Seven dead in third UK terrorist attack in 3 months

| 04/06/2017 | 47 Comments
Cayman News Service

Prime Minister Theresa May

(CNS): The UK faced a night of terror Saturday after three men killed seven people and wounded 48 victims in the country’s third terrorist attack in as many months. British Prime Minister Theresa May suspended election campaigning in the country Sunday, after chairing a crisis meeting of the nation’s Cobra committee to discuss the UK’s response to the latest attack, which took place on London Bridge and the Borough Market on the south side of the Thames. But she said the election would still go ahead as planned Thursday.

The Cayman Islands premier offered prayers, thoughts and sympathy to the people of London and offered his support to the prime minister and her comments that there has been “far too much tolerance of extremism” and that the UK would step up its fight against Islamist terrorism.

I pray that the general election in London that is set for this coming Thursday will be peaceful,” McLaughlin said.

Similar to the Westminster attack in April, the three men involved ran people down on the bridge in a van before getting out and stabbing people in restaurants and bars nearby. Although the men were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests, the police established that these were fake and officials believe they wore the vests to spread panic and fear.

All three attackers were shot dead by police within 8 minutes of the attack beginning as the capital has, like the rest of Britain, been on high alert this last few weeks after the suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester two weeks ago.

After the incident police wasted no time before rounding up possible associates of the attackers and arrested a dozen people at an address in Barking, East London.

In statement Sunday, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick spoke of the “extraordinary brave actions by officers — on and off duty — who were first on the scene”, as well as the reports of emergency services and members of the public who ran towards the danger as this incident unfolded. It is understood that an officer from the transport police confronted and brought down one of the terrorists armed only with a baton. He was stabbed and is one of many uniform personnel and civilians recovering in hospital.

“Many, many people risked their own safety to help others and to treat those seriously injured and indeed to confront the suspects involved,” said Dick. “It is clear to me that the courage of those people during and following the attack was extraordinary and I pay tribute to all of them who came to the aid of those in need during this dreadful attack and I am sure helped to save lives.”

The first people caught up in the terrorist attack, believed to have been inspired by people loyal to Islamic State, were pedestrians on London Bridge.

“This is a fast-moving investigation and we have significant resources deployed both to the investigation and to the visible patrols,” Dick stated. “Our priority now is to work with our colleagues in the National Counter Terrorism Policing Network and also with the intelligence agencies and other security services to establish more details about the individuals who carried out the attack and the background to it.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading these posts and wondering if the contributors ever picked up a history book in their lives.

    The vivid and damning description of today’s ISIS terrorists could seamlessly apply to the “settlors”, “explorers”, and “conquerors” that brought the Christian, western / new world into existence.

    Yes, those were the greatest terorrists in all of relevant history – only difference was they had white skin, originated in Europe and were slaughtering irrelvant, Brown and Red people.


    As far “winning the lottery” as someone put it, on the contrary, we are living off the proceeds of the most prolific, brutal and barbaric collective of terrorists imaginable.

    Some view what is happening today as simply the next chapter in the book of history.
    Interestingly, certain groups believe they have license to say when is enough.

    This world is round, not flat. Everything that is sent out comes back around.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your have a very sick mind. Very sick.

    • A says:

      You need to read a history book. We have repelled muslim invaders since 700 AD.

    • Sharkey says:

      Anonymous 3:49pm,

      I know that the world is round and not flat, but we shouldn’t be letting this kind of disgusting history be repeated today.

      The hatred for life by terrorist and isis are not a religion that I think that any descent human should want to be involved with.

      I would like to ask you a question, how would you like to be a good innocent person who are out enjoying your life, and some criminal/terrorist comes along and kill you, and your family, and many more for no reason ?

      This is why I think and believes that isis and anyone who is involved or communicate with isis should be wiped off the face of the earth. Let that be history today.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: “I would like to ask you a question, how would you like to be a good innocent person who are out enjoying your life, and some criminal/terrorist comes along and kill you, and your family, and many more for no reason ?”

