Illegal bikers charge cop road block

| 27/11/2017 | 400 Comments
Cayman News Service

Motorbike event causes trouble on Cayman’s roads

(CNS): As many as one hundred people riding motorbikes charged at a police road block Sunday, throwing bottles and steering towards officers, as the RCIPS attempted to stop an unsanctioned across-island bike event. Senior police said it was “pure luck that someone was not killed”, when the gang of bikers took to the roads, pulling stunts and wheelies, blocking traffic, driving on the wrong side of the roads and causing mayhem for many hours before police caught up with them.

“What we witnessed yesterday was inexcusable behaviour on our roads by a group of people with little regard for their safety or anyone else’s,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Kurt Walton. “Whether or not these young people are just looking for an outlet, and whether or not a track for off-road riding should or should not exist, there is no excuse for the criminally dangerous behaviour we saw yesterday, and the utter disrespect shown for both the police and other road users. It is pure luck that someone was not killed or seriously injured.”

So far, just one man, who was driving an ATV (quad bike) and was among those charging at police officers, has been arrested. Ten bikes were seized in the wake of the road chaos.

The event is believed to have started in West Bay, when as many as 200 riders headed to East End. The 911 Communications Centre began receiving calls around noon from witnesses seeing the reckless riding by a large group of young people on motorbikes. Reports indicated that the bikers, some of whom were on unregistered bikes and not wearing crash helmets, were riding on one wheel and performing stunts toward oncoming traffic, and even stopping traffic against the lights so the group could pass through unhindered.

The callers said the riding was dangerous and nearly caused collisions with cars and pedestrians. In one instance, the bikers on the Queen’s Highway blocked an ambulance’s path toward East End as it was responding to an emergency medical call on Gumby Drive. Police officers responded to the medical call from Rum Point, and the ambulance also ultimately reached the address.

But following the 911 calls, police from the Neighbourhood Policing Department, the Traffic Management Unit, uniform shift officers as well as members of senior management, including Commissioner Derek Byrne himself, all responded to the reports of the biker chaos.

A road block was set up on Bodden Town Road around 3:30pm to prevent the bikers, who had travelled to East End, from returning to George Town. The police helicopter was also deployed to the scene and provided information on the movements of bikers, though several of them diverted into Midland Acres to avoid the roadblock.

Cayman news Service

The ATV seized on Sunday

But police said that at around 4:00pm between 75 and 100 of the bikers charged the roadblock, including the man on the ATV. The bikers charged the officers, threw bottles and threatened them, and engaged in other reckless and dangerous acts as they charged through the roadblock.

With the help of the helicopter, police were able to track the white ATV and the 30-year-old West Bay rider was arrested for dangerous driving and multiple traffic offences. The ATV was seized he is now on police bail.

The chopper even landed on the beach near Midland Acres to allow one of the tactical flight officers to help an NPD officer apprehend a man suspected of being involved in the ride. It later landed in another area of the estate and assisted traffic officers in apprehending two women riding dirt bikes and seizing their bikes.

Other riders hid their bikes in the area and fled the scene in cars. The police helicopter assisted officers on the ground retrieve ten bikes from various locations, which were then seized.

The police commissioner said he is establishing a task force, which will be headed by Deputy CoP Walton to address the illegal bike riding issue holistically, together with agency partners and organisations, both public and private. The task force is investigating yesterday’s event and the offences of dangerous driving, affray, unlawful assembly, threatening offences, reckless and dangerous acts among other offences that appear to have taken place.

Anyone with any information about the ride or those who participated, or anyone with footage of the event and riders on the roads is asked to contact PC Jodi-Ann Powery at or 916-3277. PC Powery can also receive links to Instagram content or WhatsApp images and clips at the same number.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen, they could do a ride out out and respect the laws and their fellow citizens by being licensed, ride road worthy bikes and with respectful mature behavior. Their immature, disrespectful, gang-related mentality and attitude is the issue. Their recklessness that endangers others on the roads are the issue. Their disrespect for the laws are the issue. It’s not about riding the bikes it’s how they do it is the issue.

