Eden returns to anti-human rights rhetoric

| 02/06/2017 | 208 Comments
Cayman News Service

Anthony Eden in the LA, May 2017

(CNS): In his first words to the Legislative Assembly after his re-election for his seventh term, Anthony Eden wasted no time before taking aim at the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and human rights. He said he was back to defend Christian values and the sanctity of marriage, despite wanting to retire. He also told the LA that he wanted to set out his concerns early that Leo Raznovich was attempting to “incite residents” to go against the Constitution and Marriage Law. He said he couldn’t understand how a person here as a dependent could “interfere in the functions” of the islands.

During the adjournment debate Wednesday, normally reserved for newly elected representatives to make their first speeches, Eden once again called on the premier to replace James Austin-Smith as the chair of the Human Rights Commission because he is not a Christian.

“It is beyond my comprehension… how a person who is a confessed atheist can objectively deal with matters in a predominately Christian nation,” Eden said.

The veteran politician who has made his dissgust for gay and transgender people perfectly clear in several debates, has persistently led the charge in the LA against human rights for the LGBT community, especially any kind of right to a legal same-sex union. The issue featured heavily on his campaign platform in Savannah, supported by Alva Suckoo in the neighbouring Newlands constituency, who also used Wayne Panton’s more sympathetic position towards the discrimination of the Caymanian LGBT community as a tool to unseat the former minister.

Panton lost by just 15 votes, the narrowest margin in all nineteen seats. 

Dr Leonardo Raznovich, a former lecturer at the Truman Bodden Law School, and his husband, an attorney with Maples, won a successful challenge at the Immigration Appeals Tribunal (IAT) after the work permit board refused to allow Raznovich to be a dependent on his partner’s permit when he lost his job at the institution. The IAT found that the law did not restrict same-sex spouses, as the men were legally married in their respective countries of Argentina, where Raznovich is from, and the UK, the home of his husband.

Raznovich has been a vocal campaigner for the local Caymanian LGBT community, as right now foreign gay couples have more rights than locals. But he believes that the law and the Constitution does not actually discriminate and he is encouraging Caymanian same-sex couples to talk with him about mounting a challenge to the apparent ban on gay marriage. With the wheels in motion, it is understood that Raznovich is already beginning work on the first potential case.

However, the attorney repeated his call for any local or Caymanian and expat gay or lesbian couples who want to marry to get in touch with him.

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  1. Cyril says:

    Gay marriage is not a human right as has been ruled many times.

  2. James G says:

    Eden for Premier??

  3. Anonymous says:

    The man is a disgrace. That he got so many votes is of concern. One thing for sure, those who voted for him will on judgement day need to have soundproof evidence for their bigoted beliefs. If God receals himself as gay, what then Mr Eden?

    • Anonymous says:

      Pretty sure the Lord is not “gay”, unless he is “happy; which is the literal meaning…

    • Juli says:

      Ho2 can a “man og God” be so hateful against HUMANS! it should be no ones business who thier neighbour lays with.When orlando gay community was hit were the christians in cayman rejoicing?! Was that something great?! ” yeaa gays are dead” humans peoples children they bleed they hurt why make THEIR business YOURS.Caymanians make themselvez loom and sound so simple..what about the caymanians that dont have jobs huh eont be able to afford land tgeir children wont have land to buy because its all been sold out to expAct focus on real issues not other peoples business

      • Mr love says:

        It is not about hating a fellow human but rather, it is about hating SIN (in ALL forms), even the once I personally commit.

  4. Seeking Answers says:

    Has anyone challenged the LGBT claims … that they are entitled to same rights like black people or minorities – because they are BORN THAT WAY?

    Is there any scientific research done or evidence proving that gays are born gay???

    CNS, do you have any links?

    Please and thank you ☺

    • Anonymous says:

      There isn’t any proof, it kinda like “climate change”. You will find a bunch of liberal professors that all “agree” and call that science.

      CNS: Sigh. No, you will not find “a bunch of liberal Professors”. You will find scientists (people who know shit), almost all of them. This is from NASA, you know, the people who rely on science to send people and things like satellites into space: “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” Here’s the link: https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/

      Unless, of course, you think the dimwits on Fox and Friends (or their biggest fan, President Numbnuts) know more about science than NASA. Really? You think that?