        I’ll do you one better – let’s post the same question to a Navajo, Cherokee, Miskito, Mayan, Aztec, Caral, Taino, Carib, Ashanti of the Americas.

        Oh wait, that’s right – the Anglo / European Christian terrorists KILLED them all! (Or just about.)

        Re: “The hatred for life by terrorist and isis are not a religion that I think that any descent human should want to be involved with.”

        The very same could be said about Christianity my friend, yet we enshrine its values in our constitutions, ceremonies, marriages, money, courts, baby christenings etc. To the extent whereby it is accepted and normal culture today.

        Maybe the current offenders have their own 500 year plan? Who is to say they’re wrong. It worked out well for the Christians in the long run, no?

        • Anonymous says:

          You better just go join up. As for here… shut up Who

          • Anonymous says:

            Not a Muslim.
            Not a terrorist.
            Love whiskey.
            Indulging therein while fornicating is quite enjoyable.
            I make a mean pork-Beef pot of chilli con carne!
            Lastly, the prospect of 70 virgins is somewhat uninspiring.

        • V says:

          To the winners go the spoils. I am not sure you are inferring we should feel a collective or personal guilt for this things. Which would be insane.
          The muslims have invaded Europe over the centuries and repelled so that the west could determine its own fate.

          You seem to spout some theory nested in a postmodern/neomarxist ideology where the equality of opportunity must equal the equality of outcome.

    • Sharkey says:

      If I were you, I would stop posting comments like that before the Police or FBI start breathing down your neck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Least of my worries – and for the sake of us all, I trust also the least of THEIR worries.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are sooo wrong about sooo many things. – watchlist

          • Anonymous says:

            Well, judging by recent reports, placing individuals on watchlists doesn’t appear to be an effective tool of preventing these incidents.

            However, if referring to historical facts now warrants being placed on watchlists then bring it on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, Leon C, the U.K. Have always prided themselves in being an unarmed Force just like Cayman, with only a specialist team of trained firearms officers to be called upon when required. However, unfortunately, this may well have to change now given the recent horrendous events………a sad case to consider! We never wanted to follow the US and some other European countries but this is a sign of the times. The Police were shooting these terrorists down in the streets. It was filmed and like watching a movie in some Wild West town. We are so proud of our Police service, one of the best in the world just like our military SAS. Will not be beaten!! Neither will our British spirit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a U.K. Resident and have seen this atrocity on more than one occasion. The horrendous cowardly acts of these terrorists and devastation it leaves behind for families is unbelievable. What are these scum doing in this country? They leave their war torn countries because they are afraid to fight as men and no other reason. They and their children are welcomed here as refugees and are helped by this country and this is how they repay us?? Terrorism is NOT a religion!!
    A lot of people in the U.K. Are behind Trump all the way in keeping these animals out and rounding the rest of them up and shipping them back to where they came from, good and bad! Unfortunately, we have professional people who are Moslems doing good work in the U.K. and am surevin the US too But how can we identify the good from the bad. They are brainwashed from birth and if not, radicalised in later years. They are prepared to blow themselves up just to take young innocent lives with them. That’s the low mentality they have. They have gained nothing! Only to be hated more than they already are throughout the world. They are not born with hate inside them, they are taught to hate. I really sympathise with all the law abiding Moslems in the world I’m sure some of you are perfectly “normal” and lead a good life. I commend you for that and God bless you. But this???

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed it is absolutely vile. However, Manchester bomber was born in the UK. This is a homegrown problem. We can’t pretend this has anything to do with 60 million refugees that, in many cases, are fleeing barbaric murderous conditions in their homelands – in some cases, ethnic cleansing and horrors on a scale we cannot begin to comprehend. If we hadn’t won the geographical lottery of life, I would like to think we would have packed up our loved ones and left those places as successfully as they did. Many never make it. We should be doing more to help these people.

