Twelve year sentence for beach sex crime

| 21/09/2017 | 83 Comments

(CNS): A West Bay man who was convicted of attempted rape, indecent assault and ABH was sentenced to twelve years in prison by Justice Charles Quin this week, having committed what the judge described as a “sustained violent attack” on his victim. Josh Alexander Bodden (29) attacked the woman, who knew him through her friendship with his uncle, on Barkers Beach as she was walking her dog. The judge recounted at sentencing that during the assault, the victim was punched in the stomach, received a “violent blow” to her left eye and was forced to perform oral sex.

In addition, Justice Quin referred to the degradation and humiliation Bodden caused and the use of “violence beyond the offence”. As well as a black eye, the victim also suffered injuries to her rib cage and scrapes on both sides of her lower lip.

When Bodden tried to have sex with the victim, despite her protests, he couldn’t get an erection and so forced her to perform fellatio. She tried to escape, the judge noted, at which point Bodden warned her, “If you do that again, I’ll kill you.”

Justice Quin also read from the victim impact report, where the woman said the very worst thing was that she couldn’t get the attack out of her head. She continues to have nightmares and is reminded of the assault whenever she looks in the mirror and sees the scar by her eye. She asked that Bodden be kept behind bars, saying, “He would have killed me.”

In the social inquiry report, the probation officer wrote that the victim was “impacted most significantly” on an emotional and physical level, and that Bodden caused her extreme fear by threatening to kill her.

Justice Quin also noted that Bodden showed no remorse until the “eleventh hour”, when he wrote a letter saying he was truly sorry. During the trial, Bodden insisted that he had been having an affair with the victim for seven months and that her injuries were sustained during a fall, assertions that the judge rejected, saying he did not believe the defendant’s story.

During sentencing, the judge said he could not ignore the “gratuitous and violent blow” to the victim’s left eye and the forced oral sex. “These offences all form part of a sustained, violent attack on this poor woman, innocently walking her dog on the beach.”

He also noted the attack took place on “one of our beautiful beaches”, adding, “When a woman is attacked in this shocking manner” it has a negative effect on the Cayman Islands.

Bodden has eighteen previous convictions, mostly drug-related, but also including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and robbery, for which he was sentenced to four years in prison, the judge recounted, pointing out that none of the previous penalties rehabilitated or deterred him.

After Justice Quin sentenced Bodden to twelve years for the attempted rape, and from 2½ to four years for the other counts, to run concurrently, he wondered whether the Legislative Assembly might consider raising the maximum sentence from fourteen years to life for such crimes, like in the UK, then said, “Mr Bodden goes to prison for twelve years.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The comments on this story are almost as sickening as the crime itself. Here’s a thought. CNS. Next time just report the crime and punishment. Don’t mention the name, nationality, gender, skin color, expat/Caymanian etc etc. then see how posters change their view.

    FFS people a crime is committed by a person. The other factors ARE NOT THE STORY. It wouldn’t matter what background this asshole has. He is a ********.

    • West bay Premier says:

      Anonymous 12:24am , why shouldn’t criminals not be exposed and punished to the fullest in every way ? Why would you want to hide the identity of criminals ? I would want to know if a criminal / sex offender / rapist /murder / thief is living next door to me and my family . What’s your taught about the questions only ?

      Then about the comments , they should be part of the punishment and harsher to help discourage criminals from doing the despicable things that they do to

      I think that we all should not defend / encourage and hide criminals like you are suggesting .

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe my post wasn’t worded properly. It was not intended to defend or protect the identity of criminals. It was meant to highlight how the reactions had morphed from the crime itself to talking about religion, local vs non local etc. and posters had lost sight of the real story. I agree with you.

        • West bay Premier says:

          That’s why you always think about what you say or write before you do it . But I give you a pass this time .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Him and Watson will be best buds.