      Here’s the truth: All those “grassroots” thinktanks that somehow poo poo the science and decide it’s all “liberal professors” are all funded by big business who benefit financially if the world remains an oil-based economy. Remember how the tobacco companies told us for years how cigarettes really didn’t do us any harm? You’re being conned again. Here’s a little primer on Dark money.

      Oh, and I know Trump’s peeps are all over the place on this and his next brainfart on Twitter will no doubt contradict it, but read this: President Donald Trump does believe in climate change and that humans have a role in it, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview on “State of the Union.” You can read/watch it here http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/03/politics/nikki-haley-donald-trump-climate-change-cnntv/index.html

      • Anonymous says:

        YAS CNS! SO sick of these idiots on here who think if they add liberal before anything they will discredit it. Obviously uneducated talk points they hear and repeat like sheep.

      • Anonymous says:

        YAY CNS!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Go find them yourself. In the meantime, ponder what “human rights” are. Thet are not heterosexual rights are they?

    • Andy says:

      yes they have been challenged and yes there is scientific evidence. You could use google to find the answers to both of these questions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any scientific proof God exists? Please send a link to that..atlease we know gays bleed eat shit like us..and God??

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is speaking up for conservative Christian beliefs being painted so broadly as an “anti-human rights” stance?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because while Christians can make their own choices about how to live their own lives, trying to impose their belief systems on others can, and often does, improperly fetter the basic rights of others.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pure rubbish! Christians are not imposing anything on you. Try again.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s actually quite the opposite. Why are YOU trying to force Christians to accept gay marriages as morally equivalent and by ramming it down their throats using the law and at gun point?

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s simple. The Christian values he seeks to uphold are contributing factors of regression and discrimination in society. United we stand and divided we fall.

  6. Cheese Face says:

    I hope you burn in your fictional hell Eden.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anthony Eden will Live a long prosperous and healthy life, while you will live to regret all you actions and choices. If you choose your life style live it without fighting the government to change a nation for you. No body will not be chasing after you to stop you. You are free to live how you want. And one righter asked what Jesus would. I will tell you what Jesus would do, if he was on earth today your ass would been burned with Sodom and Gomorrah . That’s where you would be today.

      • Cheese Face says:

        “You are free to live how you want”

        Think about what you said there?

        BTW, I am a heterosexual man, who is married to a woman and we have children. I just don’t like evil hate spouting cavemen like Eden. Live and let live buddy 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous 12.12

        That is so Christian of you. That’s what i remember about Jesus was that he hated the gays. There we was at the sermon on the mounts saying “blessed are the peace makers” and he of course goes onto say “apart from those filthy gays… can’t stand them, they should be burnt to death”

        homosexuals do not choose their sexuality no more than you choose your race.

        However, you did choose to believe in an imaginary man in the sky, so maybe that is why people are disregarding your views… what do you think?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tragic that so much hatred comes from the belief in an fictional concept.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The (LGBT) community have to agree that when gay men came on the cruise ship and behaved themselves no one said anything. Except in the more than 400 Christians across the streets with posters telling them to seek GOD. Many religions around the world with around a billion people in some would be very violent . Why not reserve your feelings and in time things will change.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank God Mr. Eden is back. He can be counted on to fight for moral values. He is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is sad and pathetic that you tie your moral values to your religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      He wants the money that comes with the job.
      Just sit and spill hatred.
      Taking advantage of YOUR naivety.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont see him fighting for the rights of your abused children, for the right to free access to medical care for our citizens especially those with no means to pay, or the right of woman to live their lives free of domestic violence.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Eden, we have bigger issues to deal with. Suggest you take stock and get on with dealing with the pressing issues that we are facing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    he’s right…we should focus on this…if we can’t stop man-on-man love, we’re doomed…global warming, terrorists causing havoc in the name of false deities, cancer, famine, poverty, aids….ignore them all…if we don’t stop man-on-man love and weird dancing, we are doomed i tell ya…doomed!

