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| 01/11/2017 | 3 Comments

(CNS): Managers at the customs headquarters will be crossing their fingers today that the transition from its legacy IT platform to a newly enhanced system goes smoothly. Phase 1 of the project will see the two systems running in tandem to allow customers time to transfer. Deputy Collector of Customs Kevin Walton, who has responsibility for the Customs Department’s Revenue Collection Portfolio, explained that this will give traders time, and Collector of Customs Charles Clifford advised customers to go the HQ to register for the new system.

“Because this is a transition, those traders who may not be ready to use the new IT platform, which is being launched in Phase 1 today, will have available to them our legacy IT platforms, which will remain live and available in order to facilitate a smooth transition within a reasonable period of time before the old systems are taken offline at the end of this year,” Walton added.

Registration is necessary for compliance purposes. However, it is a one-time registration and once registered on the new system, users will be able to enter their declaration online from their homes or offices. Clients of the department will then receive an email from customs confirming receipt and advising that the declaration will be processed within 2 hours. Once processed, another email will be sent confirming the release of the imports and that customers can come in to pay and collect the goods or to witness an inspection if the goods have been selected.

“The transition will ultimately see the phasing out of the Customs Department’s legacy IT platforms in favor of enhanced IT platforms, which are designed to ultimately deliver effective trade facilitation and exceptional customer service while maintaining effective border control protocols,” Clifford explained.

The new IT platform in Phase 1 is, in effect, a virtual drop-off system and therefore the Customs Department’s existing paper drop-off system has been discontinued. Further enhancements are planned in subsequent phases, including online payment. “We are ultimately heading toward a paperless environment at customs,” said Clifford.

But as this is day one, Walton asked the public for patience during the transition. “Challenges and glitches are common features of any change process but let us keep our eyes on the end result, which will be effective trade facilitation and exceptional customer service,” he said.

Clifford commended his officers for stepping up to the challenge of the transition and taking on the additional responsibilities, while still focusing on revenue collection and border protection. “We have exceeded our revenue projections by $10M and $12M respectively in the past two financial years and have made some very notable arrests for drugs, firearms and other contraband,” the collector noted.

He also thanked the Computer Services Department for their partnership on the project. “They have worked hard and we sincerely thank them for their efforts. We own and control this new system and will be able to very quickly fix any glitches that may arise and update the system from time to time to meet our customers requirements,” he said.

Enquiries and questions about the new system may be directed to

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lets really move into the 90’s and be able to register online.

  2. Richard Wadd says:

    And so begins “The Nightmare Before Xmas” … CAYMAN style!

    • Diogenes says:

      Don’t say Xmas, people are going to complain that you are removing the “Christ” from Christmas

      Also don’t talk about Santa Claus, Christmas trees, candy canes or elves as some persons are liable to be triggered

      And don’t you dare say Happy Holidays, It’s Merry Christmas you filthy animal

      *if you don’t get my sarcasm or references don’t bother commenting*


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