happened to us? WE grew up to become the generation of CAYMANIANS who made this country the success that it became.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ll bite. I’m refuting it.

          In cultures where corporal punishment still exists, there are still rapes. It is impossible to gauge how effective a deterrent it is, as rape statistics are unreliable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

          The ultimate sanction of a death penalty has little to no impact on murder rates.

          In this case, just for not giving up his accomplice, this scumbag should’ve been locked up for at least a couple more years, as well as a couple more for the initial crime. Many people grow up in horrific environments, but don’t end up career criminals.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is absolute horse shit. There are absolutely no scientific studies that show the before and after effects of capital punishment on homicide and violent crime that factor in all of the other possible circunstances that affect these statistics such as but not limited to ethic and nationality variations, population increases, increasing rates of fatherless childs, lack of opportunity, etc etc etc all of which are massive influences on crime rates. To suggest that capital punishment either does or doesn’t affecr crime rates is non science as there are no valid studies. What is worth considering however is “common sense”. When you reward crime you will get more of it, when you punish crime severely you will get less of it. How do we know this? Because we know that punishment/reward works in everything else sunch as in making money, achievement in Olympics, educational achievement and pretty much in every other aspects of life.. Anything else is just paychobabble from a leftist pseudo intellect.

  8. Veritas says:

    This judge seems to be more concerned with “mitigating factors” than keeping the public safe. This man will always reoffend unless he is kept in jail.We have just read about another case involving the same judge with a similar result.

  9. Anonymous says:

    One must assume that he has already been told 63 times that his luck was going to run out soon.What are these judges thinking? Too bad there is no way to send them a message that their sentences are far, far too light. They are deaf to and immune from the opinions of the law-abiding public.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Remorse but did not identify the 2nd robber!!!!
    Pictures of convicted persons should be provided.

    • Anonymous says:

      He should have gotten an additional 4 years for withholding the name of the other lowlife.

    • Dunz says:

      No wonder his remorse looked genuine his had 63 times to practice it!

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman must like crime by the light punishment the criminals gets, if they would get the cat of nine, and just bread and water then the crime would get cut by 97 %. But the most punishment goes to the victims by being scared and stressed out, can’t sleep etc, etc.

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