  3. Naya Boy says:

    Caymanian Josh is just another SICKO and its criminals just like him,who are infact the exact reason and justification for certain hypocrites and sexual predators. Who have come here and made to feel right home amongst our little society of perverted sickooos. Its because of the josh’s of Cayman. He wants to be a sick @$$#OLE well there is place for him where all his sicko friends are hole up HMP. Lock him up lock him up lock him up!! No parole for these sexual menaces to society

  4. CAYMANIAN says:

    Let us remember that this child is not from a bad family. Josh is a gentle child and when I heard it I was like not Josh. He has such good manners and always so polite. I knew him from a baby and his parents are good people so to say sent him off this Island to serve the time is WRONG. He is a CAYMANIAN! There is people whom are not Caymanian and they have cases pending in their home towns and they don’t want to go back cause they would kill them, so why should we send him there. But who are CAYMANIANS now a days? Every dog and cat now here is Caymanian and we the TRUE CAYMANIANS are out numbered in this Island. I pray for Josh and that he will get reformed but I never seen one person come out that place called HMP tg at are not repeat and go back cause the drugs and alcohol is in there like they was on the streets. How do we have so much drugs in the prison? It is from people taking it in or what? The hand ins are checked by prisoners themselves and they see the stuff and get their share. There is got to be stricker rules in that place and let the officers work for their money. Drugs and alcohol is carried in daily for the prisoners via workers and if not stopped the place will continue to have all of Cayman young men in it. Too much foreign workers that don’t care about CaymaniansCaymanians and they continue to give it to them to keep their heads sick and so they will continue to keep jobs. Just look at the TREND of the Prison population.

    • Anonymous says:

      Er…what? So the brutal attempted rape isn’t the story here. The REAL story is those darned expats in the prison service and what a lovely kid the violent would-be rapist really is???? SMH

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Caymanian myself, I cringe to read your comment. Start by learning some grammar, you half-wit.

    • True Caymanian says:

      I cannot sit here and believe you write a piece of crap writeup like that about a potential rapist. Send the b to jail until there is no sun to come back out to. These sick pricks are ruining our country. 18 previous offences. And a write up like that. If it was his first MAYBE I would get it. But he is the sickening product of a kid gone bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the woman he raped? You are an evil person and as always all you people do is put blame on the foreign workers. get a life people like you make me sick, why don’t you go and work at the prison if you think you can do better? the way the majority of the self identified TRUE caymanians think is just ridiculous and very entitled but who am I to say that I’m a foreign worker

    • Anonymous says:

      As if this just turned into another “too many foreign workers” complaint. Get real! I am sure he was very gentle and polite while he was assaulting this poor girl…..

    • Anonymous says:


    • Unison says:

      I hope Josh reform his ways as well. Who knows … maybe he did already. But the cold reality is clear: HE HAS TO PAY FOR WHAT HE DID. You can’t blame no one else but Josh. He chose to commit the crime. And so must pay for it. ?

    • West bay Premier says:

      “Caymanian ” your comment on this disgusting pathetic guy .
      Just shows the mentality of some Caymanians on how they think and act and protect each other regardless if they’re wrong .
      This guy you know all your life and you knew that he has a long rap sheet , and you did nothing to help him understand that he needs to change his behavior that could have prevented what did to the lady . But would write what you wrote trying to defend him . You should be ashamed of yourself for saying what you said in that comment .

      Next time you know that your friend is getting on the wrong track and doing BAD THINGS try to get him/her on the right track doing GOOD THINGS.

    • West bay Premier says:

      Caymanian , before you write another comment , ask some friends to help you write it . And learn that criminal behaviors is bad and wrong , and don’t encourage them to do it. Teach them that they are doing wrong. And don’t defend them after they won’t listen to you .

    • concern citizen says:

      Why did the prosecution not request an order to protect society when he is release from prison like what they are doing with Webster?

  5. Nor says:

    It has often occurred to me that all these violent criminals should be surgically sterilized. Castrated if you like.

    No chance of them passing on their bad genes, less testosterone means less violent tendencies and no bragging rights to their buddies.

    Might make them think twice before robbing a store with a gun.

    Right to life one thing. Right to procreate another.

    • Cayman Lady says:

      I totally agree, Nor. I bet you that would stop these monsters, if they knew they stood a good chance of losing their prick after doing these crimes. In cases like this, I agree with the Middle Eastern countries. They should lose an arm or a leg, or worse if they do these sorts of crimes. Otherwise, when they get out of prison, they go right back to their offending behavior if not rehabilitated. And their chances for rehabilitation are next to nothing. Sorry for his parents and sorry for Cayman. We are certainly losing our young men to the scourge of drugs and alcohol. Pray for us!

  6. New Caymanian says:

    Maybe this is common in other Caribbean islands but I observe here a great deal of men just having sex with multiple women ppl and leaving children fatherless.