  12. Anonymous says:

    If we are a Christian country, why not follow what Jesus or the Bible said to us? I am so sick of seeing this happening everywhere. Gay or not, we all should have equal rights.

    -A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. Jesus Christ

    -Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. Jesus Christ

    -All the commandments: You shall not commit adultery, you shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not covet, and so on, are summed up in this single command: You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus Christ

    -Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    More LOVE less WAR.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr Eden. Who are you to judge these people? I cannot believe that a man of your caliber have nothing better to do with your time, but to discriminate and throw slogans against others. Mr. Eden, maybe you need to take your homophobia rant to Jamaica and take up residency there in that Country, for all you’re doing is spewing hatred and blasphemy against the LGBT community. We don’t need that kind of animosity here in our Islands! As a proud Caymanian we’re friendly,loving people, and we don’t hate or discriminate against others beliefs, and we live as one and we would like to keep it that way. Mr Eden, we have other important matters to address in this Island to worry about so please do something consecutive with your time. Thank you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands was built on christian values and that is nothing to be ashamed of. If it is so bad then why are you all here? Oh sorry, I forgot the almighty dollar. Those that try to live in the proper way need politians like Mr. Eden and Mr. Suckoo to stand up for us and to protect our rights too. Didn’t you come to this country because you found it to be unlike anywhere else you had ever lived before? Well the true Caymanians want it to remain that way and intend to fight for it if necessary. I personally do not have anything against gays or lesbians, but you cannot impose your beliefs of immorality etc on these islands and expect us to change our laws.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a true Caymanian and a part of the LGBT community, you should research human rights before you speak. All people should have the right to a home and family life; you find members of the LGBT community with better morals than some religious individuals. Personally I am agnostic and feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions have no basis in law.

    • Born and bread Caymanian says:

      Its called evolving its 2017 not 1970 alot has changed..we have coloured TV we have laptops we have wifi things change.. caymanians need to mind they own business!

    • Born and bread Caymanian says:

      Its called evolving its 2017 not 1970 alot has changed..we have coloured TV we have laptops we have wifi things change.. caymanians need to mind they own business! BLESSED IS THE PEACE KEEPER…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dinosaur. The earth is not flat. And I believe Jesus would have welcomed all the LGBT persons. There is no reason that Christianity and equal rights cannot coexist.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The 446 people in Savannah can now sleep soundly in their beds that their candidate will be working so hard on their behalf for the good of Cayman. He will be campaigning hard on issues such as education, employment, the port quagmire, the rubbish dump, the future direction of the economy and last but not least, dragging Cayman kicking and screaming back to the 19th century.

  17. Caymanian says:

    Personally I think the majority are right and wrong.

    Mr Eden is right within his religious beliefs but wrong in the way he presents his beliefs to the Caymanian community. Religion does condemn same sex as a sin. A sin so strong that the Lord brought down his wrath on Sodom and Gommorah for it and a host of other things.

    When the Lord created the world he created a man and a woman watch over it. A woman was created for a man as her partner.

    Even other religions such as Islam condemn it not just Christianity. It’s not natural.

    Now all that said. The Lord teaches us to be tolerant of others. This does not mean however we should welcome and encourage the sin because we then become as the sinner.

    I believe Mr. Eden overstepped his Christian values a bit by the strength of his attack. He VERBALLY threw stones and this is a bit too far.

    I do not believe our laws should be changed and I will fight along side Mr. Eden to stop it but in a more respectful way.

    A Caymanian

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dont you guys know that it is science if your last name belongs to one of the old nth generation caymanians, then all thier wisdon carries through from generation to generation, getting more powerful each generation like a comic-book super-hero. I believe it called trans-meatchlorine-dna-mitosis.It is science that all off-spring from old caymanians have super=powers of observations. That, and generation after generation of controlling and taxing trade for thier families means we have to listen to thier wise reflections in the present.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t they just have a civil partnership? It doesn’t have to be called a marriage, call it something else if you want. Marriage is between a man and woman, fine keep it that way, but let the gay people have a life they want, loving who they want to love. Jeeze it’s not rocket science.