    It’s not wrong to have a ride out. In other countries some clubs do this even as a fundraising event. They prepare, they involve their community police even who help create enhanced safety and announce their intention for a ride out to the public so everyone can be on the same page. They are safe, they don’t speed. The approach it with the safety and fun of all concerned.

    And 12:54pm it’s not up to government to control these things alone. This stems from social issues and a breakdown of family and community.

    To all defending these riders and their parents – tell me if one of these ‘kids’ was yours, would you be proud? Did you raise your son/daughter to ride or drive unlicensed and a un- roadworthy vehicle? Did you raise them to endanger the lives of others? Did you raise them to disrespect the law by charging a roadblock? Did you raise them to have a gang-related mentality and bad attitude to think they were better than the average person?

    Honestly, I’d feel ashamed if one of them were my child. Truly I would – so yeah probably the Queen would be too!

    But sadly it’s no different than watching a school bus go past the Camana Bay roundabout this last Friday night about 7:00pm with Cayman teenage kids hanging out the windows jeering, leering and swearing at the cops and people who’d had an accident bout ‘tha wah enuh get’ f%$#@*. It was embarrassing. It was disgusting and shocking.

    Our social network, our sense of family and community and culture of decency and pride is diminishing Cayman. Our youth are struggling without role models, mentors, educated and mature parenting and a community that is involved. Wake up. WAKE UP NOW before it’s too late and it goes too far to get it back!!

    May I recommend we all get involved and help this much needed non-profit organization call Youth ACT (Youth Anti-Crime Trust) which was created to implement effective prevention programmes to address anti-social behaviour and prevent youth crime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you for real? The queen I am sure does not give here a second thought.

  3. JAY says:

    When has a wheelie become so important and a priority of life??? complaining that there is nothing to do oh kids c’mon now BIKE LIFE is not a life its just a lil fun now go out there and work on your life if one of unneh drop off or get killed the bike gang is only gonna keep on riding and next week sunday they will have another ride out for you cuz u died stupidly and then come to your grave site and make hella noise try bring you back to life!!! i mean back to BIKE LIFE dont forget your no use to the gang if you aint got 2 wheels!!! silly stuff

  4. Anonymous says:

    I find it hilarious that the Cayman 27 interview featured two guys acting as spokespeople for the motley crew. They admit to being riders, yet neither of them are actually old enough to legally ride a bike on the roads! I also feel pity that for them that Cayman 27 would even air this – some of these comments were naïve at best, and once broadcast, can never be un-broadcast. Poor kids!

  5. Buford T Justice says:

    What we got here folks is a complete lack of respect for the Law. As for you 8:05pm you are one of those who believe you going to arrest yourself into this utopia of safety Your disbelief unfortunately is not steep in reality giving the police even more powers Wow!!! what a solution??? Next they will be confiscating your TV remote if it was left up to you? The track is not the be all to the bike problem but at least its part of a solution to solve the issue. Your police state will work until he comes for you! Let me write down for and many others on here with your draconian methods. The real problem in Cayman It is not the young people that degenerate, they are not spoiled but those of mature age that are already mired down into corruption. Who do we have as role models in our little Society????

  6. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect this comment section is FULL of damn hypocrites! and it really amazes me the brazen things being said (racist & cruel)……Only thing hurt on Sunday was RCIPS ego! NONE of them hurt anyone on Sunday so why would you wish to hit them with your car or taser them?……You ready to break the law and loose your freedom? Stupid thing to say….if you were to behave that way you will be acting like the “feral animal” you call these riders….and FOR GOD’S SAKE stop talking about how Cayman was way back then blah blah blah…..get the hell over it and realize the island has evolved and will continue to evolve & things will happen whether you like it or not! How you deal with certain situations will show true character it us not up to me or you to judge anyone nor decide their fate….only God above can do that!

    Would be great if you all had this same anger towards the same politicians who you all have & continue to vote in yet the country is still in shit!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Reading the comments I am in utter disbelief that people would defend such a discraceful display of blatant disrespect for the law. The bottom line is the bikes are unregistered and clearly not licenced for road use and worse disrespected the RCIP. Unfortunately, typical behavior on this island.

