Anglin’s life tariff case adjourned

| 17/10/2017 | 62 Comments

(CNS): A scheduled conditional release hearing for Devon Jermaine Anglin (31), who is serving a life-sentence for the murder of Carlos Webster at a West Bay Road nightclub in 2009, was adjourned Tuesday to allow the crown to seek relevant reports to put before the court for consideration. Legislation passed in 2016 now requires that all ‘lifers’ are given a minimum tariff on their mandatory full life sentences, setting a date for the earliest possible time that they could be considered by a board for release. 

The mandatory life term for murder no longer means that a prisoner will necessarily die behind bars or that inmates must depend on the mercy of the governor for possible parole.

The law calls for a recommended minimum life term of 30 years, but the judges deciding the tariffs have a certain amount of discretion to decrease or increase the minimum term depending on the circumstances of the crime.

Anglin, who has been in prison since he was his arrested in 2010 in relation to the murder of 4-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, a killing he was acquitted of twice, was found guilty of gunning down Webster in the Next Level nightclub in front of hundreds of witnesses. Although it was months before the police were able to persuade any of them to come forward, he was convicted by the chief justice following a judge alone trial in 2011 largely on the evidence of two anonymous witnesses.

In addition to his full mandatory life term, Anglin, from West Bay, is also serving a 20-year prison sentence for the attempted murder of a bystander who was hit during the nightclub shooting, and a further sixteen years for possession of an unlicensed firearm relating to the same crime.

So far, tariffs given to inmates for similar gang-related shootings have been in excess of the 30-year recommended term.

Justin D’Angelo Ramoon (26) was given a 35-year tariff last year for what a judge described as the execution-style killing of Jason Powery in 2015 outside a George Town bar. His older brother, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas (31), who supplied the gun and drove the getaway car, was handed a 34-year term. Both men have since been removed from HMP Northward and are serving their sentences in HMP Belmarsh, a high security prison in the UK, as they were described as a risk to national security. Since their removal the brothers have filed legal challenges to the transfer.

No new date has been set for Anglin’s conditional release hearing but it is not likely to take place until early next year, the court heard. There are no indications that Anglin will be serving his time anywhere but HMP Northward, despite the seriousness of his conviction. After more than seven years in jail, Anglin is said to be a born again Christian and a model prisoner.

However, when it comes to deciding a tariff, the courts are unable to take the behaviour of inmates since their conviction into consideration, as the law requires the sentencing exercise be carried out as it would have been immediately following the conviction.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does everyone think Belmarsh Is such a bad prison, lol? It’s really not. Speak on what you know please.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All of you who are judging the relationship between God and man should really check yourselves.

    Who are you to decide if he is truly repentant? You are like those Christ spoke to who were trying to stone Mary “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. There were none left to stone her at that time, but in 2017, this country seems to have them all.

    God saves….he saves everybody. Those convicted of stealing, smoking ganja, child molestation and rape, murder he even saves hypocrites, o ye Pharisees.

    Honestly, I would dare say that I would rather be in prison these days, since it seems like God is in there, as based on the comments here, it doesn’t look like He’s out in free society.

    But make no mistake – He’s here, there and everywhere, keeping track of all of our sins.

    “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. Assuredly you will be judged by your heart and your hands and your sayings that God can’t save a person convicted of murder….well, I’m not sure that this is resounding of a relationship with God that clears the path into Heaven, as we know that Christ came that we can ALL be saved and NONE should perish. To say different than this means that one is not in full relationship with Christ and accepting of HIS power and love to save. Where, then, if you are not in a relationship with Christ, are you bound?

    From the day one accepts Christ they are a different person in Him. We don’t have power nor authority to judge the authenticity of anyone’s relationship with God, especially one that we do not see or associate with on a regular basis.

    May the GOOD Lord be manifested in our lives daily, as He continues to save people of all calibers around the world, in and out of prison.

  3. Dorlisa Ebanks says:

    My son is dead while Devon lives. Since killing innocent children is okay with this society don’t say anything when something happens to the guilty. #justsaying# Vengeance is the Lord’s…AMEN!

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks so yes, based on what happened to Andy… “For they dug a ditch and have fallen into their own trap which they made.”

  4. MM says:

    Reading the articles about Devon and how his life spiraled is always hurtful for me; and here is why.