  20. Anonymous says:

    History has long forgotten the names of the vocal zealots that came before Eden, there were thousands of them for decades, and all around the Western Hemisphere, who made the same loosing and vacuous arguments, quoting the same select Old Testament verse. They are forgotten to time, as he will be, and all the other haters that sit in his tent. The sooner we absorb that historical reality, the better.

  21. Joe Farly says:

    Wow, an athiest in a position of power. What moral outrage! Because you know anyone who is not Christian is evil be default. Can someone remind me what year we are in again?

  22. I Love Mr Eden says:

    Stop making fun of Mr Eden!! He is a entitled to his opinion!
    Non of you can step in his shoes!!

    • I hate bigotry says:

      Why should we 1.24? He opens himself up to it like a can of tuna at a cat show

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Mr. Eden is entitled to his opinions, but the LA is not the platform for those opinions and beliefs regarding his faith. As an elected representative of the Cayman Islands, he represents all, including members of the LGBT community. I firmly believe that there should be a clear separation of church and state.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Eden please go sit down and then come with something better for our country, people are hurting from the high cost of living, unemployment, crime etc. The laws are already in place for same sex marriage not to take place in our Islands, get off it, deal with more important issues for Christ sakes.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Only 1 supporting comment out of 66.
    It seems this place is not lost yet.

  25. Drumpf says:

    This is what happens when the only scientific research you read and understand, is based on the bible.

  26. James says:

    This man seriously needs to keep his own biased views to gay, bi, trans, whatever to himself, discriminating towards these people in open forum is typical of the racial discrimination towards people Cayman displays,

    It’s 2017 not 1800s

    No I’m not gay, bi, trans either but I treat everyone equal

  27. Anonymous says:

    This shouldn’t even be an issue, all members of our country should be entitled to the same rights.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Should it not be: “Eden returns to anti-human rhetoric”? There’s only a handful of people he’s not abusing these days.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering; Should we (Cayman Islands Residents – local and expats) start a petition to challenge Eden and others opposed allowing equal human rights to all human?
    I’m a civil servant so cannot take the lead with this but would surely sign a petition!
    It really seems too much to ask only gay persons to do what’s needed, and right, in this instance.
    Your thoughts (especially Dr. Raznovich) are welcomed.
    The longer we allow Eden to go almost unchallenged the more hateful and ignorant this becomes.

  30. Israel says:

    Thanks Mr. Eden for standing up for what is right. It takes courage to go face to face with the persecutors who have been at it since the days of Noah… Remember, following the statutes and commandments is a source of blessings from YHWH, and he will stand up for you because you stood up for him.

  31. comentator@afar.com says:

    Ireland is a very Christian country. And…..

  32. Anonymous says:

    Eden just convinced me that there is no god.

  33. Anonymous says:

    You can’t blame Eden for who he is. Just a career politician raking in 25k a month on salary and pension. Twice the average caymanian income per YEAR !!

    But you CAN blame the people that put him there.

    I know Eden, used to work for him and his family. Most unpleasant person I have ever met.

  34. Anonymous says:

    One has to wonder if he’s really a throwback from the Crusades

  35. anonymous says:


  36. Well done Mr. Eden God put you there for a purpose. The bible say in the last days the bad will called good and the good bad, we are in those days.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Will he lead his peeps in the coming Holy wars or will he go at it all alone and Rogue? What happens when a majority of the people start to realize that they don’t want to share this world with your kind?

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    When is someone in power / authority going to stop him from spewing such hate speech?

    • ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

      The Speaker should take control of the LA and put a stop to this kind of behaviour.

  40. Joe B says:

    Every group has to have at least one religious fanatic. I hope he doesn’t infect to many more little boys with his teachings.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Re: ““It is beyond my comprehension… how a person who is a confessed atheist can objectively deal with matters in a predominately Christian nation,” Eden said.”

    Say what you want, Mr. Eden makes a valid point here.

    The situation is akin to appointing a Sharia law Muslim follower as head of the UK’s or USA’s Human Rights Commission – it wouldn’t happen.

    Yes, Atheism is a faith just as Christianity is.

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