Who will win on Wednesday?

| 19/05/2017 | 1 Comment

Cayman News Service(CNS Election): On 24 May, voters in the Cayman Islands will go to the polls to elect nineteen MLAs for the next four years. To have a majority in the House and therefore form the next government, a group or party will need to win ten of those 19 seats. The Progressives (PPM), the party that has led the country for the last four years, is running 15 candidates. If they win at least ten, they will have a clear majority and will continue in power with their party leader, Alden McLaughlin, as premier.

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  1. YTB says:

    I am truly hoping that every constituent in each district will take the time to wisely choose the right candidate; be it an independent or an individual in either party, taking into consideration their track record, integrity, honesty, morals and work ethics. Clearly each member has publicly stated their MO – insisting that they have the best interest of our beloved Cayman Islands and its people at heart. Well….old folk always say “mouth can say anything but when their feet are held to the fire, they may be caught talking from the other side of their mouth”. In other words, when the going gets tough, let’s see if they will still stand for our people despite the rebuke of those not in agreement.

    We need politicians that have a backbone and can’t be bought or controlled like a puppet!

    Recently I’ve heard quite a few individuals voicing that they have to vote for so and so because they are family to a particular candidate or they have been asked to vote for a candidate by an acquaintance. Hello…really!!! Have you any idea how silly that sounds and actually is!!! It is that kind of mentality that have our Islands in the mess they are in today!!! Stop feeling as though you owe your loyalty to either candidate for those or any other illogical reasons. Look at the big picture “our future” “our children” and be honest when making this very important decision.

    I’ve also heard individuals state that they are registered to vote but they refuse to vote because all politicians are alike. I beg to differ! I say to those individuals, it is that kind of thinking that will keep our country in the state it is in today, or perhaps throw it even further behind by make the choice not to vote. As a Caymanian, it is our responsibility to make our way to the polling stations on Wednesday 24 May 2017 and vote wisely to ensure that our vote is included to the name of the candidate we believe would contribute in making positive changes in our beloved islands. I say to you…if you can’t be a solution to the problem…don’t contribute to being a part of the problem by not voting. VOTE!!!

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