    CNS: The rest of this article has been posted here: Society’s neglect of children in trouble

  5. WaYaSay says:

    So why can’t he be a born again Christian and serve God while we keep his backside locked up in prison for his crime of murder?

    It seems like there is more God presence in prison keeping people on the straight and narrow that there is in most churches, judging from the number of converts in there. This close commune with Christ seems to be serving his stated goal of being a true Christian than him being on the streets.

    Perhaps if he stays in there he can convert a few more by his sterling example and being a model prisoner. He seems to have adapted well to that environment ……. much better than he did as a free man.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The famous murderers Loeb and Leopoldo in the States many years ago were spared the death penalty thanks to their brilliant defense lawyer Clarence Darrow. In prison, the both turned their lives around and became positive people….BUT….they stayed in prison to serve out their sentence and both died there. This little piece of West Bay trash pretending to find God (does he really think we are that stupid??) needs to stay where he is or, better still, go to England so his nasty influence can’t be felt here anymore.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Born again Christian. How convenient!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I worked at the prison, and this is the first thing they all do. Born again christian…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe what people are posting about this “murderer” that has allegedly turned his life around. What about the people that he has murdered? Are they able to turn their lives around? These poor people have gone! Their loved ones will be grieving their loss for the rest of their days. It should be a life for a life. Bring back the hanging gallows or the electric chair. These kind of people are not fit ever to walk Gods earth ever again. There’s a cemetery full of loved ones that should be walking in the Sunshine but have been lost through illness or from idiots like him. Who is he to be taking someone’s life! If he murdered any of my loved ones I would be waiting for him to serve his sentence and I would hang for him. People like him have such disregard for people’s lives. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. Unfortunately, his own family will suffer the consequences of his actions too. I hope by serving this long sentence he will really sit and think if it was all worth it. He will be an old man by the time he gets out. His life wasted too.

  10. Lucifer says:

    A born again christian, and a role model prisoner, isn’t there a joke in there somewhere?

    • Diogenes says:

      The joke is that even someone who felt the need to end the life of another in one of the truest forms of ignorance humans can display is still smart enough to know what he has to say to get more favorable results in Caymanian society, you have but to whisper the name of christ on these islands to get better treatment, soon they’ll be calling him “Brother Anglin” (if they aren’t doing so already) and singing his holy praises


    • Wiseup says:

      Expect murder crimes to go up ! Very deadly Caymanian

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please send to UK, thanks.

  12. Berie : B says:

    LOL everyone in the joint is a born again Christian , that’s where they go unfortunately to meet God , how about getting your religion Before you kill your fellow human beings ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Send him to the UK for wasting tax payers money in the courts.

  14. UN-KNOWN says:

    Some of ya’ll who have such negative things to say about Mr. Anglin sounds like you have a PERSONAL problem with him. How would you feel if the key got thrown away on you and you were in jail for a life time and sent off to England where you can’t see any of your friends or family? Don’t tell me “oh well if I did wrong then yes cause you can only say it because your not in the position as him. Next thing is NOBODY on earth is perfect just like me writing this, I’ve done a lot of wrong things in life that I know God HAS forgiven me for so before you speak negative of people please make sure your HEART is clean. Mr. Anglin has changed his life and given his heart to the LORD and there is nothing that any of you can say or do about it. . Once God forgives him that’s all that matters. Instead of some of you talking about how we can get our un-employed CAYMANIANS employed and get CAYMAN back to how it was you rather sit here judging people. . We have so much going on in our little Island we call HOME and you really here judging people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Soooooo… if someone murdered your family, you would be willing to give them a chance to do it again by letting them out? Born again Christian or not, I don’t want someone like that roaming about freely.

    • Law and Order says:

      My heart still aches for the innocent little 4 year old who was taken away from his family. Whilst Mr. Anglin may have accepted the Lord etc. nothing will ever replace the people whose life he took nor the grief their families are going through. Laws are there to protect us and the bible clearly mentions this. You do the crime, you pay the time!

    • Charles Darwin says:

      Oh please. No one needs a fairytale book about a talking snake written by people thousands of years ago who claimed the earth is flat and didn’t know what bacteria is to have good morals. I too was a born again Christian before going to university. All my life I went to church. I came back an atheist and I’m glad I left religion behind once I got a degree.

      I am a law abiding civil servant who contributes to my country; I do not require being a puppet to an imaginary ghost in order to be a good person. Open your minds.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said brother!!

