Man convicted of molesting young child

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(CNS): Devon Alonzo Stewart (57) of George Town was found guilty Friday of a single count of committing gross indecency with a seven-year-old girl in September last year. In handing down the verdict after a judge-alone trial, Justice Tim Owen cited the “reliable, credible and truthful” testimony of the young victim, along with medical evidence that provided “strong, striking corroboration” of the offence. The charge concerned an incident act in which the defendant, who was known and trusted by the victim and her parents, assaulted the little girl in the back seat of his car by inserting his finger into her vagina.

Due to the age of the victim and the nature of the crime, the judge placed restrictions on the press about what can be reported concerning this case, including the names of the victim and her family, along with their addresses, her school and any other details that could lead to the identification of the victim.

The assault took place on an afternoon in September 2016, after the defendant had picked up the girl from school and driven her home. After checking that her father was not in the residence at the time (the mother was at a hair salon), the girl returned to the back seat of the defendant’s car, at which time he moved from the driver’s seat to sit next to her. He then assaulted her, despite her telling him to stop, after which, according to her video testimony, he said, “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill your mother.”

The incident came to light when the victim’s mother was bathing her and noticed her daughter “pulling away” and not wanting to be washed “down there”, where usually she would allow that. The girl was also crying. Her mother put her on the bed and noticed the area round her vagina was red and swollen and there was a discharge. Her mother later took her to the Cayman Islands Hospital and tests taken eventually came back positive for Trichomonas vaginalis (TV), the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world.

A key point in the crown’s case was that the defendant had also been confirmed as having TV, after going to the hospital six days earlier due to having a burning sensation when he urinated and a discharge from his penis.

Both attorneys called expert witnesses who offered testimony on the length of time TV can remain viable and infectious if it is on a surface like a towel or countertop or someone’s skin. In wet conditions (such as a wet towel), the bacteria can survive for 24 hours; in dry conditions (such as a dry hand) it can only last up to an hour.

In testifying for the crown, a nursing assistant at the hospital described seeing the mother and daughter, both of whom she knew, at the hospital and asking what was wrong with the girl. Her mother said she was sick and told her about what had happened in the bath and what she had discovered. The mother told the nursing assistant her daughter wouldn’t talk to her about it.

A doctor from Accident and Emergency then came to talk to the mother and she left with him, leaving her daughter with the nursing assistant, who said she “made much of her” by hugging her and asking how she was doing. She eventually asked if someone had touched her “down there”. The girl nodded her head, but did not name anyone.

When the mother came back, the two women whispered to each other behind the daughter so she couldn’t see. The mother asked if she had told her anything and the nursing assistant whispered, “Somebody touched her down there.” The mother became visibly upset and started to cry.

Part of defence attorney Alex Davies’ case was that the mother was overprotective and particularly sensitive about child abuse, and when she discovered the infection, she had “planted the seed” that someone had interfered with her.

Justice Owen rejected that argument, saying that if the mother had persuaded her daughter to name Stewart, it was “extraordinary” that she had not named him to the nursing assistant at the hospital. He also noted that at no stage had she named him, even though her mother had pleaded with the little girl to tell her.

The victim, who was aware of the issue of sexual abuse through watching the news with her mother, later named the defendant in a video interview with the police.

The judge recounted the testimony of the expert witnesses: for the crown, Dr Robert Cook, Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at the University of Florida, who is currently doing research on STDs; and for the defence, Dr Ahmos Farid Fahmy Ghaly, a consultant physician on genital urinary medicine since 1995, based in the UK, as well as a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Justice Owen pointed out that there was little real difference between the two experts on the mode of transmission, though Dr Ghaly gave more credence to the possibility of a non-sexual cause. That would occur if, for example, Stewart urinated and then touched the girl’s hand, or they shared a towel, after which she touched herself when using the bathroom.

When questioned by the defence on that point, Dr Cook said it was possible but he had never seen a report demonstrating that kind of transmission, adding that if it was common, there would be “a lot more cases in prepubescent girls”. Both witnesses agreed, however, the most common means of transmission is through sexual contact. In this case it would be Stewart infecting the girl by putting his finger into her vagina.

The defendant, who denied the charge, said under questioning by the crown, “I could never do that to a baby; I would need a firing squad.”