      • Jotnar says:

        Manchester bomber is the son of a man admitted as a refugee to the UK despite being a refugee because he supported the violent overthrow of Gaddafi by a militant Islamist group. Not a clean pair of hands. Your point on being charitable and helping victims unfortunately does not deal with the reality that you cannot always sort the wolves from the sheep, and somehow expect that people with radical different views will somehow ascribe to our democratic principles once provided with a place in a civilised and law abiding environment.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorting wolf from sheep seems to be an unduly delicate task for G7 countries doing Billions in annual trade with the sponsors of mainly global Salafist and Wahhabist agendas, concurrent with Trillions spent on the “War on Terror”. The profitable deception is reliant upon the average Western person (and some G7 leaders) being unable (and frankly, disinterested) in differentiating between the various tribal-alignments, agendas, and clerical flavors of Sunni and Shia.

          Western nations are too economically conflicted to actively hand-pick the potentially tax-generating and easily-assimilated educated atheists, Jews, and Christian “sheep” from camps fleeing genocide. If 10% of the 60mln refugees are Christian, that alone is a pool of 6mln people to sift through. Why aren’t the G7 actively resettling a big chunk of those displaced (or even just the doctors and other professionals that speak English)?

          Instead, the US accepted 12,587 Syrian refugees in 2016, only 64 were Christian, no Jews, and almost all of the rest Sunni. Canada has taken in almost 40,081 since 2015, almost all Sunni. The stats demonstrate almost zero willingness to recognize and shepherd the quantifiable sheep.

  4. Sharkey says:

    I think that isis can be prepared to stop their hatred ways of life .
    Cause I think that President Trump message is coming to life , wipe them out, kill them. I hope that all Leaders of the free world make Laws, that anyone caught being involved in terrorism be tried, if convicted be put to death within 24 hours.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Foreign policy.
    Foreign policy.
    Foreign policy.

    RIP to the innocent victims…on BOTH sides of the conflict.

    – Who

    • Anonymous says:

      You total moron. In the event that you’re not just an irretrievably stupid troll and just a thoroughly nasty one, try learning about the foreign policy that you refer to. Don’t claim you already have, as you self-evidently haven’t.

      The insinuation that British foreign policy is in any way comparable to the actions of those murderous cowards is beneath contempt. As are you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try again when your emotions calm down a bit.

        – Who

        • Jotnar says:

          Try again when you grow up and see that this is a little more serious than an opportunity for you to exercise your desire to blame colonial powers for everything. These people deliberately attacked completely innocent people to inspire fear and promote their religious extremist philosophy. It has nothing to do with foreign policy. It’s a war between those who aspire to an extreme version of Sharia liberty and a fundamental opposition to all those civil liberties you enjoy and the rest of the world. I don’t know how you would begin to tell a victim of this attack that their attackers actions were somehow justified by UK foreign policy. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to score political points off a ruthless act of violence.

          • Anonymous says:

            Absolutely no shame on my part.

            You insist on peddling the twisted and reckless rhetoric endorsed by western governments and media houses while the ignorant masses sit around bewildered with the question of; “Why?”.
            Yet you claim I should be ashamed? Of the two of us, only one is attempting to cut the crap and get to the core of the matter.

            Actually, you may be half-right when you say “it has nothing to do with foreign policy”, but that is because it is now an even more dangerous reality.

            The Islamists did away with retaliatory attacks in response to foreign policy as it was clear no one cared. They have now evolved into the beast before us.

            In any event, no one can deny the role and contribution that foreign policy has played in this situation.

            Unless of course you believe that everyone should regard the illegal invasion and mass killing of hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children by western militaries as western, Christian society does – not a big deal.

            Apparently, it was and remains a big deal to many people.

            However, I’m sure it’s simply because “they hate our freedoms” or some similar shyte so common at times like these.

            Good luck with that.

            Anyway, I know we will never arrive at any common ground in this regard so I’ll end this here.

            Until next time.

            • Anonymous says:

              “End this here and now ”
              “Until next time” hmmmm.
              On an unrelated note, maybe time for you to trade in your eyepatch, for a burka.