      • anonymous says:

        So obtaining your degree opened up your mind and caused you to become an atheist. And it is true that you don’t need to believe in God to be a good person. Have you considered that all this (getting a degree, becoming an atheist) could be part of God’s plan for you? Just a thought. Good luck for the future.

        • Charles Darwin says:

          What god makes me his servant for all of my life, only to let me escape the backwardness of church by giving me knowledge of biology, genetics, chemistry, microbiology, evolution, archaeology, then send me to hell because of my education? The thing about science is that it can be proven and is factual. All you rely on is blind faith with no proof that a man survived in a fish’s belly. By the way, a little sodium carbonate and phenolphthalein can give you the illusion of turning wine into water, since we’re on that topic.

          And to the person below telling me I’m an educated idiot, think about my last sentence for a second. You base your beliefs on a book written by people who didn’t have any understanding of our universe, so they drew conclusions. An eclipse is happening? Oh the gods are angry. I got a disease? Surely it isn’t a virus – it’s a curse from god. They thought that we were the center of the universe and the sun orbited us.

          Lets also just disregard the archaeological record because “dinosaurs are a creation by satan to mislead us”, a direct quote from a pastor I spoke to.

          Really, who is the fool here? Your molecules were scattered lifeless matter before death, so too will you be after.

          • Charles Darwin says:

            Would be ironic not to correct myself:

            *water into wine.
            *unconscious matter before birth, the same after death

            • Anonymous says:

              “Charles” If you really really look for the father, you will find him, I promise you. Coming from a huge former skeptic, you really have to knock with an open heart and an open mind for the door to open. Think of it this way scientifically, isn’t it possible in our infinite universe for a higher meaning and purpose for your life that you don’t understand yet? Think about it.

              • Anonymous says:

                No, you just have to decide that someone else is going to run your life for you. That person is not God. It is a man who pretends he has a relationship with God, however has all the faults of man, and as with most men, give them an inch into your soul and he will take it lock stock and barrel. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Anonymous says:

            Umm you do realize that being an Atheist requires just as much faith as being a believer in god, maybe more. That is unless you can explain precisely why you are here, how you got here and all of those that came before you. If you can’t explain that without an extremely fanciful theory you must cling desperately to your chosen faith which is atheism. Have a great night.

            • Charles Darwin says:

              Once you became wise enough to realize that Santa Claus is a myth, it took no faith to stop believing.

              I don’t even want the label of Atheist. It isn’t a faith, it’s simply a rejection of all religion, be it Hinduism, Muslim, Jew, Buddhism, etc.

              How do you know your religion right? How do you even know that SDAs are right for worshipping on a Saturday vs Baptists on Sunday?

              • Anonymous says:

                You still haven’t answered the question, how you got here. You labeled yourself an atheist and have now disavowed the label. Are you Agnostic? If you are agnostic then you are at least being philosophically honest considering science has not answered the question either.

                There’s really no downside to keeping an open mind.

          • Apostle Of JC says:


            A bit of education and we know it all don’t we. Been there, done that.

            Your points are of course valid, I’ll give you that. ‘There’s no proof, aha, it clearly must be false!’ Mmm, not really. Y murders guy X, but what if there’s no proof, none, zilch, zero, cannot make any sense that Y did it; but is it not true? Just because you cannot see or find factual proof, does not make something untrue. I was going to use the same anology for ‘being in love’ but for an atheist, that might be far fetched.

            God, the big guy, he doesn’t really make anyone do anything. You clearly exercise freewill, there’s no demand to be his ‘servant’. You make choices and live with consequences. You chose to go to University and learn and because you decided to question God, you think he will take action and send you to hell? You needed to come out of that way of thinking, you were totally blind to who God is. Or what he is, since you’re not a believer,

            How can an atheist claim to be ‘good’ when the idea of good, derives from the ‘fairytale book’? ‘If moral imperatives are not commanded by God’s rule and are not in some sense absolute, then what ought to be is a matter simply of what any one of us decides should be…’ So deciding what is good and what is evil is up to us, humans, psychopaths. But where does the concept good and evil come from? What makes you not get up in the morning and slap an old lady? The law? You mean the law that derived from the same fairytale book? Why do we have a conscience if we all are self-referencing? Why does your wife/husband know that they shouldn’t cheat, why do you know that? That’s not against the law but yet it’s something many people strongly believe in. Science may be factual and answers the worldly questions that will make you sleep at night but it leaves questions on where moral reasoning fits in.