    They passed my home in EE traveling in excess of 80-100 plus mph. Laws are not meant to be broken. These young men are not invincible as we have lost and have had young men permanently disabled for the same careless acts.

    Asking for a track. Get real, the same laws would be broken. Let’s face it speed rules for these ignorant individuals.

    The RCIP needs to be given the authority to arrest and confiscate when appropriate. We need to allow them to spend time in Fairbanks instead of being bailed to their mum or dad.
    There needs real consequences for illegal actions and accountability from parents who should also be prosecuted for their minor child’s actions.

    Caymans youth needs respect for the law or we will continue to loose as a society.

  8. nvm says:

    I don’t see the sense why argue .

    The ROC event is done every year November around the same time, and every year it gets bigger and bigger.

    Be thankful that they are not riding around in bikes and stealing and shooting up people for the fun of it, if a simple “Ride Out” gets you so hyped imagine living in other countries where they do this all the time ride out and do criminal activities?

    Police know when this is done Cayman is not a huge island.

    They have no place to ride, if getting a bike license was easier im sure a lot more would have it as well as insurance prices being cheaper. so for the sake of it people ride illegally.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have brought this attention and reality on themselves. They could do a ride out out and respect the laws and their fellow citizens by being licensed, ride road worthy bikes and with respectful mature behavior. Their immature, disrespectful, gang-related mentality and attitude is the issue. Their recklessness that endangers others on the roads are the issue. Their disrespect for the laws are the issue. It’s not about riding the bikes it’s how they do it is the issue.

  9. Thats Mr. Anonymous To You says:

    Its very sad to see how the police and government are going on about kids riding motorcycles, First off, Saying your gonna build a track isnot gonna let them stop riding, YOU HAVE TO BUILD THE TRACK, #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords, Ya’ll cant stop and think why crime rate has decreased all of a sudden, ITS THESE DAMN BIKES PEOPLE. OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!!! Understand if that was your child out there on these bikes, would u rather hear that your child is out on the road on his/her bike, or get a call in the middle of the night saying a gunshot tear off your child’s face. You people need to get a grip on yourselves and realize it’s just positivity goin through these kids minds when they ride. It’s a shame to see how the government is fighting against the community and our fellow Caymanians. Wake up before things get worse, thats all i have to say

    • Anonymous says:

      Wake-up before things get worse? Are you serious?

      Things are bad and have been bad for a long damn time. You want to make excuses for unruly youth who are bored and whining cuz they have nothing to do!

      Are you kidding me? They need to contribute positively to society not be menaces to it, which is what they are all currently doing!

      See the following which needs to be done, by THEM not us:

      1. They need to obtain a valid driver’s licence;
      2. They need to only utilize bikes which are allowed on the roads, dirt bikes are not road worthy check the law out;
      3. SHARE the road, i repeat SHARE, not bully people off it;
      4. They ALL need to invest in a property TOGETHER and build their own track! If any of you think for a minute that Government is going to build you one, you’re delusional;
      5. Learn to accept constructive criticism, it’s for your own good!



  10. Anonymous says:

    The Queen must be embarrassed of us, our government cant control things like this. not long till one of these bikers crash and injure someone seriously only to find out they have no insurance at all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    At what hour, and by what method, did the RCIPS sound the proclamation under section 72 to disperse the riot? The Penal Code (2013) §68-77 allows methods of dispersing rioters after a proclamation all the way up to lethal force. Riot “Commanders” are liable to life in prison sentences, and anyone else in attendance (including the carloads of observers, and the wee rebels trailing the parade doubled up on their 25cc scooters) are subject to prison sentences starting at three-four years. You would think that would raise the stakes and sound the retreat.

    The problem is that our RCIPS field officers have no idea of what our existing laws are, and are not receiving the advice and direction that best serves the public interest at the time it is needed. Leadership had hours from first 9-1-1 reports to discuss with counsel and reign this in. Someone in middle mgmt should be dismissed for not following up on Police leads after the Rum Point invasion of August, and the ineptitude and lack of preparation on the anniversary of the ROC2016 (last Sunday in November). This points directly at the Head of the “Traffic Unit”.

