Inquest finds misadventure in Henriksen’s death

| 26/10/2017 | 4 Comments
Cayman News Service

Erik Henriksen

(CNS): A jury that heard the coroner’s case of Erik Henriksen (58) concluded that he died through misadventure. The wealthy Norwegian businessman, who had a home on Grand Cayman, had just bought a new speed boat and launched it days before he drowned after he and his friend were thrown from the vessel in November 2015. When coroner Eileen Nervik summarized the case for the jury, she pointed out that there was no disease or illness causing his death, that there was no evidence of violence or that anyone wanted him dead or that he wanted to take his own life. She said the evidence pointed to the contrary, that he was enjoying himself on his new boat that weekend.

She told the jury that they had merely to decide if there was enough evidence to support a finding of misadventure and if not, they should return an open verdict. In the end the men and women serving on the jury unanimously concluded misadventure.

While no one will ever know for certain what caused Henriksen and his friend, Warren Weiss, to be thrown from the vessel, the inquest found that there was evidence that Henriksen had been drinking, that he was not wearing a life vest and that no lanyard had been attached to him when he took the helm of the vessel moments before he was thrown out. The pathologist had also noted that he had two cracked ribs, which would have hampered his ability to swim.

Henriksen drowned in the North Sound, close to the Safehaven canal, despite efforts by Weiss to bring him to shore after they both fell off the new Nor-Tech power boat they were on around sunset as a result of a sudden turn the boat made while Henriksen was at the helm and Weiss was adjusting the fenders.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My 8 year old and I were at GTYC that day for lunch. We were admiring the boat, really nice boat. Watched them leave the marina…tragic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    rest in peace my friend!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So sad. Another example of the results of drinking and driving.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Such a shame. Wonder what happened that the boat suddenly went off like that…

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