Alden and Austin to share office

| 17/09/2017 | 30 Comments
Cayman News Service

Alden McLaughlin campaigning, May 2017

(CNS): Premier Alden McLaughlin, the MLA for Red Bay, and Austin Harris, the MLA for the neighbouring district of Prospect, are in the process of establishing a shared constituency office. Harris, a former radio talk-show host, is not a member of the PPM but joined the government benches following the May General Elections. He now serves as counsellor in the premier’s Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration (HRI).

McLaughlin, currently based at the Progressives’ George Town MLAs’ office on Crewe Road, will be moving closer to his constituents.

Cayman news Service

Austin Harris

At a community meeting in Red Bay Saturday night, McLaughlin said that they had struggled to find an office in one of the two constituencies as commercial space is limited. However, they have found space in Grand Harbour and will be moving in shortly.

The office will be staffed full time, Monday to Friday, so there will be someone to take messages and deal with issues, the premier said. He and Harris will be there at set times and people can make appointments to see them.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Why would you put a criminal in with the premier – it has to be a joke!

  2. Anonymous says:

    At least Austin answers his phone and he remembers his promises. Last week he was seen on his own expense cleaning up an area that he promised he would do that was a sore eye to the Public. He will make a good Leader just give him a chance please. We need to forget this soldier crab mentality. PLEASE !!

  3. anonymous says:

    Truth be told I am amazed at the transformation in Austin’s demeanor. When I heard him on the wireless during the election campaign I could hardly believe it was him. A brain transplant? I dunno, but whatever he’s transformed himself into (by whatever means, surgical or otherwise) is a huge improvement over the previous incarnation, and good luck to him! As regards sharing an office with Alden, well it could work, but only if Austin is treated as an equal, which might present a challenge.

  4. Sharkey says:

    It really amaze me how the Politicians thinks that they are so big and busy today compare to yesterday in Cayman Islands. I remember not too long ago , you could meet anyone of the Politicians anywhere even though they had an office in the Govt bld and discuss any issue that the people had , and if it was good for the Islands it would have been brought to the LA . BUT today they got to have a full time office just to take appointment.

    For what reasons is all this about . Is it all about the behind closed doors deals .

    But Mr Austin take an old man advice , stay away and be yourself and look after your people who you made promises to , and you will get re-elected if you decide to run again .
    But you won’t sharing that office .

    • Anonymous says:

      Time has moved on…back then there weren’t as many people living in the country which means there were much less people demanding to see the politicians…we forget that they are not robots and are in fact human beings and can be overworked and burnt out just like you and I can. Setting up an office to run schedules etc. in this day and age is a necessity.

  5. anonymous says:

    Should be interesting. I’ll give it a week before the police are called to break up a fight outside their shared accommodation. The Odd Couple?

  6. Anonymous says:

    So what is the need to rent space in Hurley’s when the headquarters building on crew road is hardly used! Alden, Austin, Roy can all use that space in creating a schedule of when they each will be there. Crazy, how we keep spending unnecessary money to not only rent space, but also hire full time staff who will take messages and “deal with issue”?!?! How available or present will both Alden & Austin be with a constituency office? More so Alden, given that his responsibilities are so vast! Premier, Minister responsible for numerous entities! Has he bitten off than he can chew? OR is this the continued lip service?…. ah boy.. here we go…. another four years of empty promises.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dumb and Dumber.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, they can save public $$$$ when it suits them but just outside their (proposed) office door, they’re ready to waste public $$$ to re-design the roundabout and lanes which were created less than a decade ago!!


  9. anonymous says:

    Are we really so short of decent law abiding politicians that we need these people with criminal backgrounds being in office. What is Premier doing condoning this abusive idiot? And to share an office with him – whose idea was that?

    • anonymous says:

      Probably Alden’s by way of trying to connect with ordinary everyday people through Austin. There is method in it, I reckon.

  10. Sharkey says:

    I wonder how many full time jobs , this full time office are going to create . He is sucking Austin right into the PPM party and he Austn don’t even know it .

    But have a full time Office managed full time shows that no one is trying to save Government no money . What’s wrong with having the Office open 2 days per week sense one has to make appointments to see either of the two .

    Why are they trying to make the Government so big ? They must have got hold of FIFA blue print, and you remember how that is was played out .

  11. Anonymous says:

    Austin and Jon Jon two of my biggest disappointments. Didn’t take them two weeks to forget all those campaign promises. SMH I am truly disappointed in them. All talk and no walk!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Austin you weak bro. All that talk of being Independent and now you sharing office with the Party leader to rahtid

  13. Anonymous says:

    One would swear they were hundreds of miles away. I guess anything to keep that farce of a government together.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Staffed full time eh! I know who ain’t winning in prospect again! Better get ready to go back to that $3000 a month radio job you sellout!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sellout??!! It is not Austin’s fault that the IND Govt failed. Plus, i hear Prospect is getting some infrastructural improvements that Mr. Harris has been requesting.

      You get more things done when you are on the inside.

      Are you even from Prospect?

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually it is his fault, he jumped ship before it left port

      • Anonymous says:

        More things done for yourself is what you should have said! You clearly have been visited ONE TIME by Austin! Austin has turned out to be a true politician, maybe because he spent so much time around them but he will learn just like Wayne Panton why you best build with concrete. Alden and Austin I’m glad to say goodbye best save them pay checks. If this was elsewhere you all would not be allowed in public

      • Anonymous says:

        If Austin was indeed a part of the Independent movement and not an imposter independent would that not mean that he FAILED to form a Government too?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Austin might as well join the PPM now that Alden owns him. No shame and no integrity from either they deserve each other.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nice way to condone physical violence against women, Alden.


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