Police charge 2nd suspect in GT gang shooting

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(CNS): A 20-year-old-man has been charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit a crime, as a result of a reported gang related shooting in Mary Street, George Town, back in June. He is the second man to be arrested in connection with the incident that began at the Roof Top Bar and continued at an address on Myles Lane in central George Town and he was is expected to appear in court, Monday. Joshua “Patchy” Ebanks (25) from West Bay has also been charged in connection with this case.

At the time police found several spent shells, some of which were of heavy caliber, and determined that at least fifteen shots were fired, many of which hit the residence in Myles Street. One of the bullets was lodged in the mattress where one of the occupants had been sleeping. Despite this, both men have been charged with possession of imitation rather than unlicensed firearms.

The incident caused particular concern for the police, and was described by the police commissioner as “a dramatic escalation of tensions” among local gangs. David Byrne said at the time, “The indiscriminate shooting at this residence shows an utter disregard for life and those responsible for it are a clear danger to the community”.

At the time of the incident, the intended victim reported encountering three men at the Mary Street bar and went to significant lengths, including jumping over a balcony, to evade the gunmen. Having arrived at a friend’s yard, the suspects had followed him in a silver Honda and reportedly opened fire from the car.

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