Police round up more teenage burglary suspects

| 24/05/2017 | 4 Comments

(CNS): Police have arrested two more teenage burglary suspects in connection with two separate recent break-ins in Bodden Town. A 17-year-old boy from West Bay was arrested yesterday in relation to a burglary at a residence on Will T Road in Bodden Town on 15 May, when alcohol and a small quantity of cash was taken, among other items. He has been charged with burglary and will be in court tomorrow, 25 May.

A second boy, also aged 17, who is from Bodden Town, was arrested in connection with a burglary on Nash Street that occurred earlier yesterday. He is now in police custody but has not been charged..


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  1. Sharkey says:

    I think that the problems with teenagers been involved in crime and sexuality at such a young age without education about those issues , is a problem that the next Health and Education Ministers needs to address very quickly .

    Kids having kids are always a big problem in any Country , and kids being involved in drugs and alcohol and crime from such a young age is a recipe for disaster for the future generations .

    This is what I seen with my two eyes here in the USA , a guy about 30 years of age trying to steal pampers and baby food and other things . That’s how low you would go when you don’t have a education or ambition to get a job or know your responsibility when you bring a kid into the world .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Teenagers having babies is 99.99o/o of our problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, you are so correct. Has no one on this Island ever heard of a condom? The pill costs just $3.00 per month. There is no reason to have unprotected sex here, other than parents shaming kids. And given the kids that get pregnant, having lazy ass do nothing parents might be the bigger issue. I wouldu guess those parents would not object to birth control if they were sober

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please, let’s dispense with the delusional conceited xenophobic finger-pointing. No birth nationality has been assigned, but far more often than not, as we’ve seen through trial reports, and Northward registries, these are just as likely to have been Caymanian children born to multi-generational Caymanians.

    Our adolescent-pregancy rates are just as high as the rest of the Caribbean. So high that the ESO doesn’t formally document our adolescent birth stats with the UNFPA. The sooner we recognize and accept our deeply entrenched homegrown multi-generational social problem, the better off we’ll all be – and the more support that can be delivered to reverse these recurrent patterns. We have abused, addicted, and cast out populations that have fallen through the cracks or are unemployable – and yes, they will take any handout, or vapid promise given. Clearly, this is why we have so many misplaced loyalties figuring in specific West Bay districts.

    From Ministry of Health Adolescent Health and Sexuality Survey 2015:
    “Early sexual experience has also led to prevalence of teenage pregnancy in Cayman with around 1 in 8 participants (12.3%) having either been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant. Though the study states that “most pregnancies among adolescents are unintended” some focus group participants had differing views. “Some students seek attention by becoming pregnant or think its cool,” said one participant. Another stated that, “Most young people have the right information to protect them from pregnancy, but they just want to have a baby.”

    We need to ask ourselves why 12.3% of our Caymanian children are making babies and why that it is still acceptable to us in 2017.


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