Minister denies cover-up over traffic charge

| 29/09/2017 | 19 Comments
Cayman News Service

Finance Minister Roy McTaggart

(CNS): PPM minister Roy McTaggart, who is facing charges of careless driving in connection with an old traffic case going back almost two years, has denied any cover-up of the case and told CNS that since he was charged, the matter has been in the public domain. McTaggart, who is now the finance minister, sitting on the front bench of the coalition Government of National Unity, has denied the allegation that he was involved in a smash at the junction of Poindexter Road and Shamrock Road in December 2015.

The driver of the vehicle involved in the collision with McTaggart was said to have lost control of her car and the vehicle flipped and landed in the bushes. The victim was treated at the George Town hospital for her injuries and given a breathalyzer, which was negative.

It is not clear whether or not the minister had remained at the scene or whether he was tested for DUI. Nor is it clear exactly when McTaggart, who is now the representative for George Town East, was actually charged with the careless driving offence.

His first traffic court appearance was in February, but it appears no one was aware of the case or noticed his name on the cause lists produced by the courts and posted to the judicial services’ website. The matter was next heard a few weeks ago, on 12 September, almost two years after the smash, when the case was adjourned again until February of next year.

Allegations have been made on social media that government, police and even the media had colluded in a cover-up of the charges. However, CNS can confirm that this was more a matter of no one noticing rather than any attempt on the part of the local media to assist the authorities to protect political leaders.

CNS was unaware of the case and Cayman 27 also confirmed that it only became aware of the charges due to court listings. Despite efforts, CNS has been unable to find out where in the public domain the details of the incident were ever released before McTaggart’s name appeared for the first time on the summary court listings just before his nomination for re-election.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People of character are always the ones the media drags through the mud. So petty. Was the other driver paying attention? Or did she jerk the wheel an cause her own accident? Get the details, then pass judgement.

  2. Thomas says:

    Man we really got some idiots in Cayman. Firstly of all this is Fake News because the title of the story suggests there were allegations of a cover up or that the Minister tried to cover it up. Obviously if one actually reads the facts no such thing happened. The Minister’s name appeared on the court list from the time he first appeared in court for the Careless Driving charge but the media failed to notice it on the court list. So the title of the story should be “Media fails to do its job” and the story should be about the media failing to exercise due diligence in not noticing that the Minister’s name was on the court list. In any event this is a simple traffic offence… this is a non story. #FakeNewsInCaymanToo

  3. Anonymous says:

    All this over a traffic ticket. Get a life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am shocked, shocked that any member of the public would suspect or believe that special consideration was expected or given to any high ranking governmental official in a traffic or criminal case.
    Shocked I say…

  5. BELONGER says:

    Careless Driving IS NOT a criminal offense in the Cayman Islands but simply a traffic violation. If convicted in traffic court, the sentence would merely be a fine ($300 – $500 CI) and he may have his drivers license endorsed. Although, this would be unlikely for a first time offender.

    If he actually caused the accident and injuries did occur, then the other motorist could file a civil law suit against him to claim compensation for injuries and distress etc… which would be covered by his insurance company.

    That’s about it – end of story.

    • annonymous says:

      Criminal offense or not, a blind man can see it was hushed up until now.

      Had it been any of the others it would been out there for all to see. Also it would have been brought up time and again to tarnish them leading up to the elections.

      It seems around here that what is good for the goose, is not good for the gander.

      So sad and unfair…no way all of the media houses would have missed that on the list.

    • Diogenes says:

      The fact that they can’t confirm if he remained at the scene or not or if he was tested for drugs and alcohol isn’t a problem for you then? Those seem like pretty relevant and important facts in an accident that could potentially change this from a traffic incident to a criminal incident not to mention the civil proceedings that could take place.

      • Anonymous says:

        No. Because the case hasn’t been heard yet. Obviously neither side is going to be talking out of court about what they know (or don’t know). AFTER the case goes to court then you’ll be in a position to opine about the case. Until the case is tried nothing is known. That is just normal for almost any case.

    • Anonymous says:

      End of story? Just like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is when you consider how many cases like this go through the courts. The closer you are to the system the more routine these things can seem compared to someone hearing about it for the first time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is an interesting story that seems to have kept ‘hush hush’ from the media and public. I am very interested to know more details about this case and the finance ministers role.

  7. Jah Dread says:

    More of the same old merchant class BS some things never seem to change ei?

  8. #CCTV1 says:

    Another PPM cover up they are all losing more credibility by the day.

    Other candidates prior to nomination and Election Day went thru the instense media spotlight for traffic offenses and personal matters. What makes Roy McTaggart special? #WHITELIVESMATTERTOO


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