    • Anonymous says:

      So it is Tony Blair’s fault? World affairs to Who is 6 degrees of Tony Blair. Or 2 degrees of Tony Blair given how reductive he is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good luck with trying to stop western, home-grown, terrorist ideology and attacks without addressing the foreign policy of the respective and targeted countries.

        In fact, it may be too late. For the strategy has now moved on from simple retaliatory to a quest to dominate the entire world with Islamist laws and principles.

        Similar warnings have fallen on deaf ears for decades now, therefore it appears the Islamists have collectively said “eff it” – and are now going for broke.

        Thank your corrupt and criminal world and business leaders rather than attacking internet posters.

        – Who

        *Tired of hearing rhetoric and analysis suggesting the terror attack is the genesis of the conflict after every incident.
        That only works on the uneducated and insular.

        Therefore, no surprise my original post has proven unpopular on CNS.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your original post was unpopular because it was an attempt to justify the attack.

          Right-thinking people regard that sort of behavior as unacceptable.

        • Anonymous says:

          That Who, is because you have no taste, and your sense of timing is just designed to infuriate. In your mind you are making a point, in everyone elses you are worse than Trump.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, that’s the right course of action.

            Attack another on the internet and completely ignore the points being made.

            Let me know how that works out for you.

            Anyway, link me again when you find your big-boy pants.


            • Anonymous says:

              Did Who really make a point about the impropriety of ad hominem attacks and then sign off with “link em again when you find your big-boy pants”? As noted above Whodatis is tremendously reductive, but flamers do tend towards the reductive.

        • Fred the piemaker says:

          Yeah, because Isis desire for a sharia caliphate starts with Western governments foreign policy, rather than being a fundamental part of their belief structure irrespective of what that foreign policy is. Or that desire and belief structure is a reaction to “corrupt and criminal world and business leaders”, rather than their interpretation of teachings that massively pre date the modern world and make no provision for accommodating alternative points of view. The desire to dominate the entire world with Islamist laws and principles is not a reaction to the West, it is a fundamental tenet of the belief system of fundamentalist Islamists, which dates backs to the early origins of Islam, not the policy of Western governments.

          • Anonymous says:

            I see you and your friends are conveniently and callously bypassing the primary function of Islamic terror in the West in your attempts to build an argument.

            You and I both know you are full of shit so I won’t entertain your folly.

            Walk good- but bear in mind. Not every citizen shares your perspective, worldview and prioritisation of various groups of people.

            • fred says:

              I see you simply ignore the point about the basis for the attacks being driven by centuries old fundamental ideology rather than foreign policy. A bit inconvenient for your “its all the UK/US/someone else fault” philosophy, I guess. As for being callous, lot of gall for a person who apologises for acts of terror against innocent victims by claiming they are the product of foreign policy. Two wrongs apparently a right in your mind, no matter how extreme.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s a first. Wearing a fake suicide vest to instil fear.
    What, did they have no real ones? Must have been a low budget affair.
    Something is a bit stinky here.

    It’s nice to see the mainstream media in great solidarity once again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We live in a world full of hatred, promoted by religious fundamentalists.

    Here in Cayman it is not much different.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a remark typical of a “superior” atheist.
      Please correct me if I am wrong.
      There are fundamental religious ideologies that promote violence and lying and then there are fundamental spiritual truths that constrain us to do violence to no man.
      There is a vast difference but alas, this obvious fact has escaped the broad brush that you write with.
      I hope that in your book telling you the truth is a not considered a hostile act.
      In the meantime, we would all do well to look to the eternal security of our own souls.
      We can all make a start by doing into others as we would have them do unto us.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Dalai Lama quite correctly stated that anyone who commits violence in the name of religion is not part of that religion…all the major religions are peaceful. We need to tell these angry young people thatthey will not become martyrs- they are seen for what they are-murderous bullies of innocents….and they will end up in their version of hell for their crimes.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really? Even when their religion specifically states it’s the duty to kill infidels?

          CNS: ….as Deuteronomy 13 clearly does.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well pointed out CNS. However we must remember all these books were written by men attempting to control the minds of other men, to have them do their bidding for them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Come on CNS, that is such a cheap shot. Read the whole thing and put it in context.
            What Deuteronomy is saying is that if someone turns your heart and mind away from the truth, then they deserve to be killed.