    Parents of anarchist bikers should talk to their kids about the stakes in this game. Injury, death, or serious prison time can and may result. I hope everyone had fun, because the response needs to be very different next time.

  12. anonymous says:

    The police in India carry very long sticks to clobber people with from a safe distance, which in my opinion is going too far – however it’s exactly what was needed at that police block (along with a water cannon!).

    • Anonymous says:

      Water cannon lol, I was thinking of road spikes as well. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      How about a block that actually worked!

      • anonymous says:

        Yes, certainly there needs to be a different approach to a roadblock in these circumstances. These outlaws operate outside of society’s norms, so it’s not as if they’ll meekly queue up to get done for no registration, license, insurance and stuff. I’d organize a pincer action in which they’d get trapped inside of a box with no hope of escape. Okay, some Evel Knievel wannabe might make it, but the majority won’t. Time for society being held to ransom to cease and law and order on our roadways reestablished. It’s really a public safety issue, isn’t it?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Two words – BRAKE CHECK! Problem solved, one idiot at a time! Won’t take long to “thin the herd!”

  14. satirony says:

    There was a time when the Cayman Motorsports Association could attract 1,500 spectators to the Lakeview Raceway, behind CUC. We were able to achieve this because our passion for racing lead to the creation of a disciplined organization, the members of which worked very hard to establish a professionally prepared racetrack. All our members had to abide by the internationally accepted racing regulations, which focused mainly on safety, both for the drivers and spectators. If any member broke the rules, they would be fined.

    Many of us put in hundreds of hours of work, both into track preparation and our race cars. We promoted and marketed our product. We charged membership fees and raised a lot of money by organizing events. Perhaps these young bikers could follow the example we set, and make some personal sacrifices for the success of their vision of whatever it is they want. Driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle on the public roads would have resulted in the immediate ejection of a member from the CMA. We all had respect for our laws and each other.

    • Anonymous says:

      hopefully if they follow that example, they have the common sense to not get caught up on why and how the CMA killed itself from within.

  15. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS…..another corrupt government entity same as the rest and people are surprised no one has respect for them? SMH…..I am not condoning what some of the bikers did but I also wish them no harm whatsoever……you all are classing them in the category and I know that is not the case…majority of them are awesome guys…….I am 100% sure that all of you commenting are not “SAINTS” so those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

    • Anonymous says:

      I might not be a saint but I don’t ride or drive unlicensed vehicles. I don’t throw bottles, swear at Police or ram through a road block and I certainly don’t speed and endanger the loves of other citizens…

      Sorry – Awesome is not a word I would describe for people who do, do these things… perhaps you research the dictionary for a better word.

      They need to do better…

  16. Anonymous says:

    With such high unemployment, how do they afford these bikes in the first place?

    • Anonymous says:

      Armed robberies, theft and selling drugs.

      • Equal rights don’t do it for the hype says:

