Flapping tents worst local observers could find

| 04/06/2017 | 9 Comments
Cayman News Service

Local poll observers (L-R) Renard Moxam, Eldon Whittaker and Jennison Nunez (photo by GIS)

(CNS): With the exception of poor lighting, some sign issues in George Town Central and tents flapping in the wind, the local election observers could find very little to fault on election day, according to their brief report. Alongside the CPA independent election observer mission, the Elections Office appointed a small local team to oversee the proceedings on polling day. Renard Moxam, Eldon Whittaker and Jennison Nunez found no serious problems impacting the election.

Their brief report confirmed that the elections went off with barely a hitch and the report found that the election staff carried out their duties impeccably. The count was conducted as expected, with no objections to the final tally. The local observers confirmed that Cayman’s first election under the system of ‘one man, one vote’ in single-member constituencies went very well and the Elections Office did a “masterful job”.

See report in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There was more flapping mouths than tents.

  2. Watchman says:

    Really now! They needed to place observers from 7am to 6pm at the 300 foot (or meter) mark to catch or witness the hand outs of monies that took place in GTC, GTN, Prospect and other locations, but especially GTC. Lots of activities by the old Coretta’s Copper Kettle restaurant (across from the court house, or on the property of the old CIBC/CNB building). So not only flapping in the wind was tents, but money too. Poor piss report guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watchman it’s not so much what happens on election day which is minor. It’s the blatant vote buying in the weeks before that has been going on in one district in particular for aeons. Just look at the results.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you witnessed this, did you report it to the authorities?

      • Watchman says:

        Yes it was reported to the police, but them jockers like the rest wanted to stay in A/C all day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why didn’t you report this at the time it was happening? You are almost as bad as the ones handing out the money.

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