He said the girl would visit him every day and use the bathroom. On Sundays he would take mother and daughter to the beach, and on their return the mother would go to her apartment to shower and the child would use his shower and dry herself with his towels, which he didn’t wash often. The suggestion was that she contracted the infection through non-sexual means, though the defence attorney did not question the victim’s mother about Stewart’s assertions.

Crown counsel Greg Walcomb had disputed the defendant’s statements, pointing out that the victim’s mother indicated in her testimony that she was overprotective and so she would never have allowed her daughter to shower at Stewart’s house.

Justice Owen rejected the defendant’s explanation, saying it was “obvious he lied” to bolster his case for any transmission other than his finger, though he cautioned against assuming that meant he was guilty. At one point during the trial he asked the defence attorney if it was his position that it was an “incredibly unfortunate coincidence” that the child also suffered from TV, and the response was “yes”.

The judge described the victim as an “intelligent child” who could well understand the difference between the truth and a lie.

Justice Owen told the court, “The striking fact is that the very person (the victim) accused tested positive for Trichomonas six days before the assault and fourteen before she tested positive.”

In the end, the judge said he was “satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that the defendant committed gross indecency” with the child.

While noting that Stewart was of good character with no previous convictions, he said this was a “serious offence” that required a custodial sentence.

Both a social inquiry and victim impact report will be prepared, with sentencing tentatively set for 20 November by a video link, as Justice Owen returned to the UK Friday.

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  1. anonymous says:

    he should be named and shamed and not allowed to live near any children…….what a scumbag. Castrate him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um… The name of the paedophile is in the first sentence of the article.
      There. Now you can shame him.
      Here, to help you out; Devon Alonzo Stewart (57) of George Town

  2. Anonymous says:

    Him Webster can share a cell .
    Maybe just put him in with Mr. Tripod

  3. Good over Evil says:

    This is his second attempt on a underage girl. The first one the mother stood up for him and lied in court for him.. putting him before her own child saying he didnt do it. It was someone else but could never bring that someone else

  4. Anon. says:

    Please let us not make this a Caymanian vs expat thing. Any person who thinks or looks at a child in a sexual way and acts on those thoughts is a depraved individual irrespective of their nationality.

    Expats didn’t come here and show Caymanians how to be perverted!
    You have a lot of perverted Caymanians!

    Cases are not reported because the perpetrator is a father, grandfather, uncle, aunt, brother, cousin, or someone who is supposed to be an upstanding citizen.
    They walk away free and live their life like nothing happened and their victim is left broken, trying to put the pieces of their life back together.

    I know we are a small island but sweeping it under the carpet is not helpful. The shame should not be for the victim, shame their abuser!

    I want to know the people who are convicted of sex crimes, especially against children! I want to know if they are my neighbor, if they are the person greeting me in the grocery, gas station or hardware store.

    So many cases where they have withheld identities because they say they are protecting the victim. The victim is already going through torment, whether they are identified or not.

    What is needed is a society with empathy for victims, a society where the victim is not ashamed to be identified because they will have the community supporting them, not gossiping about them.

    We have to stand up to save our children.
    Let it be known that this abuse will not be tolerated.
    10 years minimum mandatory sentencing!
    Name them and shame them. Hopefully they will think many times before committing these heinous acts.

    We have mandatory sentencing for possession of a firearm but discretionary for the abuse of a child?

    Why isn’t there more outrage about these things?

    People rather sit in their house or office and gossip about these things than to do something meaningful and selfless. Maybe until it is their child or grandchild, then they will feel the rage.

    We need to protect ALL our children, get back to “it takes a village to raise a child” so I am not just looking out for my own but my neighbor, co-worker, friend’s children too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, these derelicts, warped. depraved and damaged monsters need to be hanged! Why spend enormous amount of $$$$ and resources on these monsters when good children cant pay their way through a University or College?

  6. Bertie : B says:

    Cant figure out just what to hell is going on with these peoples minds , children are at greater risk with people that are known to them ,than they are with strangers , this perverted bastard has NO right to even call himself a Man . Castrate this PIG .

  7. Very Concerned says:

    Lucky that the Police did a proper investigation! and hopefully get a conviction. I am concerned about these BDOTC children Cayman is integrating wont fall prey. It’s not looking good for Cayman. I would think twice if I was one of these parent.

