Defendant admits illegal gun at courthouse door

| 04/07/2017 | 7 Comments

(CNS): A local man due to stand trial before a jury this week for possession of an illegal gun came clean when he appeared in the dock Tuesday. Kylan Hunter, who was arrested last April near Calico Jack’s Beach Bar, initially denied having an unlicensed loaded semi-automatic 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol and 11 rounds of ammunition when he was stopped by armed police. 

The crown was due to open the case against Hunter Tuesday morning with his girlfriend as a key witness. Juliette Lathan, who was arrested alongside Hunter outside the West Bay Road beach bar, pleaded guilty to the gun possession last July and agreed to give evidence.

Following Hunter’s change of plea, the jury was directed to deliver formal guilty verdicts. Hunter was then remanded in custody until 24 August for sentencing. Lathan remains on bail and is now due to be sentenced the following day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    guns and roses…how are these stupid guns getting here? ?

    • Anonymous says:

      By boat when drug shipments come in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well it started with them making the guns in America, because as you all know there is a gun shop on every street corner,then they are smuggled down south to Haiti then on to Jamaica were they are traded for drugs to be shipped back to America to feed their endless appetite for it, and therefore they are spread all over the Caribbean to any other islands for the same trade off, as long as America has no gun control the world will stay violent, who do you think armed the terrorist, certainly wasn’t us in the Caribbean, we don’t make guns.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are absolutely correct. We don’t make guns, we just make idiots.

        • Anonymous says:

          Truth. And somehow I don’t think all the violence in the world is caused by lack of gun control.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so right 5.03pm. The Caribbean don’t manufacture firearms but they certainly manufacture the idiots that thiink its big and cool to use them!! Parenting skills, Education, Social Sevices and Child Protection are the basics of nipping this in the bud. Yes the US do condone legal firearms but they cannot be blamed for the idiots in the Caribbean that want to use them. There’s plenty of illegal of everything in this world from drugs to alcohol to criminal activities of various descriptions. It’s down to the individual if they are bad asses or easily cohersed into this web. As the saying goes, “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” No one holds a gun to anyone’s head and shoves liquor down his throat or cocain up his nose! It’s each individuals choice. Thankfully we live in a free country. Use this freedom wisely all you crack heads out there. Make your parents proud of you and set a good example to your children or you too, will be on that BA flight to London, never to see the light of day until you are a very old man. Your life wasted! Is this what you desire??………..I don’t think so.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anywhere in the world you go you’re going to find idiots,but considering that the gun crimes here in cayman are not as half as bad as our neighbours to the north, we should all be grateful that our idiots here doesn’t create mass murders of innocent people like gay club patrons, church goers, elderly people, children in schools, airplane passengers, etc, and the list goes on, so yes I do agree that we make idiots but ours here are still a minority compared to the mass majority

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