    While they are many single women who have raised their sons to become productive, decent men of integrity, it is proven that having a father involved in the lives of children, particularly boys, has a more positive outcome than not. A mother can never be a father to a child. They have different roles for a reason.

    Unfortunate that this young man chose the wrong path from early on.
    His mother and stepfather may be good people but if his biological father was a man of integrity, he would not have abandoned his child and maybe he would have turned out differently.

    I don’t believe that any child is born “bad”. Their choices and decisions stem from many factors, but the nurturing, love and guidance of both parents is the beginning. Economical, social and financial factors are secondary.

    • Unison says:

      If I’m not mistaken, pornography is still on the books, against the Law of the Cayman Islands! The penal code, I believe, should be revisited to exclude or block internet sites.

      I know it may sound a bit Talibanish, but many young men exposed to pornography, end up turning a woman into a sex-object. And our girls end up seeing themselves like that in order to sexually grab men’s attention. You can see it in how they dress and carry themselves. And also see the monetray advantage in selling themselves. The men too, unable to be satisfied with one woman and commit.

      But then again, it is for our government to seriously address these issues and legislate STRICT MORAL LAWS for the good of our society and well establish homes.

      Not too many like this comment because morality entails answering to a Higher Being and keeping Prayers in our schools. Right away to block them from poisonous sex material, is am assault against their rights ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Moral laws? Who decides what is moral? And please don’t say the pastors and churches. Christians have no clue what morality is.

        • Unison says:

          Like … you never heard of conscience, or discerning what is Natural Law? ?

          • No god says:

            Tell em 8:20. Preaching about morality when they’re the ones who use superstition as the foundation for theirs.

      • Anonymous says:

        More than a “bit” talibanish. That could be a page from their manifesto.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your response clearly shows you have no tangible knowledge of history.

  7. Fernando says:

    I suggest the Honourable Justice Quinn should have sent him to a Jamaican, Honduras or a Philippine prison. 18 other priors! What do you think this guy will do in 8 years when he is back out.
    Parents keep your children close and women only go out in groups.

  8. Cayguy says:

    He got off light, rub time like a man. Hopefully not to be a pos like you went in. Talking about “her injuries were sustained during a fall”. #GTFOH with that nonsense

  9. Unison says:

    I know I may sound very cold and lacking mercy … but we should leave that issue alone between the rapist and God. In other words –

    If a man of a mature age (he knows right from wrong), has sexual intercourse with a woman or girl without her consent; or, drugs the woman or sexually penetrates a girl before puberty and not of a matured mind …

    These acts should warrant the death penalty if the evidence is clear as day! Because the assailant “stole” something from the woman which was not rightfully his; and he forever destroyed her innocence. If she was a virgin, it is even worse.

    Our Justice system stems from a broken UK system. So that is why there is no death penalty! The rapist will serve time, indoctrinate other young men in prison, bragged how he took advantage of someone, and then he is released back into society in full view of the victims family and if married, her husband and or children.

    The rapist serves time by which tax payers like us have to pay for his accomodation until he is released free back into society and is able to get a job and live on! Cayman, we follow the UK and hence we have no true judgement for the offence of rape! What a massage we send out for other opportunist?!

    This is the way we deal with this sort evil.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Joshua.. someone I’ve known my whole life and used to be a good boy. Drugs really got the best of him. I hope to God this will finally rehabilitate him and I pray for the woman he assaulted. My thoughts are with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      God ? Where was he ? Vacation, or with trump in the US ?
      Wake up, we are not in the 1500’s anymore….

      • Unison says:

        We always have some know-it-all worm claiming there is no one to answer to ?

        Have you been raped to near death?! Have you lost all that you have?! Have you met death face to face?! You sit comfortably behind the key and do mind-gymnastics with your philosophy …

        Come back to me when you have went through hell, and say there is no God! O worm, you are not QUALIFIED to tell us there isn’t a God!

        But Peace✌?
        More growing up is needed

        • Anonymous says:

          And you, are not qualified to tell us that there is.

        • Anonymous says:

          We always have some know-it-all-holier-than-thou worm claiming that we have to answer to some imaginary friend in the sky.

          Have you been raped to near death?!? If so, why did your all-powerful imaginary friend not save you? You sit behind your keyboard and do mind-gymnastics with your fire and brimstone gloom and doom.

          Come back to me when you realize that there is no such place as heaven or hell and this imaginary friend of yours, in whose name you go to war over, is nothing but a figment of your imagination.

