Three Jamaicans charged for drug smuggling

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(CNS): Three Jamaican men who were caught by marine police last Thursday night on a canoe with a large quantity of ganja as well as a number of caged roosters on board have been charge under the Misuse of Drugs Law with importation and possession of a controlled drug. The men, aged 31, 37, 53, were also charged with illegal entry under the  Immigration Law, police said. All three men will appear before the court today, 18 September.

Police previously reported that just before 11:00pm on 14 September, officers from the Joint Marine Unit who were on patrol off the eastern side of the Grand Cayman came upon a canoe from Jamaica. Following a brief pursuit, during which packages were thrown overboard, the canoe was intercepted.

Three men were taken into custody on suspicion of importation, and a large quantity of packages was recovered. Caged roosters that were on the canoe were confiscated, police said.

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