        There is always right/wrong therefore half the bikes legal half illegal which is understanding to the facts that there is a limit to reach your full 1a bike license u can’t just go get it, the government/ bystandards cAn point our 200ppl correct yet never have I read through this for them to say it’s all caymanian United with a movement so that it self isn’t acceptable, reasoning being the justice/dart system can not have caymanians come together cause it’s (power ) meaning to many caymanian can’t flock together they must fight against each other to forget that expats An paper caymanian can money laundry for ever being false resumes an fake young caymanians positions by using the words lack of experience hire the expat that they don’t have a back ground other than a phone call or email to inquire about the person while we all grew up together as a community so small it’s 200plus bikes why not use the psychological brains that the government has at hand that keep the caymanians starving an selling the land an public beaches due to money fraud so the elected that approves of it secures his/her family An stop using one ride to distract the fact Cayman is at the most worst education level in the Caribbean you’ll distract small minded ppl that only know what they hear an see they can’t leave nor think out the box We need reality rather than making more jobs / a trades school the focus is bikes until that gets boring an pick up on a different subject If they had a accessable area to ride common sense the police would know everyone with a bike dahh y’all blind to your own ignorant mentality check facts, elders never grow up to have options that these young/old guys have this 21centry they can’t adapt to this new vision they stuck thinking this is a Christian island there beloved island it’s straight facts now these days a million things can be done with ur time just so happen it’s a popular movement/activity towards being able to ride An have a free mindset try it maybe you’ll be in the pack never know to see everyone fighting against each other with smart An bad comments its a selfish act shows u how such a small place plays no part in unity reason the bikers will never be able to ride in peace lack of common sense ignorance don’t help it’s easy to solve build a area owned by the government/dart each rider sign up get there bikes tags vins check pic token simple problem solve everyone get a bike associated tag an if the rules broken bikes get took with a fine still money u can never loose it’s sad to see ppl say they steal how do they have the bikes basically everyone works have a job some parents support it but can’t talk on it cause you’ll clearly bash them cause they child doing good in school cause he/she loves bikes more than the books so books gets full attention just to make sure they can ride weekend or when ever as a family so it’s pointless to try make them out as bad due to there hobby or what ever anyone wants to call it that’s when ppl/caymanians get upset cause it to seem like a big bomb went off fight towards the biggest movement put more caymanians in court that everyone on this is saying basically they broke so how will the fee be paid by going jail realizing u stuck so now badness is the pre hell no that’s pointless so dumb more ppl attended the ride out than batabano don’t fight it solve the problem keep updated with the world not the moment you can’t loose once government gets cash out of it learn to make everyone happy on the island give a option an when u see different you inforce it by all means learn life things can be solve not with your mouth but with a brain & good actions use it old folks that run the country cause our gas prices can never drop past 4.00ci bugerking meal 10dollars no dollar menu so common sense money involve just help your island make more money cause that’s the goal money before people

        • Anonymous says:

          There you have it folks, the root of the problem. Illiteracy.

        • anonymous says:

          You’re surprisingly intelligent for someone with such a bad grasp of the English language. Perhaps you are inclined to attribute to some wild conspiracy theory, things that can just as easily be explained by incompetence, ignorance, and a loss of those values that was once dear to every community in Cayman. However, I would be proud to stand up and say “Yeah, he is one of us” even though I disagree with many things that you have to say.

        • V says:

          What the hell is this? Not even understandable. Like a youth speaking with marbles in his mouth.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ 5:16 pm.

          Your comment might have been worth reading if it was constructed properly!

          You have no commas, no full-stops (periods), nothing! Just a long drawn-out rant of a comment!

          All over the damn place! SMH

        • Please address your ignorance... says:

          WTF? Seriously why go to all the effort to write a long message but fail to use any punctuation or spacing to make it readable.

      • Anonymous says:

        …vote selling…

      • Anonymous says:

        And how do you know that? that is ‘defamation of character” for you to judge every single one of them in that way….you must be well versed in armed robberies, theft & selling drugs to make such an assumption….

    • Anonymous says:

      these boys dont rob places nor people either do they steal or sell drugs so before you post these things know the facts. these boys work hard for their stuff

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because unemployment is ACTUALLY not high

  17. Ex-Patriat says:

    Is this for real?
    A group of 200 people decide to break the laws, including assaulting Police because Government has not provided a space for them to play?
    And people are defending their actions on the grounds that they need an outlet?
    Why has government not provided me with enough money to play….maybe I should organize a street rally to create mayhem and break some laws.
    You dumb a** morons. Seems you’ve managed to kill all your brain cells and now become a public nuisance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a group, a gang.

      • Anonymous says:

        explain to me how 200 people were breaking the law. Its a Stupid generalization . Should I added you to the list of incompetent people who can not think for themselves too? smh

        Whoever was riding a dirt bike on the street was illegal as they were not license or insured. Not everyone out there was illegal. Not everyone was acting foolishly.

        Should we group everyone who goes to rum point on sunday in boats as a gang, because of a few individuals decide to operate their boats in an illegal manner.

