Council aims to ensure inclusion of disabled

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(CNS): Volunteers on the National Council for Persons with Disabilities have begun working on the goal of ensuring that disabled people can participate fully in society and enforcing the provisions of the Solomon Webster Disability Law, 2016. Magda Embury, the chairperson, explained that the primary objective was “to ensure that people with disabilities in the Cayman Islands can fully access all government services, in accordance with their constitutional rights”.

The council will also collect, analyse and disseminate information on the subject of disabilities to inform policy, legislation and services. It is made up of people who are disabled or have a disabled family member, are involved in the education and care of the disabled, or with organisations or initiatives benefitting the disabled.

Since they began monthly meetings in April, members have taken part in regional UN/Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean webinar discussion on matters concerning disabilities in various jurisdictions. They have also begun an evaluation of the Actions Steps that the Cayman Islands Disability Policy 2014-2033 calls for government agencies to execute.

According to a government release, the council has also met with the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) to discuss matters relating to broadcasting, including the possible introduction of signing for the deaf.

The council said it is focusing on the disability policy’s requirements that people with disabilities enjoy quality education in the most appropriate inclusive setting, have access to lifelong learning, equal access to employment opportunities, fair wage and benefits, access to the highest standard of health care, as well as their highest level of independence and full inclusion in society.

Embury said they had already contacted all of the various ministries to ascertain where each is regarding the implementation of their action steps. Deputy Chairperson Faith Gealey said the council would also deal with questions about the new law, address concerns with the provision of services, and assist with access to services.

Council Patron Parker Tibbetts said stakeholders had worked tirelessly from 2007 to 2016 to develop the policy goals and draft the new legislation. He promised that the new body would continue in the spirit of their work.

Anyone with questions or concerns can email the council at

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