            Remember that God was talking to a people that had seen His glory and righteousness face to face. These people had been set free from Egypt and seen the destruction of the hateful Pharaoh and his hordes.

            Do you still want us to be your slaves?

            If you show up to my house and want to fill my kids’ heads with your lies and try to get me worshipping your false gods of pride, money, lust and power, I am not going to kill you, but I will rebuke you and hope that you can see the fragility of our existence.

            This whole conversation is quite ironic because it won’t be long until our Christian heads will be put on the chopping block by the tolerant atheists/Luciferians.

            We will not resist you physically, we will warn you of the consequences and hope that you repent.

            And if you chop my head off, I still forgive you. We came from the eternal dimension and we shall return there. Life is but a fleeting vapour. It takes wisdom to see that.

            CNS: Peaceful Muslims around the world (which is the vast majority) say that when you quote from the Quran and say that is proof Islam is a violent religion that you are taking it out of context, i.e. it’s a cheap shot. Do you see the irony? Fundamentalists of any persuasion, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Nationalists, etc, are all dangerous. Violence of any kind, including emotional, to impose one set of beliefs over another (including yours) is absolutely wrong. Oh, and I promise you, cross my heart, I’m not going to chop your head off (and really, it’s, erm, not at all weird that you think that “tolerant atheists” might do that or that they are synomymous with “Luciferians”), but thanks for forgiving me.

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes, I see the perceived irony.
              I was born the son of a Muslim, sent to Catholic school, so yes I see.
              All I am saying is that we are spiritual beings, come from eternity, chosen (or volunteered) to live a brief existence in a once beautiful place.
              There is no such thing as religion for true seekers.
              Let us search out the truth? And if we die, we die. I am most certainly ready. I have much more to accomplish, so hopefully, it won’t be too soon, but if it is, whatever?

        • Anonymous says:

          Au contraire, judgement and vengeance are codified in many religions – including in the Judean Books of the Old Testament. JC was credited with dying for the forgiveness of the sins of humanity, and assumed his active role in the right seat, releasing His followers from unproductive retribution obligations for certain matters. Unfortunately, some of His self-proclaimed followers on this island still cling to and actively cite OT scripture in attempts to retain vestigial power of judgement, carry out their own form of vengeful impediments in this life, and inform domestic political policy along those lines. It’s not right.

          Here are some samplers:

          Exodus 20:5
          “You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,

          Deuteronomy 7:10
          but repays those who hate Him to their faces, to destroy them; He will not delay with him who hates Him, He will repay him to his face.

          Deuteronomy 32:35
          ‘Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon them.’

          Deuteronomy 32:41
          If I sharpen My flashing sword, And My hand takes hold on justice, I will render vengeance on My adversaries, And I will repay those who hate Me.

          Joshua 24:19
          Then Joshua said to the people, “You will not be able to serve the LORD, for He is a holy God. He is a jealous God; He will not forgive your transgression or your sins.

          Psalm 94:1
          O LORD, God of vengeance, God of vengeance, shine forth!

          Jeremiah 28:8
          “The prophets who were before me and before you from ancient times prophesied against many lands and against great kingdoms, of war and of calamity and of pestilence.

          Ezekiel 38:19
          “In My zeal and in My blazing wrath I declare that on that day there will surely be a great earthquake in the land of Israel.

          Ezekiel 39:25
          Therefore thus says the Lord GOD, “Now I will restore the fortunes of Jacob and have mercy on the whole house of Israel; and I will be jealous for My holy name.

  8. Anonymous says:

    RIP. Stay strong London.

  9. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Sad that innocent lives continue to be loss to these scum who should be rounded up and locked up.

    Lastly, why is only 10% of the police armed in London?

    • Leon C. says:

      Regrettably, it is time that the UK police force carry side-arms. The first responder was thought to have had a good opportunity of shooting all three assailants if he had been armed.

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