GT Primary needs $53K more for arts centre

| 22/08/2017 | 7 Comments
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Reviewing plans for the arts centre

(CNS): George Town Primary School’s PTA is still around $53,000 short of making their five-year project to create a performing arts centre for students a reality. The PTA and the school’s principal, Marie Martin, have been working with the education ministry and private sponsors on the centre, which is nearly complete, but the PTA is continuing the fundraising needed for instruments, seating and A/V equipment. The clock is ticking as the goal was to have the centre ready by September and the start of the new school year.

The PTA has already raised funds which have covered the cost of some equipment and the Ministry of Education has financed mechanical upgrades to the building. Davenport Development has been the major private sponsor, covering the cost of construction. But the PTA is now appealing to the public to help finish the project and fund a video recording system which is priced at around $3,000, theatre curtains (about $10,000), a baby grand piano and other instruments including drums and music stands (about $10,000), and the collapsible seating needed for events (about $30,000).

The president of the PTA, Cheyenna Stewart, said the project shows the true nature of how the Parent Teacher Association, community and government can work together to provide further opportunities to children in the performing arts. “As the PTA president, I am very excited to see that all of our children will have the opportunity to participate in the many programmes that we are looking to offer with the availability of this centre. The PTA is continuing to raise the balance needed for the curtains, video system, baby grand piano and other musical instruments as well as the theatre seating,” she said.

There are several published studies that have found students who participate in dance, drama, music, and visual arts showed more positive academic and personal well-being outcomes than students who were not as involved in the arts. Academic outcomes included motivation, homework completion, class participation, enjoyment of school, and educational aspirations; while personal well-being measures considered such factors as self-esteem, life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning or purpose.

Newly elected MLA Barbara Conolly, who has been acting as the temporary Minister for Education, applauded the work of the PTA and the support of sponsors. “It is through partnerships like this one that we can continue to ensure our children are offered opportunities to feel successful and develop God-given talents. We encourage others to support the PTA in their quest of outfitting the performing arts centre and hope they can accomplish their goal for the new year,” she added.

Paul Pearson and Ken Thompson from Davenport said it is important children have spaces where they can be creative and express themselves. “The arts are not only beautiful to watch, but also can be therapeutic for children that may be experiencing stressors at home. We are happy that several other companies have stepped up and made this project a reality for the benefit of the children,” the sponsors said.

Other supporters include Cox Lumber, Supermix Concrete, Paul Bodden Heavy Equipment and Merlin Seymour. For more information on how to sponsor this project, email the George Town Primary School PTA.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the rest of the school falling apart?…………………

  2. Anonymous says:

    By all accounts it appears this money would have been better spent on Maths and English.

  3. Diogenes says:

    Wonder where that $100 million Government budget surplus is?

    • Anonymous says:

      Going to teachers salaries I hear

    • Anonymous says:

      Really. I applaud the PTA, but why isn’t the government building and furnishing the public primary school auditorium? The PTA should not have to do this. They should only need to add whatever luxuries the community can afford. Why is everything so difficult?


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