CAL waives fees to destinations impacted by Irma

| 05/09/2017 | 14 Comments

(CNS): With Hurricane Irma expected to cross the north of Cuba later this week and then turn north to hit Florida, Cayman Airways has announced that it will be waiving change fees for passengers who wish to cancel their flight reservations for travel between the Cayman Islands and Miami, Tampa, and Havana. CAL says the waiver applies to those passengers who are holding ticketed reservations made on or before 5 September for travel between 5-12 September. Passengers will be responsible for paying any fare difference.

Travel for changed flight segments may be rebooked for a date up to six months from the original travel dates, or within 12 months of the original purchase date, whichever is sooner. Refunds are not allowed on non-refundable tickets.

For more information, customers can call Cayman Airways Reservations on 345-949-2311 or 1-800-422-9626 (toll free within the USA). They may also refer to the Hurricane Protection Policy on the Cayman Airways website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just called Cayman Airways to book two of my family members to come out of Miami only to be told it is going to cost me US$438.14 each.. This is price gouging at a time when Cayman AIrways needs to be a good corporate citizen. I asked the agent why the fares are so expensive and she apologized and said it is a fare that management just put in place because of the Hurricane,,,,Say what??? Every other airline has reduced their fees and Cayman Airways as doubled theirs? This is ridiculous, and as much as I like supporting my airline, I am not willing to pay twice as much for the same airline seat.

    I just called American and they have fares round trip for US$269 including taxes..I have also been watching the Miami news and every airline operating in and out of Miami have introduced low fares to its customers flying in and out of there..Why is Cayman Airways doing the exact opposite and raising their prices..

    I am reaching out to the Minister directly and I am asking CNS to do a story on this..Moses, this is price gouging at a time when people can least afford it. Cayman AIrways does not need the bad press now …Please get in touch with the Management at Cayman AIrways and set this right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Waiving the change fees are okay but how about lowering the prices? I am a student living in Miami and I am flying in on American today to avoid the hurricane and returning on Monday, hopefully…

    I tried Cayman Airways as my first choice and the price was over $500. I am flying American for $269 round trip and American will waive my change fees too..

    The Management at Cayman Airways needs to look into this. You are forcing people like me that are loyal customers to look for other choices. Charging twice the price during times of crises is not fair and in my mind is price gouging.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Says CAL we roll like a friends and family club, government funded bus service. If you’re not their charity list you’ll find no quarter here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Meh. I’m a family member and I fly free anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Neither is the current $512.34 price tag to fly to Miami. That was the cost before Irma and it’s the same into the following week. Total rip off!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Passengers will be responsible for paying any fare difference.
    That is not nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that is the way to make up all the waived fees. They block out all the low prices on all flights next week so you have no choice but pay the fare difference..terrible!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry you feel that way, but it is standard industry policies and practices, in such situations airlines usually waive the change fee and any fare difference is collected for the changed flights whether rebooking for same cabin or not.

      Just had to do that with other airline, damn you Hurricane Irma!!

      But on a real note, say you purchased economy and only business available on 1 or both your new flights; it’s okay you sit in business and receive perks at no additional cost?

      Fares are subject to availability, advance purchase etc and unless you book a nonrestricted fare the lower fares are what sell first.

      #educateyourselves #aviation #getalife #leaveCALalone #iloveKX

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