  8. West bay Premier says:

    He is lucky that wasn’t my 7 year daughter , disgraceful, disgusting despicable , pervert.
    But sense it’s in the Judge hands I hope that the pervert gets a life term lesson .
    His good record means nothing to me because he’s too old NOT to know better .

  9. Anonymous says:

    And now everyone knows the name of this pervert and will adjust their attitude towards him accordingly.

  10. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    Disgusted How a 57 year old man could do this because where they come from its a common practice to defile children especially young girls.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a sick SOB! I hope the judge sentences him so long his cell door will rust shut.

  12. Puritan says:

    I just hope he dont get 7 months like the last one who did this Whilst locals get 12 years Good Character you got to be joking was that to justify his employment at our Agriculture Department. Question Why did you get fired the last time? In Short too many of Unaah pedophiles here employed. Its time many like you sickoooos mr Stewart who need to be sent home and made to leave our shores. I guess we should count our selves lucky they didnt loose your file again and you made it to court like many other files that have gone missing or misplaced. Cayman they are destroying our little place and all some are worried about are fees that strenghten their hold and stay in Cayman. Times up PPM you and Mckeeva holistic marriage of convience needs to go.

  13. Anonymous says:

    well he asked for it. Lets give it to him. Firing squad.

  14. Observer says:

    Please Judge life imprisonment is the was for this sick guy I beg you

  15. Disgusted says:

    What a sick man! What is happening to this little island? This perverted behaviour appears to be more frequently recently.
    I blame a lot of this on depraved minds from watching pornography.

    How could a 57 year old even think to do this to a child?
    He couldn’t find an adult woman, even if he had to pay for it.
    I can’t begin to imagine how the mother feels.
    You do everything you can to protect a child and yet the people you trust the most are the ones who are now doing these heinous acts.
    So trust no one.

    I don’t care how old he is, the judge better give him a sentence that sends a strong message.
    This sicko said he would need a firing squad if he did that to a child. Well he did do that to a child, pity we can’t legally arrange that for him

    When you read about these disgusting people getting 9 months, 18 months, 2 years what message is the justice system sending?
    That our children are not important, they mean less to a society, that gives a person more time for having a gun but not committing a crime than they give to someone who has negatively impacted a child’s life forever.

    • Anonymous says:

      But prostitution is illegal here. So, risk paying for it and going to jail. If you can find it. Or go to jail doing this to a vulnerable person. Maybe this is why the government should legalize prostitution?! Two consenting adults, would mean less kids get abused huh.
      Is prostitution gross. Yes, but who are you to judge someone else’s morals when they are adults.

      • Unison says:

        So kindly listen to yourself –

        It is ok then for two consenting adults to watch a 5 year old in bed with a 50 year old man …

        “O wait,” you say, “it is these adults moral right to watch this child pornography.”

        Are you telling me government should leave people to their own morals??? ?

        Do you really know what are universal moral laws, and the consequences of breaking these laws??? I don’t think you know

        • Anonymous says:

          The powers that be, LOVE, to prey on children. Always has been that way.

          Just harder to hide it today with all the technology and media outlets and obvious rise in population world-wide.

          These people are beyond saving.

      • Disgusted says:

        So if I am understanding your stand is that because prostitution is not legal here, this man was justified in what he did?
        What kind of animal are you?
        You sound just as sick as him
        Unfortunately, even when there is a consenting adult available, some people mind is so messed up, they still lusting after a child.
        I pray for this innocent, vulnerable child.
        Unless you have been a victim of abuse, you have no idea how this impacts a child for the rest of their life.
        All because of perverted, sick individuals.

      • West bay Premier says:

        1:14pm , that’s how he got the STD that the little girl had . By paying for it. I say lock um all up .

    • Unison says:

      There was a time English Law followed the Jewish Halaka, and flagellation or flogging was administered against the offender usually on his or her back for certain crimes. Today, some countries in the East do flagellation.

      But lo and behold, our beloved UK system which forbid us to have death penalty, merely imprisons these offenders where they get free food, fellowship with other criminals and brag about how they molested a baby girl! Then WITH NO BEATINGS, the same man walks boldly out of the prison in view of the victim and victim’s family.

      Now you tell me what message that is sending ???!

      Seeing the offender’s offence doesn’t amount to capital puishment, at least if there is clear evidence that the man sexually assaulted a baby girl, have him FEEEEL that his actions are wrong too.

