Corruption probe reaches a dozen arrests

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(CNS): Investigators involved in the ongoing investigation into corruption at the immigration department made their twelfth arrest Thursday. In another brief and limited statement, officials said that a 26-year-old woman from George Town was taken into custody this morning, but there was no indication whether or not this latest person is a public official or not. Facing almost the same charges as the other 11 people already questioned in this case, she was arrested on suspicion of bribery of a public officer, fraud on the government and breach of trust, contrary to the Anti-Corruption Law.

No charges have been brought in this probe, which began almost a year ago, with the first arrests taking place in January with more in May. Three arrests, including today’s, were made this month and officials said that the other eleven people arrested so far have been bailed, while the latest woman netted in the probe is currently being held for questioning at the Fairbanks detention centre.

The ACC has not commented on the inquiry but it is now broadly understood to be related to the culture test administered by the immigration department in relation to residency applications.

Another issue not addressed by any government officials is how many of the dozen people arrested to far are civil servants and employees of the immigration department, and whether or not those that are have been placed on required leave.

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