            Let’s not believe the book for a second, I’m with you. But wait whaaat, we came from exploding molecules of *unconscious lifeless matter, or whatever? Isn’t that more confusing than believeing there is a higher power? Nothing exploded and created the intricate details of human life. Soooo convincing.

            Anyway, I’ve almost written a book, shucks. To end, I don’t discredit your intellectual argument, but it sounds like it’s coming from a place of misconceptions. From the sounds of the pastor you spoke to, you clearly missed who God is and what his love is about. But may he still bless you and be with you always.

          • Anonymous says:

            Charles Darwin……….. are you not quoting from the Bible with your last paragraph there buddy?

            God does work in mysterious ways it seems

      • Just saying says:

        Lol…you went to university and got some sense….you poor pathetic educated idiot….may the God of your father and mother have mercy on your poor soul.

        • Just saying also says:

          You know, all my life as a christian I’ve been told that god commanded us to love our neighbors. You are a hypocrite just like the congregation in my church.

          You call Charles a fool? He has spoken more sense in his comments than what I’ve heard from my pastors all my life. In recent years I’ve been doing my own studies and started having my doubts too.

          But you know what? Your comment is the last straw. I’m done with this hypocrisy! I’m leaving religion also. Charles, whoever you are, respect to you bobo. Keep your head up.

          • Diogenes says:

            @Charles Darwin @Just Saying also
            What they don’t realize is that the way they act proves our points for us, the vast majority are a bunch of cherry picking hypocrites who are quick to judge and condemn and very rarely believe the tenets of their own holy book unless of course it has to do with policing the morals of others and preaching down on them


    • unknown Jo says:

      We are not judging him he has already been judged look at this mans rap sheet he needs to be locked up for the rest of his life in the UK so he can meet some real murderers. He is a cold calculated murderer the Cayman Islands are to easy and soft on criminals we need to start setting examples of these type of people. Zero tolerates you talk about him not being able to see family and Friends. What about the victims he killed there family and friends will never be able to speak or see them again.

      I say they need the Death penalty life for a life!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    They should lock all of you up for being prejudice and send you to england

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish the punctuation police arrested you for grievous harm to the English language.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @SSM345 so when do we determine that a person has sincerely changed? when do we allow them that chance to prove themselves? Put yourself in that persons shoes, and THEN cast your judgement, as if it were you facing these trials. For all we know, you probably cheating on your spouse, just not being judged because no one has caught you yet….

    • Anonymous says:

      The crime was committed and people are dead, never to have the chance of judging or being judged again, never to be seen again, never to appeal against the “death sentence” meted against them by a criminal. Easy to reform if you are trying to get a lesser sentence…you are still alive to do so. Do the crime, do the time. If you were “born again” you should understand the reasons why.

    • SSM345 says:

      Cheating vs Murder? Now there’s a comparison! Everyone and their dog knows who he is and what he was up too on the outside; we all know he has gotten away with murder too on multiple occasions; and the reason being people were to scared to speck up because he would shoot you. He needs to stay where we is; end of story.

    • Anonymous says:

      18/10/2017 at 9:28 am, you a FOOL! He is a multiple offender and career criminal that MURDERED people!!! WTF is wrong with you????

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just remember… “Judges have a certain amount of discretion to decrease the minimum term, depending on the circumstances of the crime. ” Which is what the outcome will be based on, not any of your personal feelings about the individual. Perhaps waiting to hear that part would be sensible before you comment. Haters gonna hate no matter what so do your job haters but you’re actually supposed to know something about someone before you can judge them .

  18. SSM345 says:

    A born again Christian and model prisoner? He is a murderer; will always be a murderer and should be treated such. He is trying to play the system so he doesn’t spend the rest of his sh*tty excuse for a life in prison We need to bring back hanging for people like this and his buddy Rhaziel. People like that do not deserve anything; and especially not freedom.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Life=life. Do not release the krakken.

  20. Dunz says:

    So send the prisoners and ex-pats, come on one or the other.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Send him to THE UK!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Send him to Belmarsh in the UK. That’ll take the wind out of his sail!!
    He’ll soon learn what hardened criminals are there…………it’s no Northward Resort Hotel.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Throw away the damn key already.

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