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Cayman News ServiceThe Department of Environment writes: We appreciate the need for security and fortunately studies show that turtle friendly lighting does not compromise security and safety. Turtle friendly lighting does not mean that beach front properties must be dark – instead, lights can be directed to illuminate only areas of the property that are used and enjoyed by residents rather than shining inefficiently into the sky and toward the beach.

Many turtle friendly lighting options will not be apparent to residents, while others are visually appealing – for example, amber lights do not impact turtles and are often likened to candlelight. Other cost effective and flexible options for turtle friendly lighting include planting vegetation such as hedges in front of lights, lowering and shielding lights, and putting security lights on motion detectors. As turtle friendly lighting is now a legal requirement in Florida and other US states, these methods are tried and true.

Indeed, overly bright non-turtle friendly lighting creates a sharp contrast between lighted and dark areas, making non-illuminated areas nearly impossible to see. Permanent lighting also provides illumination which allows criminals to see what they are doing, and it does not provide an alert when intruders enter a property. Turtle friendly options – such as installing motion detectors or forcing trespassers to use flashlights – draw more attention and thus reduce crime.

Turtle friendly lighting is a win-win solution for turtles and beachfront property owners. Not only does turtle friendly lighting protect sea turtles, but it may dramatically reduce energy costs and it benefits residents and visitors when sea turtle nesting at a property increases (as it often does after retrofitting with turtle friendly lighting).

The DoE has published a document entitled ‘Turtle Lighting: Advice & Guidelines”, which is available on our website here or please contact us at doe@gov.ky for more information.


CNS: This comment was orininally posted by the DoE in response to queries on the matter in regards to this article: Turtle hatchlings threatened by lights and fire. We have reposted it as a Featured Comment in case some people who might benefit from the information provided missed it.

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