Enforcement improves as DoE utilizes new powers

| 19/10/2017 | 15 Comments
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One of the turtles that DoE enforcement officers rescued this summer

(CNS): Department of Environment conservation officers have interrupted dozens of poachers since April and have been able to seize illegal spearguns and even return some poached conch and two green sea turtles back to the sea. Over the last few months officers have used their enhanced enforcement powers to stop illegal fishing, and where it was too late to return fish or lobster to the sea, the Pines, Meals on Wheels and the Golden Age home have benefited. The process of prosecution against a dozen people for poaching is also underway.

Speaking at the NCC meeting Tuesday, DoE Senior Research Officer John Bothwell reported on the enforcement efforts of conservation officers on sea and land, including a Cayman parrot that was seized in April. Once the parrot’s flight feathers grew back, the bird was released back into the wild.

The NCC raised concerns that turtles are still being poached, though in both of the incidents this summer the turtles were discovered before the animals were killed, so they were able to be returned to the sea after medical treatment.

The chair of the NCC also praised the actions of the DoE in one instance where juveniles were caught with a speargun and poaching lobster. The DoE officers brought the youngsters into the department with their parents for an education session on marine conservation rather than prosecuting them.

Cayman News Service

DoE enforcement team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed that there is a DOE officer regularly at Starfish Point now and he is doing a fantastic job stopping local boat captains and their guests ruining this precious gem on our island. He also educates and informs those of us who know little of our Islands environment and marine life, and has a fun sense of humor.
    But sadly he is the only one I ever see around the island and this has got to change. I’m originally from the US and really appreciate those who keep our wildlife and environment safe, as well as look over our safety whilst we enjoy it.
    Thank you DOE officers, you do a difficult job with seemingly little support, I hope this new government stands up and shows you the recognition you so deserve.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a fisherman and the devastation has to stop, we should be setting up fish farms for all types of species, on and off shore. We should estimate the pounds of fish being taken per day and replenish with twice that every day with fish farms. That will bring back Cayman to what it was, because right now we just have a bunch of cayman patriots who steal like it was the old days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fish farms aren’t exactly the answer, just take the time to look up all the issue people in the north are facing with the farmed salmon.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have been researching, and those fish farms are for producing fish to consume, and they cut corners and add junk chemistry. These fish farms would be to release out into the wild(they only need to grow to small percentage of their maturity before released), and we could monitor and sample the water and fish 24/7 with innovative technology. It is possible, but it is agreed that the way fish are farmed today is nothing short of how chicken are mass produced with tons oh chemicals pumped into the chickens and lots of waste runoff that is not utilized and ruins the nearby environment. We don’t have to repeat their mistakes, there are better options.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fish farms? Unless in North Sound in sheltered places are just not going to work…too many storms and you run the risk of introducing disease to what is left of the native populations..and trust me, disease happens a lot at fish farms. Sadly just one answer…conservation and bans, all enforced until stocks replenish.

      • Anonymous says:

        It would take innovative thinking to not repeat those mistakes and find ways around the problems you forsee, but we do have universities right now that are being underutilized and under the current management seem to be only interested in baby-sitting. Universities should be producing research, and scientific research that helps the community, not just presentations of other peoples work who visit the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully the farm raised fish won”t be fed the toxic garbage like the farms overseas I for one wont eat anything that is farm raised . people need to get educated before they start throwing suggestions like FARM RAISED around

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lots of people trap and keep Cayman parrots. I watched one of our politicians buy a cage for the one he just caught. Claimed it was a gift for his daughter…. like he couldn’t afford a parakeet?

    • Anonymous says:

      He most certainly has and he should be arrested, but he’ll scream that furreingners are ruining his island and picking on poor Caymanians as usual.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, that picture is a little out of date me thinks XXXX
    Last time I looked the DOE were wearing khaki pants and polos. Oh, and I’ve noticed that there are no marked trucks anymore, or any boats out there to stop poaching. Where has our environmental protection gone?
    Obviously that’s not the officers fault, they are trying to do a difficult and dangerous job, but it’s a lack of funding and interest on governments part to ensure that our environment is properly protected that’s doing the damage. So, more officers and fire those who don’t defend them, buy more boats and fund this important department properly. Easy really, but big up to those few officers who try to make a difference against a wall of resistance and ignorance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile Customs focused last week on confiscating massage items for fear they might be used as “marital aides”? And Police missed traffic infractions too numerous to count!
    Ah boy! But seriously…Big Congrats to DOE Enforcement Team!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant! And note that it is Caymanian enforcement officers disrupting the activities of their lawless Fellow Caymanians. Good to see.


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