          Oh worm, you are not remotely qualified to tell us that there is indeed a god.

          i wish you love an peace. You have lots of growing up to do, because only children or the insane have imaginary friends.

          • Unison says:

            Seriously … until youve been through sh%t, come back and let me know if there’s no God ?

            No offence but we are like worms compared to the large universe. Did you know that? Your brain is very small.

            • Anonymous says:

              You don’t know me or my circumstances. I have been through unimaginable shit. I was mentally and physically abused as a child by someone who, like you believed in the existence of a god and who preached it every Sunday. I heard at Sunday school who Jesus loved the little children, yet he (Jesus, God) did not rescue me from my torturer. I have made peace with what had happened to me, and realize that it was not my fault. I was a child for goodness sakes! There are just evil bastards in this world. However, I cannot believe in the existence of a supreme being who has the power to stop evil and cruelty in this world, but chooses not to. How cruel! How unimaginably cruel! So, if there is a god and I do make it to the pearly gates some day, I will be sure to ask god, why he was so shit at his job.

              • Unison says:

                Of course its cruel! Thats why it is for you to rise above that. It either strengthens your faith in God, or it turns you like Job’s wife. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. IT IS YOUR CHOICE ?

                • Anonymous says:

                  Respectfully, bullsh1t.

                • Anonymous says:


                  • Anonymous says:

                    You all need to relax.. my days. I was making a comment. Whether you have faith or not – that shouldn’t matter. The main point of my comment was that my thoughts are with with the victim. Stop being so self centered!

            • Anonymous says:

              The truth is not a sin but can be very offensive, and to all of you empty balloons that doesn’t believe in God, just wait, because one day we all will have to face him and for those who blasphem, the furnace is burning hot waiting for you, ISAIAH 45:5,7
              5. I am the Lord and there is none else, there is no God besides me, I girded thee, though thou has not known me.
              7. I form the light, and create darkness I make peace, and create evil. I the Lord do all these things.

        • Anonymous says:

          The twisted and convoluted logic…my goodness to unravel your reason deficiency is the job of a real PhD logician, but since we scare them away with religious bigotry on the island and replace them with online Phds who fear God, you can continue to live in your bubble.

          You can think what you want to get you through the day, just dont share your imaginary friend and non-solutions with people who are trying to solve real problems. You arn’t qualified to tell other people how to live their lives and that includes you telling people whether to believe in your imaginary friend.

          The real worms are people like you who use religion to treat real mental issues, mental issues that are often caused by christians who gang up on people who just need a little help and not to be converted so they can pay you 10% out of their paychecks each week.

          • Unison says:

            You don’t have to be religious to believe in a God ?

            Yes … I love sharing my viewpoints. Don’t you???

            • Free College says:

              say it again.

              because a bachelors degree dont make you holy or educated.

              Just an expensive paper LOL

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes I have met death face to face about 20 years ago,
          Then I learned the hypocrisy of religion.

      • Anonymous says:

        God is still alive! This is the Devil’s doing…

        If this country was God fearing like it was back then, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        • Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

          If there is a god he is as guilty as the rape as josh since he had the power to stop it and did nothing. Some god you worship.

          • Anonymous says:

            God sent his son Jesus to the cross to die for Josh’s sins, but like you he rejected him. God did enough, he is a gentleman, if you don’t accept him he won’t intrude. He is waiting with open arms . You and josh might not accept him but one day you will bow your knees to him and you will have to give an account of what you say and do. May he have mercy on your soul. You cannot be as horrible as you sound Flying Spaghetti Monster.

            • Anonymous says:

              If you were born in Iraq, you would be a moslim.
              Stop being a fool, open your eyes to the world. And see what is REALLY happening.

            • Unison says:

              Indeed. There is something very significant about Jesus!

          • Unison says:

            If God stop every rape or crime from happening, there wouldn’t be freedom of choice! This is the gift endowed to everyone. It is for us to make better justice systems …

            My advice to you: Stop blaming God for “your” failures! You are too small minded to comprehend His wisdom. He also has the power to humble you ?

            • Anonymous says:

              But it’s ok to thank him for all your successes? Oh the logic

              • Unison says:

                But why you do that ??? When not every success is “His” doing. This IS logical seeing you are endowed by “Him” with self-potential ?

        • Anonymous says:

          An all powerful, all knowing omnipotent god is praised for all the good, but not held accountable to all the shit that he can prevent?

