Cyclist‘s death to be heard by coroner’s court

| 09/10/2017

(CNS): More than two years after Rhonda Marie Ebanks-Azan (61) was killed as she rode her bicycle near Savannah Primary School, the coroner will examine the case this week. Although the 54-year-old driver of the F250 truck that hit Ebanks-Azan was arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving in the immediate wake of the collision, he has never been charged. The director of public prosecutions made a decision not to charge but no reasons have ever been offered.

Azan was killed after she was hit by the junction of Shamrock Road and Matilda Drive. It is understood that she was riding towards George Town into the oncoming traffic on a rainy evening in October 2016. She was pronounced dead at the hospital around an hour after the 6:30pm collision as a result of severe head injuries.

The coroner’s court will be sitting throughout October to hear a number of cases including this one, which starts Wednesday.

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