US Brac resident to face trial for importing ammo

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(CNS): David Dean Meadors, an American citizen who is building a home on Cayman Brac, will face trial next year for the importation of 240 rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition and the possession of a BB gun. The 52-year-old man was charged earlier this year after customs officers discovered the ammunition in a container he had used to bring in materials for his house. Following his arrest, the authorities also found a Glock 9mm handgun and a Smith & Wesson BB gun at his temporary Cayman home. Meadors has already pleaded to possessing the Glock, and while the mandatory punishment is seven years in jail, he remains on bail.

The courts have heard that Meadors’ attorney, Ben Tonner QC, will be arguing for exceptional circumstances for his client, who is an American citizen, in connection with the possession of that firearm.

Speaking in Summary Court recently, crown prosecutor Scott Wainwright said that while the importation of unlicensed firearms by foreign nationals is often inadvertent, Meadors had traveled to Cayman by boat and after his arrest he had told police that he would have been uncomfortable without a weapon in international waters.

The issue of sentencing for the possession of the unlicensed Glock will not be heard until after Meadors faces trial in April next year regarding the importation of ammunition and possession of a the BB gun.

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