          • Unison says:

            We are given free-will to make a difference. So … who is really accountable???

            • Anonymous says:

              How does god give us free will, but yet still have a plan set in stone for us?

              • Unison says:

                The plan is mapped out the way you should go, but it takes two to tango ?

                • Diogenes says:

                  Every comment “Unison’ writes is more ridiculous than the last, do you even read what you post before you press the button because it truly appears like you don’t, you are clearly mentally disturbed, shame there are very few mental health resources on Cayman, your parents must have been pretty closely related for you to come out this special, do us all a favor, don’t reproduce, end your bloodline and fade into insignificance Thanks

        • Anonymous says:

          “Back then” the same thing was going on. They just got away with it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pity she didn’t bite it off!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The world and Cayman will be a better place without these types of Shit Bags. Why must the government spend on average CI$75,000 for Wastebags like these?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am confused, the judge questions the minimum sentence but then allows the various counts to run concurrently. Consecutive sentences would have put him away for over 20 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      …unless the judge didn’t have the legal latitude to make them consecutive. Sentencing guidelines frequently restrict that.

  14. BELONGER says:

    What makes this so sad, is that is biological father is a former most senior RCIPS officer who was not involved in his childhood or upbringing.

    His mother and stepfather are good people who did their best to raise him but unfortunately he went astray a long time ago with bad company.

    I wonder what the biological father thinks about him……..being the predator son he is ? Could he have turned out to be different, if the paternal father had been more actively involved in his life and upbringing ?

    I guess we will never know.

    • Anonymous says:

      We already know how he would have turned out. You said his mother and stepfather are good people. That means that they tried their best to raise him. Sometimes a bad egg is just that, a bad egg. I hope this woman is getting the help she needs. I am a little annoyed at the fact that Quin, J. is concerned about the negative impact on the Cayman Islands. This woman will have to live with what this man did to her for the rest of her life. She is going to beat herself up trying to figure out whether she did enough to fight back and the Judge is concerned about the image of the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Judge quin is a kind gentleman, of course it is a blemish on Cayman.

      • wawa says:

        12.34pm you are so right, a bad egg is just what it is a bad egg and no matter how some people try to help, they have their own destructive agenda this bad

      • Anonymous says:

        But it does seriously damage the islands reputation and indirectly the livelihoods of many Caymanians; the judges brief comment doesn’t detract from his sympathy for the victim, they are obviously in addition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please! I am sure his father, being a policeman didn’t teach him to go around raping women. I am a divorced woman who raised my children including boys and each one is a great contributor to these Cayman Islands. Many many women single handedly raise their children properly and have very good results. Stop making excuse for these demons. We should be able to give him the death sentence. Bring back the gallows and every politician is on notice to pass a law to give rapist a life sentence with out parole. These are not people, they are antagonistic demons.

    • Veritas says:

      9.42am Too many fathers here are only biological and nothing more. Had this man contributed to his son’s upkeep and education very likely this would never have happened.

      • BELONGER says:

        I agree with you Veritas.

        If the biological father had been involved in his life, then it would have been “an extra hand” that could have possibility kept him in line from a younger age. We say that it takes a village to raise a child, well part of that village is the biological father who was in fact absent during his entire upbringing.

        Despite having a good step father, having another father especially one wearing the highest uniform in the RCIPS, could have possibly made a difference. I cannot see why it would have made him any worst.

        I’m not making excuses for Josh egregious behavior but kid’s from a young age act out for many reasons including rejection. It’s starts off with smaller wrongdoings and then escalates to complete anti-social behavior; that we so often see today.

        My point is, men and women in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere, need to take greater responsibly today in raising their biological children.

        Greater responsibility and accountability in everything we do, makes a better society for all.

  15. Anonymous says:

    He is Caymanian isn’t he…

  16. Kelsie says:

    South church street alot safer this morning with out you ya little perverted prick time too short though it should 50yrs.

  17. Phil G Rock Steady says:

    Yes Joshy no more bragging bout ya exploits i see your sidekick is out on work release i hope he doesn’t pick up where you left off ya sick BAST@$#*

  18. Anonymous says:

    18 Previous convictions? You see this time and again because these guys don’t learn. Cayman is too soft on criminals, we need 3 strikes and you’re out like the USA.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Scum like him need to be removed from our
    society forever!

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