  16. Unison says:

    These men today in our society flooded with lustful images and pornographic material, see young beautiful girls way below their age and constantly think sexual perverted thoughts, and think no wrong about it. Because they habitually entertain these thoughts themselves at a young age, and these desires grow like seed and gets the better them. Hence, shamefully, you even have gray haired men, supposed to be of wisdom, still mentally weak and perverted. Such men have no self-control or care for development of a young child. And what is worse and makes me upset the most, is that one time, a part of Cayman’s culture was dressing modestly. You just have to look at our old Cayman black and white photos and see the modest dress our women wore. Now today, we have lost it. Sadly parents have no modesty and allow their little daughters to show their curvators and body in the public. These girls becomes feast to men’s sensual desires. And if you talk to them about, they look at you in a strange way and say it is their business how they dress! As if you’re trying to restrict them or take away their happiness.

    BUT FOLKS … THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR A MORAL BASED SOCIETY, IS WITH BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS. “PERVERSION” IS LIKE CANCER. Rooving eyes of men and immodest dressing have to cease; or, else we will see more crimes like this one! Remember I tell you ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Blame the victim why don’t you!!! She was 7 he was an adult, end of story. You do not blame a child because a man cannot “control” himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are just as sick as the man that did this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor excuses sick society

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a part of the problem.

    • Diogenes says:

      Doctor Diogenes is declaring Brain death,
      You heard it here first folks,
      Kids are abused because we don’t have them covered up down to their toes like back when the Unabomber was a boy ( I guess this means there is no child molestation in majority Muslim countries that follow conservative dress standards… oh wait) , Do you even think before you post garbage like this? This person is clinically insane and needs to seek mental help, blaming molestation on parents and kids for wearing normal clothes. Unabomber YOU are one of the many cancers on this island and you and your antiquated morals have no place in this world, your victim blaming is shameful. Someone needs to head over to your house and cut your internet connection to save us all the trouble of your shit because I am tired of it (and clearly from the like to dislike ratio and the replies I’m not the only one). These abusers need mental help (similar to you) and of course because you were conceived with the dinosaurs you blame what you don’t understand “pornography” which has existed in many forms for hundred if not thousands of years. These abusers are adults and are thus expected (and rightly so) to act appropriately around minors this is not a cultural problem, no one is raised (or should be raised) to target or lust for prepubescent individuals. You evidently don’t understand how biology or genetics works because you have the brain capacity of two sticks in two separate containers of mud but genetically and evolutionary men are attracted to females that have gone through puberty (yes there is a tendency for men to be attracted to younger WOMEN but this is due to said younger WOMEN being stronger and healthier and more likely to reproduce easily and healthily) Attraction to children is a completely different conversation and you clearly can’t wrap your infantile brain around the concept that these abusers brains work differently from normal and healthy human brain. I will fight every stupid conservative lie you post and I will dispute all your bullshit, nothing makes me happier. Recurring theme: YOU CAN’T SPELL GO BACK TO PRIMARY SCHOOL Remember I tell you

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, but you took someone’s opinion and exaggerated it.

        Kids should not be dressed inappropriately. All people should be moderately covered. We don’t need to see your bits, thank you!

        I personally don’t want to see kids, or anyone else’s parts. The world is sick with sexualising everything in society today. Less is more. More is less.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear ya man. what is also disturbing is that there is tons and tons of child pornography on the web with no stopping it. (Sick)

      So, it’s something that is also being promoted through media etc. Even television, you see children constantly being sexualized and their innocence being stripped away from them.

      Even your kids’ online games have some really weird pop-ups etc. so when you think your kids are watching “kids” stuff, you’re so wrong.

      Sexual perversions are everywhere today; you are constantly being brain-washed to thinking it’s “okay”.

      We’re not just “what we eat”. We’re also, what “we watch”, “listen”, “read” and the people we choose to align ourselves with.

  17. Frigbert says:

    Scum bag

  18. Anonymous says:

    Throw the book at him……

    nasty beast!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Deportation order?

    • wawa says:

      any person who is not a born Caymanian , who commit any offence that carries a jail sentence over six montths deport them. if its granted by cabinet or no sent them back home for ever. worthless animals, take that back most dumb animals are better than them. and on second thought caymanians cayman born who do these acts send them to IRAN PUPLIC EXECUTION HUNG UP BY A CRANE IN PUBLIC/


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