        Typical rhetoric.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whomever rode through a red light broke the law, whomever failed to yield to an emergency vehicle broke the law, whomever failed to follow the instructions of a police officer broke the law. …Must I really go on?

  18. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian in my 40’s with a 15 year old son, I watched the news last night as two young Caymanian men in their late teens or early twenties came on to justify their actions. To say the least I was totally embarrassed, not just for them, but for my country. for their parents and for their peers that may be watching..

    These are young men with their entire lives ahead of them, justifying their own crimes on local TV. I kept thinking what my mother or father would do if I at that age would have done that…I also thought back and it struck me, I simply would never have done it simply out of respect for them. In other words, I didn’t grow up that way and I was taught to respect my parents and the law.

    Cayman has lost, in my mind, two generations of good young men and women.Children are having children and parenting has been reduced to absent fathers and mothers and the terms “baby daddy and baby Mother” are now used instead of Mommy and Daddy. Our children have become thugs and gang bangers. Many of them have had at least one stint in Northward Prison..Unfortunately they have adapted, accepted and embraced the labels put on them by outsiders as being lazy, lawless and entitled to their own detriment. Growing up, I was taught that nothing was handed to you and that you had to work to get the things you wanted. Expecting the government or even your parents to provide for you for life was unheard of and in fact, we felt good when we made something of ourselves and could give back to our parents.

    I am not sure what the resolution is but if Cayman’s leaders don’t start recognizing this is an issue we will soon be no better crime-wise than some the high crime areas of North America and the Caribbean. I have always though that education was the key, because with good education and knowledge, these kids would know better. Unfortunately, with all the money that is spent on education, without good parents in the home and with many of these young kids being parents in their teens, education is of no value in their minds. The old saying that you can bring a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink applies here. What a shame!

    Later in the show I saw two gentlemen, with good intentions I am sure, asking for funds to build a race track for these riders. As I listened, I wondered if these riders, rather than terrorizing everyone with their dangerous driving and lack of respect for law and order wouldn’t have been better focusing their time and energy on doing things in the community to raise funds to build this track. I know the answer…they are “entitled” to the track and they shouldn’t have to work for it….

    I can only hope that my words written here may resonate with some of these kids and that they come to recognize that they can effect positive change and they can help others to change and together we can make Cayman a place where we can all be proud to live and feel safe every day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spot on.

      – Who

    • Anonymous says:

      @5:15 am; My heartfelt thanks go out to you for making it clear to all that not all Caymanians raise their children to think that they are entitled to anything in life. I remind my 16 year old on almost a daily basis that nothing will be handed to him in life. In fact, I’ve taught my kid to have exactly the opposite mentality; that because he is Caymanian, he must work harder than his peers who are not, in order to ensure that the sense of entitlement perception is not cast on him.

      • Anonymous says:

        This so true. Never in our lives have we had to do more to instill in our children that they have to work hard for everything in life. There are a lot of Caymanians like me that look out there and cry for what our children and our country have become.

        I want to encourage every parent to not give up on their children. Hopefully, our children, if raised right will have a positive effect on kids like these that have not had the opportunity to grow up in homes filled with love, respect and care for each other. It is a very sad situation but somehow we have to reach these kids to avoid them living a life of crime or worse yet spending their lives in prison.

        There is always hope!

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes mam/sir. There is always hope!

          I take my hat of to you parents who are raising your kids right and not spoiling them! Your hard-work will pay off.

          People that leave their kids to run amok on society will reap what they sow.

          So sick of parents blaming Government and the school faculty for their kids’ behaviour and lack of respect in society. DO your job, be a parent first, not last!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not ALL Caymanian youth are thugs etc.I am still waiting for an answer as to why only one person was arrested if 200 bikers were breaking the law.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, but whilst we are dealing with the majority, who ARE thugs. The minority are the few that are decent. See the problem?

  19. Scrap Iron says:

    Yes mr vigalante and Dog bounty hunter you and your bravo will be devour on these streets bro you better stay in your lazy boy where the puny brave can run their big mouth without any consequences for your very foolish ideas and idiotic suggestions


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