Jamaican smugglers come clean over 430lbs of ganja

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(CNS): Two Jamaican men who were caught almost red-handed by police attempting to smuggle in hundreds of pounds of ganja on a beach in South Sound have owned up to drug importation charges and illegal landing. But a third man has denied any connection to the drugs, denying both importation and possession charges, though he admitted illegal landing. Having pleaded guilty to charges of importing 438lbs of ganja and immigration offences, Ceaphus Reynolds (42) and Eyon Johnson (45) will be sentenced in the New Year, but Linton Nightpole Pallarchie (36) will now face trial.

Appearing before Magistrate Valdis Foldats in Summary Court Tuesday via video link from HMP Northward, all three men were represented by Jonathon Hughes from Samson Law as they entered their various pleas. Even though the men all arrived in Cayman illegally, the magistrate ordered reports in preparation for sentencing, as drug smuggling carries a heavy penalty.

There was no indication before the court why the men had originally been charged with trying to smuggle in almost one hundred pounds more than they were charged with during today’s arraignment.

According to the original report police were alerted to the men by several members of the public, who called in after spotting the arrival of the canoe and the suspicious activity in the busy beachfront neighbourhood. The drug canoe had reportedly landed across from the San Sebastian apartments. The men attempted to flee police when they arrived on the scene but they were tracked by the RCIPS Joint Marine Unit and the police helicopter and arrested.

All three men were remanded to Northward until they return to court early next year.

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